A Look at the Chinese Server

Sent to the TAP mail by Rafael:

I’m a WoT player since 2013 and I always loved this game, but nowadays I’m just not playing it a lot like I used to (you can blame this on the poor decisions in the balancing department at WG like for instance the stupid buffs to the Japanese Heavies). [Seb: I would like to add that WG loves hiding the fact that historically, the Japanese heavy tank projects had very thin armour and they were overbuffed by the devs for the sake of game balance]

I always liked to try new things, I downloaded a game called Dreadnought (a very good one, check it out if you have time) and I also downloaded a Chinese game called Final Fire to test it out. It turns out it’s a copy of Armored Warfare, slightly different, made to grab the attention of new players.

After I saw your post on the Chinese TDs and that they would be exclusive for the Chinese Server I thought: You know what? I’m going to download the Kongzhong version of WoT and give it a try.

After I logged in for the first time a message turned up. I didn’t understood what it was saying but I could see that it had something to do with premium tanks. I was navigating through the Tech Trees, looking surprised when I found this: It’s just for drama, the pictures will follow in the end of the email.

We need these specials here in our servers as well 😛

Two things that I noticed so far on the Chinese Client:

The Churchill III and the Valentine II are actually British Premium Tanks (they’re available for purchase on the British page in the Premium Store instead of the Soviet).

Here in our clients, our account is linked with all the servers so if I want to play on NA West instead of NA East or if you want to play on EU1 instead of EU2 we just need to switch servers. In the Chinese Client there are 4 Servers but they are actually separated, you can’t switch according to your ping or your will. For example, if you started to play on CN1 you need to play only on this server because if you switch to CN2 your account will not have the tanks that you unlocked/bought, the premium time or the gold that you purchased. You will have to start from scratch.

Now I’ll tell you what you will see in some pictures:

You have the option to buy the T95/Chieftain. You can’t buy it right now (I think that this tank is only available on special occasions) but yes you saw it correctly. If you pay ¥5000 or US$ 723 you can have the tank 😀

You can also buy the Object 268 Version 5 or the Object 257 for a mere ¥2000 or US$ 290 😛
There are also the Object 777, the Kirovets-1, Object 260, T-22, it’s just ridiculous.

The VK 100.01 (P) is on the Tech Tree as a researchable tank but it’s also on the Premium Shop as a regular Tier VIII Premium Tank. Yeah it’s true, there is the regular tank and the same tank but in a premium version.

People over there can also buy Premium Ammo with real money. There are a lot of “packages” with 1000 HESH, HEAT or APCR to choose from.

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