WoT: ASIA Server Leaks

WG will be partnering with Valkyria Chronicles and release 2 special tanks. On the Asia server, M6A2E1 „Mutant” will be for sale on 1st April.

For security purposes, I won’t provide the source, but you have my word for it that it is one of the most reliable ones (actually working with WG).

Here is the premium shop calendar for April (ASIA):


Early model pics of a Valkyria Chronicles WoT tank model in the works:

Link to bigger picture

For now, we are only certain that the leak is ASIA-only. We don’t know if these things will come for the other regions, but I assume the premium shop calendar should be similar to the EU server one.

As a reminder, 2 Valkyria Chronicles tanks are already present in WoT Blitz: Edelweiss and Nameless.


50 thoughts on “WoT: ASIA Server Leaks

      1. I suspect it will at least reach console and blitz, one of them lready had a similar vehicle for halloween (don’t know if it stayed after that)


  1. Why can’t they keep the Valkyria Chronicles tanks to Blitz? It has nothing to do in the PC game.
    What’s next? They will release the Van Helsing tanks and that one which was designed buy the Gundam designer?

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    1. looking at this thing made me think of something, from time to time WG puts up a “draw a tank” event like that time they had a contest for steampunk tanks, this made me believe that if WG picked the 2 or 3 best ideas and added them each 2 to 3 updates as a part of a limited duration special event it would defenitly catch the attention of more players
      I at least would like a «good vs evil» event with Valkyria Chronicles tanks, a event with steampunk tanks, a event with “what if” versions of some ingame tanks, etc…


    1. Won’t come, don’t even hope.
      M6A2E1 was a pre-order exclusive tank for EU and NA server with the condition if “never be available again”.
      RU and Asia can sell it since they never get it as a pre-order offer.


        1. “I heard rumors that this object existed, many moons ago. I didn’t believe them. Not until I heard it’s ghastly cry for myself. Why…why would it reappear after all these years?”

          Imo this gives it away that it’s the Mutant.


      1. I thought that was the April 1st event and their tank. Or… as Grimmace said, the Chrysler K that is more or less confirmed to come to the live server after it passed the super test months ago.


        1. Of course I could be wrong but reading the quotes on the page it’s very likely that it’s going to be the Mutant either sold again or brought back for the Fool’s day event as you said.

          “It had a huge head and long teeth. I tried to scare it away by throwing rocks at it, but they just bounced.” – This is referring to the long gun barrel and big, well armoured turret.

          “I was out watching a pack of Easy 8s mill along the water.” – Maybe referring that the tank is from the USA tech tree.

          “I only glimpsed the object from a distance but I could tell that it was monstrously huge! It towered over the vegetation. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but I doubt anyone would consider this object to be beautiful.” – Again referring the size and shape of the hull and turret.

          “I heard rumors that this object existed, many moons ago. I didn’t believe them. Not until I heard it’s ghastly cry for myself. Why…why would it reappear after all these years?” – Referring to something which was avaiable a long time ago and now it’s returning. The Chrysler K was never avaiable before. Also the ghastly cry could suggest the Mutant nickname.


  2. Meh. Even if some models from Serb’s design bureau are faker than this anime tank, I’d rather not to see those weird models in battle.

    PS: I want the A-32.


  3. Maybe one day, Zakutank and Guntank will be in WoT Asia.

    Btw I can feel the anime&weeb haters’ salt is getting stronger… :p


  4. Is this early april fools? Please say it is lol

    Those tanks can stay on blitz. I can live with retarded skins like Patriot and Liberte, but those things…they dont feel like they belong to this game. Sorry.

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  5. …..This is too good to be real, so i will wait until it REALLY, REALLY appear.

    And if this really happen, give us Leman Russ too WG.


  6. I don’t care if that thing is fake, from a cartoon, or a novel or by SerB’s Invention Center…

    It’s beautiful and I WANT IT


  7. Haha this animation tank appears most people want it

    True and false do not matter I understand ~ ^ w ^

    that I also want to buy an animated tank


  8. They could always do what they did in World of Warships you know. like what they did with the arp and dragon event’s.

    have the tank have a version it shares stats with but a slightly different model which can be toggled on/off by different players. No problem if they do that.

    As far as things go I really like the console and blitz versions more for variety… But console is restrictive, and blitz kinda looks like crap… (I did play the steam version.)

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  9. id love these tanks honestly, dont get all the anime hate just cause you dont like it doesnt give you the right to call people that do trash ijs dont like the tank dont buy it an let thos that do like it buy it

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    1. except when people buy it we have anime tanks running around in among actual tanks. it has an effect on everyone. plus if WOWS is anything to go by anyone in one of these things is just going to spam chat with poi


      1. then block said person an move on XD an so what if there running around ingame learn the weakspots an continue on with your life. plain an simple no need to trashtalk someone for liking something you dont


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