TAP’s Darkest Hour

Cheers, everyone.

Unfortunately, I, Seb, have to announce a further reduction of my blog activity from now on, due to the need to prepare for the baccalauréat exam. I don’t like it, and I hate not being able to run TAP at full throttle (I hope that one day I will be able to publish historical articles too). I will only be able to post in a minor time window each day. I can’t say how well the rest of the authors will compensate for this. Please keep in mind that I posted every day since August 2015 (even if I call this a “hobby”) and I’m used to doing most of the stuff myself. Also, I’ll try responding to all the emails you might send me. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I would like to ask you for support, if possible: prayers, shares, article suggestions, anything (maybe even donations?). Thanks in advance.


52 thoughts on “TAP’s Darkest Hour

  1. So, something similar to national exam?

    Whatever it is, good luck with it, and don’t feel too bad for us.


  2. “I can’t say how well the rest of the authors will compensate for this” :) :) :) Gotta love you BOSS :) :) :) This means I’m back in the game with posting 0.0001 articles per day :) :) :)


  3. If by any chance (or lack thereof) you have the same philosophy cursus I had to follow, just remember, you can’t do worse than I did !
    4/20 on that exam, but I still got my bac on the first try! =’D


      1. My geography exam was pretty stupid.
        Although here it’s not as much geography/history as much as it is a literary dissertation with some geohistorical themes.
        Same with biology.

        As you can see, I hated school :p

        Except physics.
        I fucking aced physics exam.
        10/10 on the exam, top 99% percentile in the country.
        That probably saved me from failing and redoing the year >.>

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  4. I hope you’ve picked some subjects that you are good at.
    We had good teachers in grades 8-12 so we were pretty much ready for the maturity exam by grade 11 and I studied a total of 6 hours for my 12th grade exams haha, i wish you the same luck.

    Strange that in Romania it’s basically called what I understand to be a Bachelor’s exam yet the bachelor’s degree is what comes after :)


      1. Is that bad? In Bulgaria where I am from 6.00 is highest and 2.00 is lowest.
        We have Bulgarian language skills and literature as base and we get to pick 1-2 other subjects to have our maturity exam on.


  5. Hey Seb, consider this: Even if you post a single article in 3 days (which by the way, won’t happen) you are still better than Ritard!
    And the quality will also be better than the other blog’s if you do not let STD check the grammar…

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  6. I check this site 4-5 times a day and really appreciate the content. I can’t say how your nebulous presence will affect the posts, but I know you have a good group of posters and they’re all going to support you from what I can tell.

    I’m sure that if you delegated some additional things that you took care of normally, there’d be some one that could take it on and happily.

    Study well, but don’t stress too much. What will happen will happen, and there are always options regardless if you do well or not. You could always come to Canada, we’d be happy to have you.

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  7. I dont see how donations in terms of money can buy you more time, unless you will use it to invest in some software that will make it easier to write/cope articles and translate.

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  8. I don’t know your sources but if there’s anything I can be helpful with, please feel free to contact me. I’m willing to contribute time to keep this up.


  9. Like in Transformers: The power of the Matrix will…ups sry I mean good luck with that test or whatever it is. Hope we see you here soon with that passed! Till all are one! I couldn’t help myself sry

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  10. Don’t worry about it. As long as there is 2-3 big posts a week. I’m sure most will still be happy about it. I’m sure the majority here will understand anyway. As most inc me have been there.


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