WoWS – Developer diaries : French cruisers


15 thoughts on “WoWS – Developer diaries : French cruisers

  1. Ugh this video….
    This video was made before WG admitted that tweaks needed to be done because tier 8-10 were huge letdowns.

    Yet at around the 5:50 minute mark, WG’s Lesta studio’s senior content and balance game designer said that people who liked the Moskva will really appreciate the Henri IV.

    Yes, people who enjoyed the extremely well armored, fast, maneuverable, decent AA and even secondaries Moskva with its 3×3 220mm “balance tovarich xaxaxa” railguns will appreciate the poorly armored, BB-turn-radius, tier7-8 level AA Henri IV with potato guns that have potato damage and potato accuracy.

    Senior fucking balance designer.


      1. Moskva is more maneuverable than the Henri and Hindenburg, with a very short 760m turn radius (compared to over 800m for the two others)

        The only reason the Zao beats the Moskva is that the Zao has a nice big rudder that turns quickly.
        And even then, it doesn’t win out by much, as the Zao has a 80m larger turn radius.

        A 34 knot ship with a 760m turn radius will turn tighter and more quickly than a 31 knot ship with a 800m turn radius and 31 knot top speed (Hindenburg), that’s just common sense.

        And yes, the Moskva is well armored.
        It has a bigger belt armor, and armored deck that makes even 460mm AP ricochet, so no plunging fire, and a large amount of the bow has 50mm of armor, making penetrating it through the bow a nightmare.

        The only ship that beats out the Moskva in tankiness is the Hindenburg, and only because it has that RNG-fueled turtleback.

        So since you’re just going to blurt out some cap locks garbage to try to convince yourself that the Moskva is balanced, despite beating even the stealth firing Zao in terms of survival and damage, I’d advice you to quiet down and let the big boys do the speaking.


        1. >Moskva is more maneuverable than the Henri and Hindenburg, with a very short 760m turn radius
          And Des Moines, since it has 770m
          Because it is just logical that the largest cruiser has smallest turning circle


    1. There is a reason they are still on the testing server, could people please stop acting like they are on the live server…..


      1. No you misunderstand.

        The senior balance game designer stated point blank that the pre-buff Henri was a good ship on par with the glorious Moskva.

        That’s fucking alarming.
        It’s not some random web content editor bullshitting content in some article, it’s someone in charge of balancing the game stating that a ship that’s barely on par with ships two tiers below it is good balance.


        1. In all honesty in most times when i’ve seen the tier 9-10 in actions, even tried the tier 10 three times and tier 9 above 5.(haven’t been checking the tier 8 that much yet) the outcome was about 115-165k dmg per match, with some unfortune times overextending.

          How is that so bad?


          1. Because while the tier 7 to 9 aren’t bad, juste bland, the Henri is just terrible.

            It does nothing better than any other tier10 cruiser.
            Even the “superior armor” is bullshit, seeing as it has that nice “please overmatch me” 25mm deck.

            Add worst maneuverability and sub-200 base AA, and you have a ship that’s good for nothing.

            In fact, there’s a simple test you can try to determine if a ship or branch is worth anything.
            Sell it to me.

            Persuade me to use these ships over ships of other branches.

            For the moment, all I got for ships tier 6+ is “do you want to play USN cruisers, but less good? Then this is the branch for you”

            The 8″ cruisers didn’t need extra reload, they needed better soft stats for the shells.

            Henri needs a total redesign.
            It’s its current state, it’s a “hide behind an island and lob HE at 20km or else any +15″ gun overmatches and regular/citpens you from any angle”

            The fact that the senior balance game designer thinks this is somehow as good as the Moskva’s gameplay and tankiness is extremely telling of the game’s current heading.
            Which is down the drain.

            May I remind you that these are the same devs that told us to our faces that the Gearing’s torpedoes aren’t better than the Shima’s.


            1. Im not gonna persuade you to get this line of ship, not because of it’s statistic only because it might just simply not be your type of line and that’s okey. not everyship have to cater to everyone, that would make it truly bland.

