WoWS Q&A – 3rd April 2017

Sub_Octavian :

„Henri will receive some tweaks based on first stage of production test, as well as some other French cruisers. Stay tuned :-) ”

Speculations on the Season 7 Ranked Battles season tell that it will start in May (if EU matches the NA schedule, as most times until now).


12 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A – 3rd April 2017

  1. Overall, they need two major tweaks : reduced air drag on the AP and increase krupp to prevent shells from shattering.
    Perhaps a 2-3 knot base speed increase for the 31-32 knot ships.

    Henri IV needs a complete and total rework.

    The unarmored lower tiers need players with patience and zen :’D

    I don’t expect anything for the tier6 Galissonière, that thing looks solid as is.
    A slight tweaking buff here or there wouldn’t make it OP, but it really doesn’t need anything.

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    1. I agree. The sad fact is, that any rework is bound to be unhistorically, the ship data only gives so much room for changes, but gameplay does go first without question.


      1. Well the good thing about air drag and krupp values is that they’re mostly made up by WG and made to fit the compressed scaling on top of that.
        Tack on a little speed increase which wouldn’t be the end of the world if it weren’t 100% spot on historical, and tiers 7 – 9 are not only solid, but competitive with good guns and speed.

        The lower tiers can’t really be helped, any rework would tear them from any historical reality.

        Henri IV however…anything goes.
        It wasn’t built or even had a finalized blueprint. Go nuts with it WG.
        Though maybe make the 240s a researchable choice…Have autoloaded 203mm L55s with 8-9 second reload in a 3×3 configuration in order to have a normal tier7->10 transition.


        1. Uping their speed bonus from speed boost, would go a long way in helping the ships. Right now, they are among the slower cruisers in tier, with being in the upper middle field with the speed boost going. If they all go 39+ knots under speed boost, they could have a niche.


          1. Well maybe not all.
            The tier7 Algérie doesn’t need much to be a good ship (aformentioned gun soft stat buffs), making it go 39 knots and able to go faster than same tier DDs all while sporting fast firing 203s might be pushing it.

            But yeah, if speed is supposed to be their national flavor, they can’t be barely the same speed as fast cruisers while having the boost activated.

            I’m just completely disappointed in the line.
            They should have been built around the massive (almost as much as an HE shell) bursting charge in their AP shell, like Brit CLs having special AP, only with regular HE as well.

            Instead they tried to force speed as flavor.
            Stupid gimmick on an inadapted branch of ships.

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            1. I kind of expected them to be all about HE as well, looking at Dunkerque and the general lineup specialities introduced so far, it was about time to make a rather HE-focused line. Speed as a flavour, does make sense from a historical point of view. The French had some of the fastest ships going into World War II and generally, they had an emphasis on speed over armor, though of course that doesn’t apply to every single ship.


              1. French cruisers weren’t that fast though…
                At least not the heavy ones.

                The very light DD destroyer light cruisers were made to be devilishly fast, but not the fatter treaty cruisers.

                All in all, the French had a new generation of fast, modern BBs bordering on BCs to maneuver and outgun any Italian cruiser groups maneuvering around, very fast DDs made to intercept Italian DDs on the calm Mediterranean sea, and should Italian BBs roam around, the MN was to play a vanguard role for the heavier and slower RN.

                It was in theory a good system that was never really tried, as ships like the KGV class ended up doing both intended BB roles, and CVs just stole the entire show.

                On that basis, I would have accepted a CL subbranch with speed consumable, but that doesn’t make sense on treaty CAs with good armor. The speed was never the selling point.

                That speed consumable is still just a massive facepalm.
                As you and I both put it, an HE focused branch was ripe for the taking.
                It was both historical authentic and could have been made a good selling point for the branch without trespassing on other branches’ flavors.


  2. Common logic says that if the ship is large,slow and poorly armored, you compensate with excellent maneuverability so that it can dodge, and long range guns with above average performance.

    Of course we all know that common logic goes against WG principles. Maybe generally Russian principles.


  3. Please help to follow up why NA EU RU server can sell alabama; and idiot asia server put Dunkirk on sell in next 14days


  4. it seems Asia Server (both English and Chinese Channel) riot for Alabama now

    Again and Again “asiaworstserver.jpg”

    3 others Server got Alabama and they got Dunkerque only


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