A Look at the Chinese Server

Sent to the TAP mail by Rafael:

I’m a WoT player since 2013 and I always loved this game, but nowadays I’m just not playing it a lot like I used to (you can blame this on the poor decisions in the balancing department at WG like for instance the stupid buffs to the Japanese Heavies). [Seb: I would like to add that WG loves hiding the fact that historically, the Japanese heavy tank projects had very thin armour and they were overbuffed by the devs for the sake of game balance]

I always liked to try new things, I downloaded a game called Dreadnought (a very good one, check it out if you have time) and I also downloaded a Chinese game called Final Fire to test it out. It turns out it’s a copy of Armored Warfare, slightly different, made to grab the attention of new players.

After I saw your post on the Chinese TDs and that they would be exclusive for the Chinese Server I thought: You know what? I’m going to download the Kongzhong version of WoT and give it a try.

After I logged in for the first time a message turned up. I didn’t understood what it was saying but I could see that it had something to do with premium tanks. I was navigating through the Tech Trees, looking surprised when I found this: It’s just for drama, the pictures will follow in the end of the email.

We need these specials here in our servers as well :P

Two things that I noticed so far on the Chinese Client:

The Churchill III and the Valentine II are actually British Premium Tanks (they’re available for purchase on the British page in the Premium Store instead of the Soviet).

Here in our clients, our account is linked with all the servers so if I want to play on NA West instead of NA East or if you want to play on EU1 instead of EU2 we just need to switch servers. In the Chinese Client there are 4 Servers but they are actually separated, you can’t switch according to your ping or your will. For example, if you started to play on CN1 you need to play only on this server because if you switch to CN2 your account will not have the tanks that you unlocked/bought, the premium time or the gold that you purchased. You will have to start from scratch.

Now I’ll tell you what you will see in some pictures:

You have the option to buy the T95/Chieftain. You can’t buy it right now (I think that this tank is only available on special occasions) but yes you saw it correctly. If you pay ¥5000 or US$ 723 you can have the tank :D

You can also buy the Object 268 Version 5 or the Object 257 for a mere ¥2000 or US$ 290 :P
There are also the Object 777, the Kirovets-1, Object 260, T-22, it’s just ridiculous.

The VK 100.01 (P) is on the Tech Tree as a researchable tank but it’s also on the Premium Shop as a regular Tier VIII Premium Tank. Yeah it’s true, there is the regular tank and the same tank but in a premium version.

People over there can also buy Premium Ammo with real money. There are a lot of “packages” with 1000 HESH, HEAT or APCR to choose from.

Picture album:


52 thoughts on “A Look at the Chinese Server

  1. “Japanese heavy tank projects had very thin armour”

    Depends how you define “thin”. Im pretty sure that Type 4/5 atleast has much thicker armor than they were supposed to have, though. But i wouldnt say that these had “very thin armor” either.

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      1. You can that in the internal O-I blueprint that the armor is very thin. Around a guesstimate of 30mm. I have lots and lots of doubt on the validity of the armor scheme shown in those recreation armor layout schematics and the armor scheme in WoT

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        1. O-I armor is 75mm all around and intended to be increased with additional +75mm armor plates. 75+75=150, that’s what we have in WoT.

          Also it can’t have only 30mm armor because of ~100t weight.
          Ask the owner of the blog, she is an expert of japanese tanks who was one of the contributors who helped WG implement Japanese heavy tanks to WoT, and also for War Thunder too recently under the name of Mai_Waffentrager on WT forums.


          1. Sure you can. The Type 95 weighed 26 tons and had armor of around 30mm. It was also a fraction of the size of the O-I.

            And according to the blueprint you posted, you can definitely see that the armor is very thin.

            Lastly, the front being up armor rumored o 75mm with a 75mm front is plausble, but everything being 150mm is implausible in my opinoon


    1. Those are recreation armor layout blueprints. I have a lot of doubt that it that much armor. I’ve heard conflicting information that only the front hull and IIRC possibly the turret recieved 75mm of armor and later on some more 75mm of armor. However, I think this is definitely more plausible.

