WoT: Valkyria Chronicles Collaboration Tank – Updated Model Pictures

This is one of the 2 tanks leaked prior in these 2 articles: link and link. It is being supertested now according to my sources.












106 thoughts on “WoT: Valkyria Chronicles Collaboration Tank – Updated Model Pictures

    1. Actually, Valkyria Chronicles is a Japanese game just saying. It’s like saying Final Fantasy is an anime
      But yes I do agree they should stop with these “special” tanks like the “Black-series”….

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        1. Yep indeed, but that doesn’t mean that this tank is based off from the anime, it’s based off from the original source material like the game. :)
          For example, FF has been adapted into an anime (movie or series I don’t know) aswell.


  1. This tank looks great, I don’t care if this is from a game or a cartoon… As long as it isn’t broken OP like Defender then all is well.

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  2. Keep these terrible weeb tanks away from the game. Thank you.

    Think about it, WG balance departmant has wasted their time with these things, when they would have used that time to develop new lines like Japanese TDs or Cheiftain. Let that sink in.

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  3. Seing how much time they waste on useless shit like Chinese TDs and dumb Anime tanks that simply don’t belong in this game outside of an April Fools mode, I am not even surprised of how long testing phases become and how useless they end up being.

    The time they spend on this shit is the time they cannot spend to balance the game or add new featutes.
    Nice choice of priorities WG.

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    1. >anime haters conveniently ignoring that World of Tanks’ closest non-game comparison is Girls und Panzer.

      This ‘anime is crap GTFO of my tank simulator’ mentality is ridiculous. If you want simulator realism play something else.


      1. This weaboo thinking that if someone doesn’t want anime tanks in WoT must be a die hard anime hater is ridiculous.

        If you want to play with anime tanks go and play “ガールズ&パンツァー 戦車道、極めます!”

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      2. aye. plus we’ve seen the tank simulator……and i don’t know whats worse….that company’s censorship on their forums……or the fact they developed the disaster known as x-blades x.x


      3. “The closest non game comparison” yikes, Lets just ignore everything else regarding tanks or history that is not a game and for the sake of promoting the “Anime is my Waifu” argument say that the CLOSEST comparison is some cartoon that I like.

        Kids and their cartoons. There are games with lots of really cool Anime art and story…..World of tanks, based on History and Historical setting….zero place for anime sorry guys. They are trying really hard to bring the anime fanboys into their game to increase numbers now….sad

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        1. Name a TV show (fictional/drama) or Movie that’s all about tanks off top of your head (minus points if you had to google or look up your library); You could count them on one hand. Fewer, if they’re not mainstream. Girls und Panzer is simply the most recent one I can recall that’s about tanks.

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          1. Players are generally drawn to this game because of historical/ military interest. History books, classes, documentaries on tv, war movies and even stories told by old relatives.

            I bet a large majority of players started playing because one of the reasons stated above, not because they saw a cartoon about girls driving tanks. More importantly one that didn’t even air in the 2 biggest WoT regions.

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            1. hehe oops

              no but personally gup got me into the arena team battle style fighting that WoT is
              before that i played it but lost interest after a while, it just got me into the game but this time more serious and by now i’ve passed 20k battles already


          2. There are so many war movies that are about the tank and its crew or have scenes that have tanks. Most were introduced to the game because they had had friends or family members who were tankers, or are tankers themselves, or were introduced by literature. Not by some third rate anime that people only give a crap about because of the tanks.

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  4. Since there are people okay with adding completely fictional tanks into the game I want WG to add Siege tanks from Starcraft, the Mammoth tank from Command and Conquer.

    Oh and RTS haters can go fk themselves…

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  5. What has been seen, cannot be unseen…

    Leave anime out of this Wargaming. It has no place in a 1st WW to early Cold War tank game.

    As a special game mode only, like the Football/Race/8bit modes, I could say yeah. But that is as far as it should go. A special fun mode in anime style.

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  6. This is like Warships ARP announcement all over again. I’ll just grab the popcorn and watch the weebophobes cry.

    By the way, this addition could very well pave the way for some Girls und Panzer anime tanks aswell.

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  7. Feel the love! While I’m not thrilled with this development always remember we’re just playing with toy tanks in a sandbox…speaking of which can we get a few more desert maps?


