WoWS Q&A – 16th April 2017

Off: Excuse me everyone for being away from TAP. I had to visit my grandpa this Easter and I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Back to the Q&A. Thanks to Babykim, EU:

Top performing ships in version 0.6.3 following profound changes in game-play, such as the removal of open-water invisi-fire.

The performance is evaluated separately for the median and top players, according to RU server statistics available to video-blogger z1ooo.


Separate note on carriers. Carriers still perform better than all other ships types on all tiers. Japanese carriers are still outperforming the American carriers on all tiers, more so in terms of winrate rather than damage and frags. The exception is USS Saipan at tier 7. The skill-gap between the median and the top carrier players have increased. Bogus is still the worst ship on tier 5.

Best ships – worst ships by tiers (except the carriers):

2. Umikaze, V-25

3. Best BB: König Albert, Nassau. Worst: Kawachi
Best CA: Bogatyr. Worst: Kolberg
Best DD: Derzki. Worst: Wakatake

4 (Best BB is a surprise!)
Best BB: Wyoming, Imperator Nikolai I, Arkansas Beta. Worst: Myogi
Best CA: Iwaki Alpha, Yubari. Worst: Karlsruhe, Danae
Best DD: Clemson

Best BB: König (Dispersion will be nervet next patch), Texas
Best CA: Marblehead, Murmansk, Furutaka, Königsberg. Worst: Krasny Krym, Kirov, Emerald
Best DD: Kamikaze, Fuijin, Gremyashchy (feels invisi-fire nerf). Okhotnik. Worst: Mutsiki, Minikaze, T-22

Best BB: Fuso, New Mexico, Arizona (used to be absolute top). Worst: Mutsu (she in 3 top of the worst BBs in game! Right after Kawachi and Miogi)
Best CA: Perth, Admiral Graf Spee. Worst: Aoba, Nürnberg
Best DD: Farragut, Anshan. Worst: Gnevny, Fubuki, Hatsuharu

Best BB: Scharnhorst, Gneisen
Best CA: Belfast, Flint, Fiji. Worst: York, Pensacola, Indianapolis
Best DD: Leningrad (Błyskawica not anymore). Worst: Mahan, Minsk

Best BB: Alabama (!), Bismark
Best CA: Michael Kutuzov, Adagio. Worst: New Orleans, Admiral Hipper, Prinz Eugen
Best DD: Z-23, Benson (Akizuki not anymore). Worst: Ognevoi, Kiew, Lo Yang

Best BB: Missouri. Worst: Izumo
Best CA: Neptune. Worst. Ibuki
Best DD: Black (762 ships on the whole RU server). Worst: Tashkent

Best BB: Großer Kurfürst
Best CA: Minotaur, Des Moins (! rate-of-fire buff) Worst: Zao, Hindenburg
Best DD: Khabarovsk Worst: Grozovoi


41 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A – 16th April 2017

  1. Thank you very much. Though I win almost every game with my Mutsu and I am somehow performing incredibly well with her. I am shocked that she is considered bad.


      1. Nah , it is just the list of ships that potatoes fail to understand , it does not mean ship is good or bad. For example Zao i goddamn monster , and Hindenburg is Swiss Army knife


    1. Especially considering, that they rank Furutaka so highly, when both are essentially the very same ship, except that Aoba has slower turret traverse (because reasons) for better RoF and slightly inferior torpedo-arcs. There’s literally no sane reason to class one as “best” and the other as “worst”.


      1. difference is in enemies that they face, for Futuraka its mostly 4-7 were its armor its pretty good (resist up to 152mm non IFHE and auto-bounce BB guns up 356mm when angled with it mostly face)
        in mean time Aoba is on that bit broken 6 tier with means that’s its requires more that “skill”


  2. Me neither. I have excellent stats with every single one of the “bad” ships mention in this list. Seriously even Kawachi was amazing for me.

    Aoba….Nurnberg are both bad??? They are both BEASTS!

    Aoba can do 100k damage on easy mode consistently. It’s so strong that i’ve kept it as a credit/xp farming machine.

    Nurnberg is a TERROR for other cruisers (amazing AP,RoF,Accuracy) and especially DDs. It has an extremely high impact when used right.

    Dunkerque isn’t even mentioned, yet it is one of the best T6 BBs

    Svietlana is a MONSTER. It’s a DD on aggressive steroids…yet it doesn’t even get mention either.

