More WoT ASIA Leaks

Note: again, can confirm these only for the ASIA server.

April Plan for WoT Asia:

1. 5th Anniversary Event – Mutant 6 will be on sale on 1st April only (once and only time)

2. 9.18 will be released at the end of April with the new mechanics:

-Tier 10 LTs + Removal of Scout MM.

-New Arty Mechanics – Removal of AP shell (source did not mention about HEAT and premium HE) + increase in splash radius (1.5x -2x than the live server) with reduced damage, cover cannot block damage dealt from splash damage, accuracy will be increased with 10% max, stun effect.

-New MM – removal of platoon MM weight (platoons must be of the same tier – based on the platoon commander), MM will try to balance tank types, terrain advantages will be taken into consideration (? never heard of this), tanks that were in bottom tier games will be more likely to be assigned into mid/top tier games in their next game.

-Object 252 will not be sold again (erm…. it said „sales plan cancelled”, I suppose it means never to be sold again / just won’t be on sale for a very long time).

-Lorraine 40t will be introduced sometime into the game.

Some notes that I really doubt, since they conflict with other sources –> Arty won’t be removed, even developer said that before, it doesn’t count + Chinese TD line is not KZ exclusive, there is no reason to not put these into the other servers (according to ASIA devs).

One more thing: WG is unsure what to do with the Valkyria Chronicles tanks so far, they might sell them at a very high price to keep them as rare as possible, so people won’t be angry. This will also allow the fans of the series to have the tank as part of their collection.

There is a backstory of why „Mutant” is on sale:

-WG Asia tried to sell limited amounts of type 59s but HQ refused, instead they replaced it and they sell the Mutant instead.


46 thoughts on “More WoT ASIA Leaks

  1. I’m not sure if implementing the arty rebalance next patch is a good idea. Opinions on it seem very diverse and I think it could still use quite a bit of tweaking.

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    1. After playing on Sandbox, the artillery rework is awful. Its a buff to arty. They increased the accuracy, decreased the reload time, decreased the aim time, and increased the splash radius. You get one shot less often, but getting hit for 1200-1500 HP is still possible from higher tier arty. In addition to that,t he stun effect is annoying to many players and lasts too long.


      1. i personally have never been shot for more than 500 dmg in SB while playing scouts, mediums, TD’s or HT’s.
        I even hit another arty (with lorr tier 8) and he didn’t die.

        But i can imagine that if they penetrate you (which is still very possible for rhm, cdc and those weak tanks) then they must take away your whole HP or most of it which is just retarded.

        If i could chance something then the first thing would be to give arty zero pen, not a single chance to pen you.
        Second thing i would do is i would allow arty to spot with splash so they would actually be usefull and would actually prevent camping unlike now where they just harras those who are trying to push.

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        1. Giving something 0 pen would prolly break the game since its not intended work with damage and pen numbers not subject to RNG


        2. @2goxd

          Sorry, but I call bullshit.
          As someone that has played thousands of battles in arty, I know how often people are hit for 500+ damage.
          You must spend most of your time in low tiers if what you said is true, lol.


      2. Because of the low pen on arty HE, full damage shots are very rare. HE only deals half damage minus the effective armor value when it doesnt penetrate, so even on direct hits that mentioned 1200-1500 will in most cases be less than half. To get a full damage hit your target would have to be made out of something very weak and flimsy. Like paper maché, or Raditz.


  2. I am not sure if i want Mutant 6, and honestly i want to see VC tanks stat first before deciding.

    On obj 252, yeah, Tan already say it might not appear for a long time. But saying it will not be sold again? C’mon, this is WG guys.


      1. sorry but i just have to say it
        “don’t play the realism card with WT” :D

        but i agree that it’s 200x more realistic


      2. Yes, it affects me very much since I’ll have these ugly creatures in every freakin game. I have a better suggestion: if you want your anime crap can you maybe go and infect another game instead of ruining WoT?

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  3. My guess for the terrain advantage thing is that they will assign paramteres to every map that determine which groups of tanks have which type of advantage – for example sloping hills for tanks with -10 gun depression or flat maps with lots of small bumps and city areas for low gun depression hulldown tanks like the russians and they will probably factor how fitting X vehicles are for the maps and use that as weight in MM.


    1. As much as I still think it should be a tier 9 premium along with the other two, Defender actually turned out easier to deal with for me than Patriot or Liberté…. somehow. Might be just luck though >_>


            1. Your right, but WG called it AMX M4 49 for some reason back in the day. Atleast that thing was supposed to be the tier 10


        1. How, why, I did this specifically when playing British heavies to avoid being one-shot by them over and over again, now I’ll just get crit and ammo racked twice as often lol


          1. Ain’t exactly fair if wreck cover and rock cover work differently for no apparent reason. And I play skycancer sometimes, hitting enemy gun for 0 is annoying enough :D


            1. yes but for us, those who you aim at, that was one last mechanic that allowed us to push open lines and sometimes change the outcome of the game.

              Take that away and arty will create even more camping.

              Arty already works completely wrong and now that they will be able to splash the corners everyboy will just camp further back… you can see that on SB where you splash somebody and they just roll further back to hide from the sky cancer.


  4. I’m wondering what will happen with SU-26 without AP? Ever since they nerfed it during the tier X SPG introduction the gun is very weak and AP shells are pretty important for it. I mean it’s basically a tier 3/4 medium gun with really shitty handling… I’d sort of expect some exceptions to the HE-only rule in cases like this…


  5. “terrain advantages will be taken into consideration”

    Most likely means that they will spawn opposing medium and heavy tanks on equal positions, such as medium tank X and Y of both teams on Mines being placed so that tank X doesnt get unfair advantage over tank Y and vice-versa.

    Or maybe it means that it will consider 50B as medium tank and SuperPershing as heavy when it comes to spawn locations. Who knows, we will see


  6. Also how can they already release the new arty model ? They tested tiers 8 to 10. How will low tiers even work with this ? They have too low calibers to do any damage, splash and stun :/ This sounds like a very very VERY rushed idea, and chances are it’ll break the game and they’ll have to either revert it or remove it.


  7. New MM, but not the 3-5-7 concept? I could have guessed that WG scraped that because they wont make as much money if lower tiers face higher tiers less often (due to gold spem).


  8. “– based on the platoon commander), MM will try to balance tank types, terrain advantages will be taken into consideration (? never heard of this), ”

    Surely it means on city map tanks like Maus are more valuable than on Prochorovka.

    “One more thing: WG is unsure what to do with the Valkyria Chronicles tanks so far, they might sell them at a very high price ”

    Please no, like never do sell them ever. I would rather see 5 new Defenders than this. This is one of my main problems with Blitz, so many of these clown toy tanks running around, it really ruins my gameplay experience

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  9. really hyped for 9.18 coming from someone who was just nuked down to 300hp from full hp from a it from a gwe100 in the 1st minute of a game in my 50b… and the game before that was 1 hit in my leo pta by an object 261… its safe to say im glad the arty changes are finally coming and same for the tier 10 lts should make the lt class way more competitive :D and more tier 10s to get is awesome :)

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