  8. All this garbage while we are still not able to add real, historical division numbers or division emblems to our tanks we currently have. Look at the intro of WoT. We see Tigers and Churchills in full glory with numbers and emblems. Give it to me!

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  9. Lol so much hate. I’ve been keeping myself from buying more premiums considering the game’s been going south for quite some time now, but I’ll throw money on this if given the chance.


  10. Why would they bother adding a shit low tier tank when there a lot better options, or better yet they could be working on new lines. But WG just gonna get a cash grab of all the weeaboos I guess, and it’ll work too that’s the sad part. All in it for the money WG nothing else.

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  11. I usually buy everything WG throws out there. But this is just one tank too many.

    WG, I hate this side of you. Anime tanks? Really?

    Just make an anime game and stop working on WoT gimmicks.

    Most in the Anime crowd are under-aged kids without much in the way of disposable income.
    Your WWII history crowd on the other hand pays for everything.

    Don’t screw yourself over with the older guys, None of us like this.

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    1. If you are forced to see these skins in game I’m seriously considering stopping my 6 year wot addiction. I think WG may have found the cure for my addiction.

      If they go the way of Warships, and allow people to simply see the “placeholder” ship (Ie. the Myoko, or Kongo) and not have to see the anime version this might work.

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      1. Yeah, but the problem is the hitbox. That clown tank is not even shaped like any other ordinary tank, so which hitbox should be used? It’s better to just keep stuff like this out of the game, it doesn’t belong here anyway :)

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    2. “Most in the Anime crowd are under-aged kids without much in the way of disposable income.
      Your WWII history crowd on the other hand pays for everything.”

      Yea I wouldn’t be so sure about that statement.


    1. Fuck that. Baneblade or Land Raider. Let’s see how certain Soviet vehicles handle a Demolisher round.

      But again, knowing WG, they’d probably “balance” them so that they will reliably bounce Volcano cannons.


  12. Why is everyone so horrible…. Some people like these things, its harmless. Just let people enjoy what they like! It doesn’t affect you or harm you in any way. And don’t even try the “historical” argument, this is WoT.


    1. You already said that once before and I already explained to you that YES, it affects us very much, because these clown tanks will be driving around in our battles >:(

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    2. “And don’t even try the “historical” argument, this is WoT.”

      Gee I wonder on what WoT is BASED on… Oh yes, real life history of tanks and tank warfare how could I forget. Last time I’ve checked a history book I couldn’t see any mention of the Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance or the Atlantic Federation.

      Don’t even try the “muh historical accuracy” argument this is a game not a simulator.

      Before you come to the conclusion that I’m an “anime hater”, I enjoyed playing Valkyria Chronicles and I like quite a few animes but these tanks still have no place in WoT.

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      1. Wargaming was never about historic if it was historic then the e50m type 5(whole jape tree) fv215b heavy, and the other tanks wouldent exist.


          1. What’s not reallistic-looking about these too? They are about as legit as any german paper design from that standpoint.


            1. German paper tanks have are real such as the Rhm or any tank similar to it. They’re designed by professional engineers.

              You can imagine a rear mounted Conqueror or an E 50 like that.

              The Edielweiss or whatever the fuck is called looks like an over bloated fat E 79. E 79 looks far mor realistic as well.

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                    1. Most tanks in Wot are engineering solutions (minus the t-22, which didn’t have enough internal space). I can appreciate the compromises and the varying design drivers but these valkarie tanks are just concept art, fantasy tanks unbound by real world scenarios and technological development.

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                    2. Gallian tanks are designed mostly on mid-war French and early WW2 German designs, with occasional inspiration elsewhere (KV). They may not be built with IRL history in mind, but the do have their own ruleset and their proportions are not unrealistic. And while Edelweiss may not have actual blueprints, it does have a rough 3D layout of its internals.


                    3. They have lots of ballast for looks and stuff like camo (representing the side rather than acting as actual camo) and additional armor is more akin to thier origin. Some of the smaller models have somewhat big turrets for their size, but anything on Gallian side could be built with conventional engine and work IRL sans some more extreme designs imo.


                1. Why would you protrude the front off so significantly? Why not round it off like the Sherman? It’ll only make easier for it to be stuck in a ditch.

                  What are the ballistic purposes for the rounded rear?

                  Why are the front fenders covered in leather?

                  Why does that thin shroud exist on top of the gun mantlet?

                  Why are the plates welded together in the form of triangles?