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  2. “Yeah it’s true, there is the regular tank and the same tank but in a premium version.”

    Well just like on other servers :
    -T-44-100 is a T-44, just sideskirts
    -IS-3A is an IS-3 without loader
    -Cromwell B is a Cromwell with a different skin
    -IS-5 is a stock T-10

    I wouldnt call them different tanks. A slight change in their appearance doesnt make them a different vehicle.
    At least VK72 has a different gun so different playstyle ; and tanks like Lowe have nothing to do with their regular counterparts.

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    1. All the tanks you mention are different from their counterparts, even if the differences are minimal. You’re confusing ‘this is another model of the same tank’ with ‘this is literally a clone’.

      -T-44-100 has sideskirts and a weaker engine (it compensates with ground resistances, but it still makes a difference).
      -IS-3A has different stats than IS-3 and it’s armour is also a bit different as it doesn’t have the same turret.
      -Cromwell B like T-44-100 has a weaker engine but better ground resistances, there’s a small difference in mobility.
      -IS-5 is a stock T-10, but that’s like saying the Beta Sherman is a stock Easy 8 or whatever.

      Aside from the Cromwell B, none of these are really copypaste and more ‘variations’ on similar vehicles.

      The VK 100 01 P premium is literally identical to the tech tree version. Because that’s what the Chinese server does. Every single vehicle that we supertest as a premium, they sell as a premium. Even if we end up putting it in the tech tree. I think I even saw Kirovets-1 on the screenshots, and that thing is just sad. But they’re selling it anyway.


      1. -Cromwell B like T-44-100 has a weaker engine but better ground resistances, there’s a small difference in mobility.

        Nah, CromB have same engine with normal Crom , but have much better terrain resistance , that make CromB have better mobility than most LT in game at the moment, only slightly worse than MT-25

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        1. Well, I stand corrected. I thought the Berlin version had the stock engine, because… well, that’s normally the case for premiums.


      2. The Vk10001P and the premium one is not exactly the same.

        The premium one have a gun with 490 damage, lower penetration (210/250) and lower dpm, and both of them have the same income parameter.


        1. I didn’t bother checking the stats of the vehicles, because there were too much screenshots and also I don’t know Chinese. But it sounds like the Chinese literally implemented the VK 100 01 P as it originally appeared on the test server, which was my entire point: anything WG tests, they throw in. Even if it’s /literally/ the same vehicle.

          Because one version is the VK 100 01 P as it was initially tested, and the other is the adjusted one for the tech tree.


  3. in CN server you could bought almost EVERYTHING that WG added to clinet.
    just pay money to KZ and you will recieve what you want


    1. Probably not, because it kinda sucks. It has 120mm frontal armour, but with relatively low angling (only 50 degrees or so) and IIRC the turret has bigger cupolas than the IS-3 as well.


  4. At this point I think we should be able to make any tank tier 1-8 premium for gold. It would actually create more variations on the battlefield. Maybe some gun restrictions though..


  5. Holy phuc, a tier 8 prem tenk for less than 1k gold? Yes please!
    Though knowing now how they price their stuff, gold must have a different real money price.
    Oh well.

    The only question I have is rather simple, though.
    What’s the point of specials if they sell literally everything the game has to offer?


    1. Gold price in store is just for rent, if you want to buy it in game, the price is as same as other servers.
      But the prem in CN server is still very cheap, about 8-10 USD per 8 tier tank.

      Not everything they sell LITERALLY the game offer, two types of vk10001 are diff at guns; the prem shell for Chinese 122mm D25T (Po471) have different penetration (300mm in CN, 250mm in others)


      1. I think you misunderstood him. Pretty sure he asked ‘what is the point of special sales when you can buy every single thing in the game to begin with’

        Also, the CN server never implemented the 122mm gun HEAT nerf, for obvious reasons.

