World of Warships – Hood Teaser – Don’t Screw It Up! (Video)

A nice discussion on the datamined leaks – and concerns on how WG could screw up the Hood. Worth watching.


9 thoughts on “World of Warships – Hood Teaser – Don’t Screw It Up! (Video)

    1. Well IRL Hood should fight at close range with Bismarck and was trying to get close to her ASAP. Hood was almost close enough to get into immunity zone and be safe against german 380 guns.
      But i wonder how it will be in game…


  1. It was battle cruiser, so her gameplay style should be quick-moving “glass cannon”. Armor shouldn’t be buffed. If she is still weak her offensive capabilities should be buffed instead


    1. She was closer to a fast battleship than a classic battlecruiser, Machina. Her percentage of weight devoted to protection is MUCH like a battleship than a battlecruiser.

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  2. Why are people panicking over one ship? Jesus….there’s a whole BB line that could be CRAP (we’ve seen it with the cruisers) and people are worried only about a ship for which we already know the stats and they look decent enough for the tier.


  3. Going to be hard to screw this up, as some people *cough* totally me *cough* will just buy it even if just to have it in port. After that, they don’t care any more.


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