WoWS Q&A – 16th April 2017

Off: Excuse me everyone for being away from TAP. I had to visit my grandpa this Easter and I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Back to the Q&A. Thanks to Babykim, EU:

Top performing ships in version 0.6.3 following profound changes in game-play, such as the removal of open-water invisi-fire.

The performance is evaluated separately for the median and top players, according to RU server statistics available to video-blogger z1ooo.


Separate note on carriers. Carriers still perform better than all other ships types on all tiers. Japanese carriers are still outperforming the American carriers on all tiers, more so in terms of winrate rather than damage and frags. The exception is USS Saipan at tier 7. The skill-gap between the median and the top carrier players have increased. Bogus is still the worst ship on tier 5.

Best ships – worst ships by tiers (except the carriers):

2. Umikaze, V-25

3. Best BB: König Albert, Nassau. Worst: Kawachi
Best CA: Bogatyr. Worst: Kolberg
Best DD: Derzki. Worst: Wakatake

4 (Best BB is a surprise!)
Best BB: Wyoming, Imperator Nikolai I, Arkansas Beta. Worst: Myogi
Best CA: Iwaki Alpha, Yubari. Worst: Karlsruhe, Danae
Best DD: Clemson

Best BB: König (Dispersion will be nervet next patch), Texas
Best CA: Marblehead, Murmansk, Furutaka, Königsberg. Worst: Krasny Krym, Kirov, Emerald
Best DD: Kamikaze, Fuijin, Gremyashchy (feels invisi-fire nerf). Okhotnik. Worst: Mutsiki, Minikaze, T-22

Best BB: Fuso, New Mexico, Arizona (used to be absolute top). Worst: Mutsu (she in 3 top of the worst BBs in game! Right after Kawachi and Miogi)
Best CA: Perth, Admiral Graf Spee. Worst: Aoba, Nürnberg
Best DD: Farragut, Anshan. Worst: Gnevny, Fubuki, Hatsuharu

Best BB: Scharnhorst, Gneisen
Best CA: Belfast, Flint, Fiji. Worst: York, Pensacola, Indianapolis
Best DD: Leningrad (Błyskawica not anymore). Worst: Mahan, Minsk

Best BB: Alabama (!), Bismark
Best CA: Michael Kutuzov, Adagio. Worst: New Orleans, Admiral Hipper, Prinz Eugen
Best DD: Z-23, Benson (Akizuki not anymore). Worst: Ognevoi, Kiew, Lo Yang

Best BB: Missouri. Worst: Izumo
Best CA: Neptune. Worst. Ibuki
Best DD: Black (762 ships on the whole RU server). Worst: Tashkent

Best BB: Großer Kurfürst
Best CA: Minotaur, Des Moins (! rate-of-fire buff) Worst: Zao, Hindenburg
Best DD: Khabarovsk Worst: Grozovoi