        I already responded to you elsewhere on the VK 100, but they’re the same vehicle. One is just the initial supertest version from 2015, if you look them up their modules are identical but one had it’s damage nerfed.


    1. Oh they do sell chieftain mk6, but in a more obscured manner.
      There is a reserved section in their custom support for ‘VIP client’, meaning those who had spent more than 5000 CNY (726USD) in total. Ranging from 5000 to 1 million CNY you receive different sets of privileges.

      After achieving some of upper VIP status you’ll be allowed to purchase super-test tanks like chieftain mk6.
      Rumor has it that the price of chieftain Mk6 is 10k CNY, about 1453USD.

      So yes you can encounter chieftainMk6 in CN live server but it’s very very rare given the price tag.


  6. Nice contribute, thanks. Apparently all the CW vehicles are for sale. Also new tanks like T92 are for sale….. Do they also sell guaranteed play-fun?


  7. Welcome to china servers, a sea of Type-59 :-)

    Most of the topic tell are right.

    It is hard to say whether it is good or not that KZ sells almost everything in game.

    Should i complain that the premium tanks are devaluing too quickly and cheap ? Compared with the cheapstake Minsk, I would like KZ more a little. At lleast it is affordable for me to collect most of the tanks in game. (i have 400 tanks in the game, over 100s are premium tanks)

    The most serious problem in China servers and for KZ is the inaction of banning autobot scripts and the players who use black-tech mods (not Tundra, it is a ‘normal’ one in China servers)

    There is a joke for the midnight gamming, ” It is a easy way to win, just destory other 29 tanks in game” (1 vs 29 to win)


  8. actually the 4 chinese servers are not separated, except for one, which is built on a separate ISP in China so it is separated. The other 3 are linked like NA and EU etc.


  9. Goldversion still available :D http://mall.kongzhong.com/product/detail?pid=2009

    Maybe they sell the tanks because CW… works in a different way.

    To sell prem shells for Yuan is nothing special. Till 2013 (or 2012) prem shell just available with gold. Mostly used for CW, because people have to pay with real money.
    Prem Repairkit… are in packages on EU server. So you pay it for € too.

    At the end I would be happy if I had the option to buy it and earn money with that.
    Moreover WG would take out prem shells and changed it in the way like armored warfare. Most heavy tanks are just good if player are not using prem shells.

    Now I have 2 options, Chinese Server to play tanks I never get on EU or play on RU, I heared they are not using prem shells :D


  10. You get what you paid for.

    The experience in CN WoT is much inferior than any other regions – cheating mods, premium shell abuse, 300 pen prem shell for D-25TA( main gun of WZ111, 112, T34-2/3, etc), ocean of T8 Chinese premium tanks with D-25TA(Type 59 is outdated, as its armor is so vulnerable to 300 pen 390 damage premium shell).
    Everyone shares the same price means everyone has the same configuration in battles. You are just playing another game that HEAT/APCR become the standard shell.

    There’s is a special channel called “big customer concierge” for those spent more than 5k CNY in CN WoT/WoWS, where you can purchase almost everything in game, except free XP as WG terminated this function.
    Crew, instant research, Chieftain Mk6(10k CNY, 1,600 USD or so), T95/Chieftain( half price of Mk6), CW award tanks, Obj 260/777/252/268V5, Type 59 Gold, any tanks cannot buy in game or premium store, you name it, they sell it.

    Yes, Kongzhong made premium/ anniversary/ award/ mission tanks more accessible, which is pretty good.
    However their cheap pricing is greedily looting WoT/WoWS that the economy system just collapses so fast. 150 USD for 48k doubloon, 8.8m credit, 66d prem account is a great offer to players who pay, but it’s absolutely devastating to the general gameplay. Imagine tons of players load their racks with all premium shells and….

    Experiencing new tanks in CN WoT is not a bad choice, but expect a different game that you are not likely to enjoy.


    1. Correction: its not 150 USD for 48k doubloon, 8.8m credit… It should be 130 USD for 48k doubloon, 88m credit, 8 slots, 88*3 premium consumables.


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