176 thoughts on “WoT: WG Devs Considering the Removal of the Artillery Class

    1. wot isn’t going to get rid of shit. if they actually cared about balancing the game they would have done it years ago. arty is still the leading cause of rage in this game because Wargaming have their heads up their asses when it comes to “improvements” ingame. if they wanted to balance their shitty game theyd get rid of arty, fix the fucking rng and fix the bad mm.

    1. Maus could use a bit of a nerf, yes, but the Type 5 is fine as it is, if not a tiny bit frustrating with the 14cm at times. If you’re having trouble killing it, you’re most likely going about trying to fight it wrong – just flank it and it’s done for.

      1. If you have watched Foch’s latest rant, I agree with him. Having the P2W HE round is toxic, IMO I would rather get rid of that 14cm derp and leave Maus as it is

        1. Actually, I was referring to the non-derp 14cm gun, since it can be very frustrating to use. However, I have to agree on the 15cm derp – why they introduced it, especially with gold rounds that increase your damage output with no drawbacks over the standard ammo, is beyond me. I think the 14cm could use slightly-buffed gun handling and/or accuracy, but the 15cm should either have its gold ammo nerfed or just be removed altogether. (Hell, they could even make it an E 100-type gun, for all I care; it just doesn’t really work for game balance as it stands right now)

      2. Type 5 in all respects needs more frontal armor to even considering to be good its STILL shit right now Lol hull front 300mm turret front needs to be 340mm then if not then give it a 190mm derp gun then it would be consittered decent

        1. Not sure if this is intended to be a joke or not. The Type 5’s armor is pretty much fine as it is right now – in what other tank (maybe besides the Maus) can you reliably ricochet shots from JgPz E 100s and FV215b 183s? And if you haven’t been able to do that in yours, you probably aren’t playing the tank right. The gun is another story, but with a few small changes (and perhaps the removal of the 15cm derp), it’d be fine. The armor’s good enough as it is; if anything, some of the high-tier gold ammo should be nerfed, rather than the armor of more vehicles being buffed.

    2. so get rid of arty, then nerf all the other tanks you dont play because that makes wot so much better. lets just make wot revolve around this guy he knows whats going on!

      1. I didn’t say nerf all tanks, but the overbuffed Super heavies is creating problems.

        Same word goes back to you,if dunno what the other person actually thinks, don’t make assumptions.

  1. Anti-arty Djihadists will moan louder than ever to get rid of those.

    As long as Devs don’t touch to my precioussssssss leFh, I don’t care. I don’t mind the stun as long as we get rid of the current crap.

    1. I have lefh arty too, and I would gladly see it removed along with all other arties in the game and ask for no compensation. All for the better gameplay that would follow.

      1. Same here. I would give up all my premium tanks and even pay to have SPG removed as a class…

    1. lol, that makes no sense as they wouldn’t have added the class in the first place since they are making the game. Players have complained about it since then, maybe, but this is the first time they said such a thing. In the past they always said they will not remove or alter arty. As they changed their minds about reworking it, they can also change it about removing it.

      1. I would quite adamantly repeat that they have, on multiple occasions said that they are considering removing the class. I don’t have any quotes on hand, though so I’ll let it go. WG isn’t exactly known for knowing what they are doing, so it’s quite easy for me to believe everything has been considered at one point or another.

  2. If arty leaves the game, I will leave the game. Sincerely, if the game is in such a state that some players can demand – and receive – removal of my progress in the game, I don’t want to rick playing anything in the game further.

    1. Dont let the door hit you for 2250 and 6 criticals across the map, on your way out.

      1. Remember that when other players demand removal of your stuff instead. Sorry, but if any game removed a class, I would stop playing it. I don’t even have to play it much – my highest arty is tier 7 compared to my tier 10s in other classes – but the principle that someone may come and do that just puts me off of any playing. Why should I play when tomorrow I can lose it completely? And we’re not talking a tank here and there (switched for other tank anyway) – we’re talking removal of about 20 % of the game and a complete alternative mode.

        1. Wg is not going to remove it because of some ppl demanded so… They’ve multiple times said that arty is broken and it is nearly impossible to fix.

          1. And the same goes for superheavies, gold ammo, and a few more things. Will they get removed as well?

            1. Well that’s simply not true. You can rebalance both of those simply by changing numbers. Hell, you could even rebalance super heavies by changing map design. They literally rebalance super heavies almost every other patch. No amount of number changes will fix the fact that arty can hit from across the map and have no need to penetrate and on top of that have no repercussions. Unless, of course, they made it do such minimal damage it might as well be removed anyway.

