5 New Flags – – WoWS

5 New additional flags have been added to the client in today’s patch. Flag modders beware, today’s patch to the flag.dds file has completely re-done the layout of the flags in the file, and will take you time to fix your flag mods.

Flags New

Alabama now has a new premium flag. Not to be confused with the Alabama ST flag, which is exclusive to the Alabama ST.

Blue Mermaid:
Blue Mermaid
The Blue Mermaid flag is a reference to the anime Haifuri, and despite there was a Haifuri flag added to the client all the way back in patch, this is a new, separate flag, for the upcoming Haifuri/WoWS collaboration. (“Blue Mermaid” being the title to a military faction within this anime)
(Editors note, as a huge anime fan, Haifuri is shit, would not recommend to watch)

The Collectioner flag I know nothing about, would assume it will be an award for collecting something in-game. If I had to make a random guess, collecting premiums ships? or ship’s in general.

Easter 2017
Easter 2017
Self Explanatory, flag that will be used in some form of Easter 2017 celebration.

I know nothing about this flag, will edit this post once I know something.


Shipmaster_Crook [NA]