                  Why is the front casted if its not going to take advantage of nice ballistic shape.

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                  1. What’s with the shape of UFP – that one I’ve been asking that myself too. Generally wrote it off as lack of combat experience on Edelweiss since it precedes any other similiar tanks by decades. Although looking at the design artworks that bulged shape might be actually due to large transmission being at the front. (Early design sketechs have both bulky and flat variants, no idea why they went with this one in the end, but yes, this was probably a remnant of very early art style, in which the VC had very different vibe and was way closer to usual high fantasy stuff rather than pseudo-historical setting.) Why is it also to an extent on the prototype used by the Nameless I frankly have no idea, besides it being successor to Edelweiss.

                    What might be worth pointing out is that Edelweiss is a pet project of sorts and was not designed for mass production. It’s basically a huge idea testbed and was not even attempted for series production for being expensive AF and EWI has ended by the time it was finished anyway. Nameless prototype is an attempt to come up with something more mass-produceable (and modular) using ideas form Edelweiss. (Actual mass-produced tanks in its weight category came only after EWII I think.)

                    Thin shroud mantlet covers recoil mechanisms I think. Not covered by designbooks, but it does look like there are 2 hydraulic thingies underneath it.

                    Round rear of Nameless tank is actually not round in the game and not even on all designs either. Either way that is a radiator piece and not a part of actual armor.

                    Why are front fenders covered in leather – don’t know don’t care. Not exactly a part of tank design.

                    Why are there triangle welds – tbh I didn’t even notice that until you asked. That one’s prolly really just for show – no other VC tank seems to be using this kind of weld.

                    Well, there goes my evening.


                    1. Well. if it weighed 35 tons, why why not extend it the tank or develop a small transmission because that is already huge as fuck.

                      So… While the whole tank is protected with relatively thick armor, the recoil mechanism that’ll dictate whether it will be able to fire is left exposed?

                      Well the leather part seems like it was done professionally so…

                      Regardless, the radiators are still pointlessly rounded.

                      Also, the side skirts barely cover the sides.

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                    2. The tank already “exists”, so “why not do it differently” line of questioning is kinda pointless. There is definitely a reason for why the tank was made the way it is. What exactly is that reason will in the end be just a speculation from our side. That said, jp designers tend to take these sort of things far enough to have internals and functionality figured out, so I’d certainly not discard anything weird as de facto wrong.

                      LTvz35 tanks had their recoil cylinder right in the open above the gun, worked well enough for them. Any sort of armor profile is likely provided by WG anyway.


                    3. That’s likely due to the recoil cylinder thickness being a similar thickness to the surrounding armor.

                      My guess is, is that someone with no clue on tank designs made an interesting design for the game.

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        1. FV is planned to be replaced, E-50M is at least based on on a “What if modification” of the E-50, and although the naming system of the Japanese heavies are wrong ingame they were still planned IRL.


      2. I am currently playing Valkyria Chronicles and like it. I completely agree that there is no place for that tank in WoT, unless the skin is made to be only visible to the user.


  13. I’m really excited for this, but if there won’t be an option for people to turn it off (ie. make it look like a tiger II or something) I’d rather not have it in the game.
    1 out of respect for people who don’t like this sort of thing
    2 guaranteed to get TK’d / damaged because some players are angry you bought it
    3 some people might/will leave the game


      1. Sure, except for, you know, Easy Money?

        By the way – you do understand that there’s no real personalisation – not even locally – involved in using skin mod, right?

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  14. This is fucking bullshit. Fuck you WG for catering to a small percentage of your customers. I never thought I would say this but it was better when you catered to History Channel, Monster Truck, World Wrestling, and Murica Fuck Yeah inbreeders.

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  15. Honestly i dont mind these tanks sure they dont seem right in a place like WoT but its something for the anime community none the less since they cant make GuP skins an….but i digress its gonna be interesting to see what kinda stats these have if they ever get approved to the live server.

    Also funny people throwing around weeb not even knowing the real meaning, heres some enlightenment for people not being an ass but instead educating people in the meaning…
    A non japanese person who basically denounces their own culture and calls themselves japanese. They try to learn japanese through the anime they watch and usually end up pronouncing it wrong and looking like a complete idiot. KEEP IN MIND: that a non-japanese person can like the culture, watch anime, speak the language and RESPECT THE CULTURE, while still keeping in touch with there own. Which keeps them from being a Weeaboo, japanophile, ect.