              I would say that moskva is a bit of a power creep sometimes and 90% of the time i ever meet one they are either in the back going backwards, blocking shells from my 406 mm iowa. seems… legit.
              Moskva even have better Turn radius then the hindenburg and the ship is as long as the hindy mmmmkay.

              The AA thing, if carriers were more of a thing then yeah sure, could be improved. but to answer from ingame experience, when at tier 8-10 there is a carrier and you are not with other ships, an american /high tiered british vessle or have defensive fire. myeah not gonna help that much regardeless. can even be a problem for american + british without defensive fire sometimes (except the minotaur that fucker is a AA beast). (depending on the skill of the carrier player). but yeah i meet so few carriers that i never tend to care or focus my skill to defend myself, the most time i’ve had a problem is when i get uptiered to tier 8 with the dunky and there happen to be a carrier. (the carrier is not my main problem at that point).

              The turn radius is 40 above the hindenburg and that’s not a big deal. the rudder shift is a bit overkill, i agree that part can defenitly be improved.

              For me the line is a mix between british, american and russian, with variating outputs. tier 1-7 seem fun even tier 9 seem fun. in overall never been too fond of the top de la cream tier (9-10). where 90% of the gameplay is be as far away as you can and lob shots, doesn’t change much whatever ship you have. except DD’s obviously.

              The armor is similar to zao and hindenburg, not as much as the moskva which we can agree on but, the henri have and i’ve seen it many time have managed to bounce shells up to 406 in similar ways to moskva, it all depending on range. but in many ways to try to give comparison to moskva in terms of armor is… well broken.

              the lobbing part, so like most cruisers at high tier? don’t see hindenburg,zao,des moines even moskva get that close range, unless they have the advantage or it’s in the endgame.

              Gearing torpedoes are in the similar range of the shima, a bit more range (depending on what mod you choose on shima) but much less the damage, less torpedoes and just 1 more if you go with shimas mod 3 torps. lets not forget that japanese have an instant torpedo reload consumable tier 7+. so yes i would say the shima is pretty damn lethal in the torpedo apartement. ill pick getting hit by gearing torps over shima torps any day every day.


              1. It got 1 more knot if the shima goes with the mod 3 torpedoes********* (above comment) wish edit button existed!!!

                I would say sprouse up the rudder shift, give it a little better gun characteristics and give some AA improvements the tier 10 that is.

                In overall with the french ships from 1-7 seem to be alot of fun. working similar in ways to the german and the russians as you progress through the tiers. even now looking at tier 8 seems to be pretty neat. doesn’t go overblown in performance but doesn’t nessesary lack it either.

                If i were to sell you the line though would be a supportive line cruisers, with interesting design lowtier that have bigger guns that are pretty good. mid tier it becomes similar to the german and russians with the end to algerie wich is like the hipper. the high tier’s it’s like american,german and russian in different variation. ending with big guns similar to moskva’s gun (yeah they similar, after some research it’s not a crazy difference, just need some slight changes).
                oh and you get torpedoes from tier 3 and up.


              2. The reason you can’t sell me the line isn’t because “it might not be my type of line”, but because past tier 5, there’s nothing to sell.

                Much like the British CL branch, WG needs to fundamentally rethink it.

                It’s stupid, they tried forcing the speed boost mechanic on it, and in the end they made a jack-of-all-trades-USN-and-IJN-CAs-are-all-better ships.

                There is absolutely no way I could convince anyone to get the Algérie instead of the Myoko for example.

                But at least that part is ok, because maybe they’re just going for the blandest possible branch, with the most baseline stats for which to compare other cruisers with.

                What’s simply unacceptable is at the end of that already unattractive branch having such a massive turd, then daring to call it good.

                The armor isn’t similar, it’s just worse.
                The total belt armor is worse than everything except for a thin sliver of the Zao at the waterline, and the Minotaur. The deck armor is worse than everything except the Minotaur.

                As far as my example of the Gearing, I’m sorry but the Gearing torpedoes are just better.
                You may argue that the Shima is better (it’s not, but you could make a case for it), but the F3 torpedoes are simply inferior in flexibility and average damage dealt in a match to the glorious mark17 torpedoes, with great speed, damage, epic range, and low detection, leading to even lower reaction time than even the TA-boosted F3s going 81 knots.
                All while still having more than 12km range with TA.
                And WG balance dept. tries to bullshit us saying that the F3s are better.
                Just no.
                That’s a big fat line.