        2. Hey scrubs look at what’s coming around the corner its a Fucked April’s fools joke you striped retards ROFL

        3. AW removed it too, what’s your point? this isn’t a case of “some players whined about it” this is a case of “the vast majority of players hate it and are leaving the game in droves because of it”. WG will do what will make them more money in the long run. also it’s not the first time they removed something people grinded for, remember the auful panzer? remember the death waffle? remember the Lorr? you talk as if it’s some kind of line in the sand that WG has never crossed before, it isn’t

        4. So, do you have any resolution for current arty except stun effect or removal? It is certain that current arty is a cancer of the game, so they should be changed or removed anyway.

        5. Removal of 20% of the game? You are delusional. Only because the game has 5 classes, it doesn’t mean one of them makes up for 20% of the game. Especially the least played, least popular and most broken class in the entire history of gaming. There are over 500 vehicles in the game and 52 SPGs. This is hardly 20%.

    2. Unfortunately I agree, I’ll also be leaving w/ spg’s removal… I’ve specialized in and have had a great time playin this game in them but won’t stay w/o the option to play arty, especially if the reason they’re removed is because people cry long enough and get their way…

  3. When arty is away they will find something else to cry about like little babies.

    Td is op pls nerv can kill me on long distance !!
    heavy is op pls nerv haz armour !!
    med is op has gud pen and is mobile pls nerv !!
    light has to much viewrange and pen plx nerv !!

    no one would arguably say that arty doesn’t need an overhaul but just bitching about this without wanting a change in prem ammo or some other tanks is just plain stupid

    1. People will always find stuff to complain about. By removing arty you give them one less reason to moan about however. How’s that a bad thing?

    2. Anyone who says arty is op is stupid. But it is BROKEN. It doesn’t FIT in the game. Besides, lets assume any of those classes somehow magically became completely overpowered and I do mean the entire class because that is the only way it could possibly be comparable. You can literally just change some numbers and nerf them and it’s fixed. Artillery doesn’t work as a game mechanic. You can’t just change numbers and suddenly all of the atrocious game breaking problems are gone. It is far and away the worst class in the game as it is and yet it somehow still frequently ruins other player’s games and still hated by most. That’s called a broken game feature.

  4. “If the feedback on stun mechanics is recieved negatively” from the minority that has nothing better to do in their lives than whine about arty. Stun + splash-based consistent damage is infinitely better than the current slot-machine bullshit, and more players than not would be damaged by complete arty removal, because I bet you that most players have at some point grinded an arty line

    1. I have in the process of the missions. Will give up all of the xp and credits. Just get rid of this broken ass artillery. Tired of not being able to stop and aim. And then at the end the little pricks drown themselves before payback comes.

  5. “Lets click other ppl without a danger to get hit in return, and then we drown/shoot the rock , and THEN we come here to defend cancerous gameplay”

  6. don’t remove it but make it happen than you will only get arty games 1/3 or smth like that.

    1. Your jape with an identity crisis that it thinks its an artillery lol

  7. I am honestly thinking this is not that bad of an idea even after grinding a lot of arties.
    The class is pointless because of RNG. If they reduce the huge damage then it’ll do nothing, if they keep it then it can ruin games. It is not fun, for both the arty player and the arty target.

    And frankly if I had to choose between keeping my arties in an overnerfed form where it cant do shit and is only here to be here, or having it go away and getting my xp and credits back ; please take arty the fuck out of the game. One less personnal mission to work on, one less frustration, and one less source of toxicity in this game.

    Please also remove gold ammo and XVM while you’re at it. It is also gamebreaking, rage inducing, and cant be made in a way where it isnt either completely gamebreaking or completely pointless.

    1. Gold should be removed but first you need to fix several armor models, and maps.

    2. “I am honestly thinking this is not that bad of an idea even after grinding a lot of arties.”

      I think it’s an awful idea, because it sets a precedent – players see they can demand anything removed and it will get removed if they whine. What will be next – derps and JgPz E-100?

