More WoT ASIA Leaks

Note: again, can confirm these only for the ASIA server.

April Plan for WoT Asia:

1. 5th Anniversary Event – Mutant 6 will be on sale on 1st April only (once and only time)

2. 9.18 will be released at the end of April with the new mechanics:

-Tier 10 LTs + Removal of Scout MM.

-New Arty Mechanics – Removal of AP shell (source did not mention about HEAT and premium HE) + increase in splash radius (1.5x -2x than the live server) with reduced damage, cover cannot block damage dealt from splash damage, accuracy will be increased with 10% max, stun effect.

-New MM – removal of platoon MM weight (platoons must be of the same tier – based on the platoon commander), MM will try to balance tank types, terrain advantages will be taken into consideration (? never heard of this), tanks that were in bottom tier games will be more likely to be assigned into mid/top tier games in their next game.

-Object 252 will not be sold again (erm…. it said „sales plan cancelled”, I suppose it means never to be sold again / just won’t be on sale for a very long time).

-Lorraine 40t will be introduced sometime into the game.

Some notes that I really doubt, since they conflict with other sources –> Arty won’t be removed, even developer said that before, it doesn’t count + Chinese TD line is not KZ exclusive, there is no reason to not put these into the other servers (according to ASIA devs).

One more thing: WG is unsure what to do with the Valkyria Chronicles tanks so far, they might sell them at a very high price to keep them as rare as possible, so people won’t be angry. This will also allow the fans of the series to have the tank as part of their collection.

There is a backstory of why „Mutant” is on sale:

-WG Asia tried to sell limited amounts of type 59s but HQ refused, instead they replaced it and they sell the Mutant instead.