                Bottom line, the French branch is quirky at low tiers, bland at mid tier, and the tier 10 is one of the worst ships in the game.
                The recent buffs didn’t address most of the issues, so even if the garbage 240mm guns pen a bit better now, they still suffer insane air drag, the ship is still fragile, and its AA is still worse than what some tier8 CAs have.


                1. had more detailed writing before but wordpass decided to be wierd so it refreshed itself. here we go again shorter this time though…

                  The more nations that comes in the more similarities it will be (also more into a balancing nightmare it will become), most nations stem from both british and italian designs, those who have gone further away is the americans and the japanese. the italians will be close to the french, just faster.

                  You might advice myoko, but i would advice the algerie (if it’s similar to the hipper) why? because we have different playstyles and different likes/dislikes.

                  the question if it was forced or not, the speed boost might have just been a speed assistans for sertain situations, as the french cruiser line is not the fastest. might have been better with the italians, but the question is if they need more speed.this question can’t be truly asked if not having the chance to discuss it with the developers. same goes with you.

                  i’ve gone through the armor schematis and the only cruiser that can openly bounce reliably when angled is the moskva. otherwise the armor of the other cruisers are similar. if not counting the moskva. the henry only lose about 5 to 2 mm of deck armor and have better citadel armor then zao and hindenburg, des moines have 10 mm more citadel but less belt armor. zao and henry have the same belt, zao got more side angle though.

                  You can bounce with the other cruisers but only reliably against cruiser weaponry, which the henry can do aswell (especially when considering the front end deck’s good angles). when it comes to battleship armor it all depends on distance. only moskva can reliably bounce at all ranges.

                  the henry can bounce battleship shells if facing forward and some angles, depends on range. have done it multiple times. it’s surprising really. the front deck angle is pretty good.

                  Unacceptable? not everyone share your views that the french branch is bland, i find it interessting with fun lowtiers, interesting designs and good guns. the mid tier are similar to german and russian lines, still got good guns, lack in armor. the high tiers still got good guns (tier 10 calibrations needed slightly guns n rudder), viarable armor. lacking AA.

                  i see a line with viability. if we are gonna point out blandness, then the russian crusier line is way more bland then the french. meh armor, most of the line have same guns , bad torpedoes. pretty much germans with better gun velocity. and tad better HE. bad AA. the only thing was remotly interesting was the kirov at tier 5 the tier 9 and tier 10. and i thought the tier 10 just felt like a powerhouse, broken.

                  Back to the gearing part. sure more speed (if taking the captain skill) and little better range. most DD torpedo engagement is at 10km range anyway to reliably hit the target. it still have less damage, less torpedoes, slower reloadtime, does not have the insta reload consumable. i still rather pick the Shima when it comes to torpedos, as the potential for damage is overall better. if it was for the guns, gearing all the way. (though the He on the japanese DD can hurt, but gunwise would take the gearing).

                  that is what you think the line is, if it’s not too your liking then that’s fine (we all like differnt things). but saying the armor is shit comparably to other cruisers on high tiers (moskva not included) is false. The 240mm guns are not that garbage, is just not excelling (thought 125k-165k dmg most matches is pretty damn good but whatever). the AA is not the best but anything that is not American nor british doesn’t excell in AA either. Italian line will aswell not excell in AA prowess.

                  also what’s wrong with the british CL line? sure it’s not the tankiest at the top, but the line is not bad. the only thing i can sometime miss is HE. the only time the ap felt lacking was at tier 5. otherwise it’s a pretty neat line with good torpedoes. and the heal is just crazy. (not to mention the tier 9-10 AA).


  2. I would sincerely hope that WG is getting the kind of messaging that they need to regarding our displeasure with the French line and not just a bunch of people carrying on about it tho. One can hope.


  3. French cruisers, they should give them special abilities in surrendering and running away. Keep with national tradion and all.


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