  16. I absolutely HATE the fact that there are protoypes, blueprint tanks, and even MADE UP SHIT in WoT.

    If it was up to me, there would be NOTHING besides historical tanks that saw service and/or were mass produced.

    However, $$$>everything, no comrade?


    1. Come on people, is this really that much different than any of the premiums currently in the game with pimped out camo like the Defender, T26E5 Patrior or Liberte’?

      If these become available I’d buy both.


  17. omfg and there are so many tanks from italy/swiss/even the modded israely but no lets get fantasy tanks. btw the Valkyria Chronicles is great game, but if want to see these tanks and have joy with them i go into that game… imo they dont have place in WoT

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  18. I really like anime but seriously GTFO with these anime tanks that have zero connection to WW2 era tanks.
    I can deal with patriotic or black paint jobs but i will not tolerate this dumb looking tanks crawling around historical WW2 tanks.
    I know there are many blueprint tanks in WoT but at least those make some sense unlike these stupid looking anime tanks that really don’t belong into this game.

    Think logically, most people started playing WoT bcause they are interested in history or enjoy WW2 era tanks so they come here to play around with KV-1, Tiger I, KT, T-34, IS and similar beasts of WW2.

    If you want anime tank in WoT you can just mod the game and have it like that but don’t enforce shit like that on others that don’t like mixing anime with WW2 genre.

    Keep this in a special mode and i will gladly try them out, just don’t defile other normal modes.

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    1. True it did! And it worked well! The problem is these two are a bit more… Unique I guess you could say…

      These two don’t really seem to have a analog in the game already is the thing…

      I mean everything in WoWs works out because they have a analog to switch with. Even harikaze has Kinda a analog (save for the turrets.)

      But It probably will be just fine… This kinda rage and feeling always happens with these kinda things… doesn’t even have to be Anime.

      Personally I just think it’s the fun factor that’s more important than everything else!


  19. judging from the game’s really tricked out stats, Edelweiss would practically stand as a Panther II clone with the L/100 88 gun’s stats and softer armor while the Nameless is practically a KT clone. I just hope to God they don’t follow with VC’s stats of the tank running 60 km/h because hell even a goddamn Panther can’t run that fast or that autoloading mechanism. I’m guessing it fires AP/APCR/HE or AP/HEAT/HE to try and emulate that bullshit Ragnite round.

    though for armor, shooting its ass would insta-kill the engine yet its kinda amusing the tank’s original config had a short ass 8.8cm gun which should be as long as the KwK 40 L/43


  20. Next: Guardsmen Leman Russ and Speeesh Muhreeen Predator tank.

    No, i don’t mind them. They are not that sticking out that much compared to other historical tank. We can always pretend that they are movie prop.


  21. This is not the proper tank to add and not a proper time to reveal this.

    so many people got a cancer due to 9.18’s massive change, especially from SPG and LT, and some powerful prem tanks such as Obj. 252U.

    And from what I heard, that tank is OP in WoT Blitz. furthermore, this FICTIONAL TANK is from video game, not from a blueprint, not even a some kind of ‘historical point of view’ like E 50M.

    and WG with dirty old motherfkers named SEGA tries to give more cancer to tankers to make some money.

    I hope WG cancel this thing or just release this as official skin mod or something, like GuP did.

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  22. I love the salt coming from this thing. Oh well, only asian people would actually the very least respect these kind of things.

    On topic though, compared to its videogame counterpart, for a supposed “heavy tank” it sure looks like a light tank in WoT. A chubby light tank -.-


    1. And interestingly, in VC game proper both “Canon” Nameless Tank and Edelweiss are medium tank.
      “Canon” Nameless tank like they used here using Medium tank chassis and general purpose turret.

      Heavy tank frame for Nameless tank even resemble more to King Tiger hull.

      So in hindsight… WG again kinda derped with ‘historical’ (or in this fictional tank, canonical) info.


  23. WOT died .Fortunately, I gave up the game.
    Be happy, at least it looks pretty chubby and lovely. though I won’t touch it


  24. Some quality BS in these comments. Is anyone aware that you’re still playing a videogame?

    Also, want to bet those who cry weeaboo and fu anime nerds were perfectly happy when they could play with their 6-shells per drum unnerfed WTF E 100?


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