    This list is simply not legit, or those players are just BAD.


  3. (Błyskawica not anymore)

    Of course not anymore. Those f*ckers couldn’t tolerate for an historical polish ship to be better than glorious premioum russian DD. F*ck the compensation. Try to remove 0.00001% of the aim time of a premium tank, devs would be nuked. Here, they just keep doing whatever the crap they want and none bats an eye.

    F*ck you Lesta.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. there, there, glorious polak

      the didn’t nerf blysk, they changed the global spotting mechanics, i have played her when invis firing wasn’t that common and she did perfectly fine back then. it’s slow af akizuki who really was hurt, not that polish thing with fantastical characteristics made to pat polish players on their head, like they had a “fleet” too


      1. First, yes, they did nerfed it. They removed one global feature and gave some other ships a compensation, nothing to this one. So, they modified it in a way that affects its performance compared to its competitors, which is the definition of a nerf.

        Second, yes, Akizuki was hit harder. But it received a bit of additionnal range and isn’t a ship you pay for real money. Don’t f*ck with the customer’s money, give compensations.

        Which leads to my conclusion: Lesta a dumb f*ckers. With no respect for their customers.

        PS: I’m not Polish

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    1. Like they always do – they will buff all others BBs. Then there will be crying about BBs OP – so they will buff CAs and DDs. Then we will have discussion about power creep and what caused it. And after that we will have sea of tears from CVs – and Lesta will them to wait until UI rework [or universe heat death – whatever comes first]. And after 15+ patches when everybody will be angry but game will be almost balanced…. Lesta will put some other OP BB despite the warnings of players…
      And the great cycle of salt will be completed.


  4. Hah. Now just rename Crapsu to some other fictional name and give us a real Mutsu and some IJN cruiser buffs.

    That aside, I wonder if that’s totaled across all servers or just the RU server. For sure they predominantly balance by the RU server, but they do attempt some token buffs the other servers practically beg them for.


  5. Of course Bogue is AS Cancer (like everyone says and does)
    removing her AS Flight Module control can make her better in any situation such as 1/1/1 or 1/0/1


  6. “Separate note on carriers. Carriers still perform better than all other ships types on all tiers. ”

    xdddddddddd. where are the carrier apologists now, so hard to play them right guys??


    1. Carrier Players are only exist in the ASIA Server, NA and EU CVs are extinct for some reason
      We’re not talking about Cancerpan, that thing deserves nerfing

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    2. If carriers were OP as fuck, then every Tom, Dick and Harry would play them all day long. Barely anybody does, however. What does that tell you?


      1. Well apparently that’s a function of our servers, I play on Asia. I didn’t know carrier pop was lower on the others. But there’s plenty of carrier players on Asia, at least 1 a side every game. Anyway, I was just quoting the article friendo, I would assume they have some stats to back that up.


  7. tfw you realise you can do well in one of the worst battleships in the game despite being an awful player… weirdly this makes me feel really good… And seriously wargaming just remove Krasny Krym and give us Krasnyi Kavkaz instead.


  8. BS, Ishizuchi should be among the best tier IV BB with her ridiculous HE damage and fire chance (lul wut 305mm gun but with HE damage of 406mm???)


  9. There you go, now the Alabama is OP
    As expected when listening to a very vocal but not representative crowd of whiners.
    I am curious to see how they buff Hipper and Eugen which are loosing “ground” more and more…


    1. This can be bad, as the Alabama buff is a testing ground for the Montana/Iowa Citadel buff(well WG says so). Now Alabama turn out to be strongest in RU, WG may cancel the citadel buff for them.


        1. the same… i looked at my stats and average stats for NC and i cried…, on every server NC is the worst in term of both overall and 2 week stats… how the hell i don’t know


          1. Thanks for the info. I msut admit, I am a bit underwhelmed by only that changing about these two ships. But well, maybe it will be enough.


  10. I’m confused. Where do these statistics come from because some of the rankings just seem wrong. For instance, look at the tier 10 CAs, where it ranks the des moines as one of the “best.” I checked the ru server statistics on and the DM is lowest in terms of average damage for the previous 1 week, 2 weeks, and all time periods. It is also either last or second to last in winrate for all of those periods. The zao and hindenberg are pretty much always ahead of it in both categories for any time period. So that just doesn’t make sense.


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