WoT: ASIA Server Leaks

WG will be partnering with Valkyria Chronicles and release 2 special tanks. On the Asia server, M6A2E1 „Mutant” will be for sale on 1st April.

For security purposes, I won’t provide the source, but you have my word for it that it is one of the most reliable ones (actually working with WG).

Here is the premium shop calendar for April (ASIA):


Early model pics of a Valkyria Chronicles WoT tank model in the works:

Link to bigger picture

For now, we are only certain that the leak is ASIA-only. We don’t know if these things will come for the other regions, but I assume the premium shop calendar should be similar to the EU server one.

As a reminder, 2 Valkyria Chronicles tanks are already present in WoT Blitz: Edelweiss and Nameless.