De Grasse premium ship unveiled….

To those of you who were excited at the prospect of the De Grasse, the unique french AA cruiser, with 8×2-127mm guns, prepare to be dis-appointed. As we are instead getting a ship that appears to be a retrofitted La Galissonnière-class cruiser. (Probably it is the De Grasse as she was originally designed, which might as well be a clone of the La Galissonière)







These images were all published on the World of Warships Asia facebook page.

Aplogies if you can taste my salt over the “not-actually-the-de-grasse” premium. I guess we will have to wait for the other french AA cruiser, the Colbert.



29 thoughts on “De Grasse premium ship unveiled….

    1. Thats the idea. Camouflage like this actually makes ships stand out instead of having them blend in with their surroundings. But thats what normal camouflage does.

      This is dazzle camouflage. You can look it up if youre interested in how it came about, but basically its meant to distort the silhoutte of a ship, making it harder for any would-be shooter to make a correct estimation of your ships’ heading, which may lead them to miss. This may sound a bit silly but keep in mind that around this time, all artillery directing was still being done by someone looking through a bunch of high powered scopes and not much else.

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  1. “As we are instead getting a ship that appears to be a retrofitted La Galissonnière-class cruiser. (Unsure, that is the closest resembling ship class I can find)”

    DeGrasse was an enhanced Gallisioniere-cruiser, until it was “retrofitted” into an AA-platform (ship wasn’t completed before it got captured by the germans and never was completed until after the war, with significant changes in armament). Why WG choose to implement her in her “pre-fitting” design is beyond me though.

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  2. Oh dear god that’s not the late version… That’s fucking idiotic. TY WG for fucking up everything concerning the Marine Nationale.


  3. I am literally disgusted. This is the 1938 configuration that literally looks totally shit and there’s nothing cool about it.


  4. I will finally believe that lesta has something against french people to continuously raise his big middle finger about every ship WG release. Do the same thing to any british/american/german ship and you’ll see blood rivers from Minsk to New York because of the angry fanboyz. But french? No that’s good they are just good at fleeing and raising white flag, we don’t give a shit at all.


  5. Looks like, for some reason, they went for the original design. Probably thought the post-war cruiser as actually completed would have been OP. Can’t have that. Not for the Marine Nationale anyway. But who would be interested in this? The French cruiser line, with better ships, will be here shortly anyway.


    1. How long do you think will france last with its population of millions of arabs not assimilated :’) in 100 years it will be a caliphate haha


  6. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the 152mm version is probably for the better. Granted, it’s basically a Galissonnière, but I have a sneaking suspicion that if it was the 127mm version it’d have horrible shell drag and low HP, and overall be a very mediocre ship. I’d hate to see something with better AA than the Atlanta when I play carriers, as if carriers didn’t have enough problems. The real question is, why even bother making a premium that’s basically the same as the regular tier 6. >_>


    1. As much as I wanted a French Atlanta, it’s probably better indeed. With 127mm guns you’d want to pick up skills like BFT and AFT that wouldn’t be as optimal for the other French ships, which IIRC all use 152mm or bigger except for one lowtier ship?


    2. The 127mm version would have guns vastly better than Atlanta’s in all respects. They’re the same as the secondaries on Montana, and Harekaze from the Haifuri collab will be getting single-turret versions of them. Likely the shell drag stats would be excellent; shell design for the 127mm/54 is so good that modern DDs with 127mm guns are still using the same shell today!


      1. I don’t believe the French 127mm/L54s are *technically* the same guns as the US used; they were a native French design intended to use the US 127mm/L54 ammunition. (I expect there were probably other US elements that were copied over, but it’s my understanding that the French did most of the work themselves, rather than simply copying the American design.)


        1. to be sad French gun have lower range at the same elevation, but detailed information is unavailable.

          for US version performance is similar to Russian 130mm, French bit more to German 127mm


  7. Eh, while the DeGrasse dakka cruiser would have been interesting, I don’t think it would have turned out well in the current meta (unless it had smoke or radar, if not both). With the as-built gun fit, DeGrasse would probably end up as a very squishy tier 8, where only spamming HE from smoke woyuld let her perform on level. I’m actually much happier with it being the original design, at tier six – it’s probably going to be a more balanced ship all around, rather than a minmax dakka ship, like Atlanta.

    I’ll be honest, I wasn’t excited about the De Grasse until I saw this. It definitely went from a ‘pass unless it gets awesome reviews’ ship to a ‘will buy first day on sale’ ship. Especially with that lovely camo!


      1. Perhaps, but none of the other French ships seem to get the radar consumable, even at tier 10. I suspect that WG might want to avoid repeating the same steps that caused them to draw fire from the Flint (and to a lesser extent, probably Belfast).


  8. Does this mean that “Suffren” when we finally get it is going to be a Tier VII? I actually like this ship though only the “Gloire” got that camo…which I think is cool.


  9. Way to mess up Lesta, bravo!!! i guess you hate money for not making a premium tier 7 or 8 that the french like for historical reason (last AA cruiser made, been a museum in Bordeaux for years) and were waiting for… Also with molotov and aosta there is a need for another premium at tier 6, brilliant…

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