      1. I understand your point, however I think there is no proper way of fixing arty unless the whole game is changed with it. WG can eventualy figure it out for themselves. The way arty is being reworked is interesting, but it still cannot work as long as there is that much RNG in this game.
        And WG made it very clear that they will keep the 25 % RNG in WoT, they will not remove it, they will not even consider lowering it. They want to keep the game as a slot machine, thus many things simply can not work. Arty and any high caliber HE is a broken mechanism because of RNG. Even armor is a broken mechanism because of RNG to an extent. Skill is very limited because of RNG.

        Reducing RNG would fix a huge amount of problems in WoT. But WG simply will not do it, so in that case the only way arty can be fixed is by removing it, or completely overhauling the game (and not just nerfing/buffing everything and calling it a day).

        1. I disagree in multiple ways, but that’s for a different discussion, to be honest 🙂

      2. I think what you are failing to understand is the fact that an increasingly large portion of the player base has been asking for arty to be removed since day 1. This is not a sudden problem or something that players are asking for on a whim. Arty is a cancer who’s tendrils have spread throughout the game destroying everything it touches.

      3. It’s not like we whined about arty since last month, we whined about that shit ever since BETA testing. In patch 8.6 they did nerf it, but it didn’t solve the problem. It’s finally time to get rid of that shit all toghether 🙂

  8. What are they waiting for? Remove this cancer already. The average IQ of the player base would at least double instantly…

    1. “Oh yes let’s remove arty it’s too OP, certainly it’s the most OP thing ever, really, slow reload, pen, many things in the shells way, along with it being dead when it’s spotted, along with less damage than before, certainly OP. I’m a noob tho and I’m gonna whine and cry until I get my way and arty are removed. Death Star and other tanks I like are certainly not OP because I like and have them and I say so.”

  9. when you consider that arty doesnt balance any other class in the game like it was intended to do. The removal of arty will not effect the other classes. Except that we have also been complaining about high alpha tank destroyers being able to one shot tanks. No tank should be able to do more than 1/3 of a tanks HP when its of the same tier and no more than 1/2 of their HP when shooting a lower tier.

    1. TDs are not nearly as broken as artillery is. Tds cant hit you behind cover, nor can they see an aerial view of things being broken and shoot acrss a map and 1 shot a tank from full hp… please focus on the issu at hand. artillery should be removed

    2. It has some sort of synergy with light tanks, letting them get some extra assist. This of course is irrelevant, as it could be easily balanced out by adjusting missions requirements and increase exp/creds earned for assists, as it would be somewhat more difficult to get such high assist numbers once arty is gone. But I just wanted to make a point that arty wasn’t completely detached from other classes, only just almost completely.

  10. Arty removal would make this game so much better, then players would actually have to be skilled to do well. “I’m just gonna sit at the back of the map and 1 shot players” and they dont get punished for it in return. It has forever been broken. The stun is also bad, since the splash radius is so much more and the stun times are long. Skill would actually be a thing if they remove it. Arty also has the advantage of hitting you “in cover” whereas no other tank could. That is dumb for a “tank” game. And to top it off… xvm makes artillery 10 times more toxic, since they focus the better players, being a unicum myself, it is disgusting when you are focused. And noone can deny xvm focus isn’t present. PLEASE REMOVE IT

    1. It’s the people complaining about arty being OP who are retarded… yes, they do great damage and shoot from afar… But then they have long reload, bad accuracy, mountains, buildings, etc get in the way… Oh yeah and once they get spotted they are basically dead… Oh yeah and their aim time is way too long <PreStunEra
      Now after stun implemented , aim time and reload is bit better, yet the do much lower damage and have much lower pen, and they can sometimes give the just slightly bothersome stun effect… So overall less damage and less pen, once spotted=dead, many things to block its shell, and slow reload and aim time… Yeah, I can see why u think that's "OP"-_-

      1. Ya lmfao arty is… Well… Certainly not OP lol, tbh in some cases I would say they r really weak

    1. lol they should refund all the players that have artillery with gold (for prem artillery [lefh] ) and credits and xp… credits for the tank and all the xp for the whole line

        1. As much as they will refund all the chemo I had to take from your fucking disgusting cancer

          1. Because I spent time playing it and now feel cheated that they switch and baited on me. And since they can’t guarantee me it won’t happen again, I won’t play again – why play when any tank I get can be deemed “unfit” by players and removed?

            1. Yeah, freaking write it under every comment there is – nobody gives a sh*t that you are leaving. Player with such thinking won’t ve missed. Bye.

            2. Well don’t play the fucking game. Nobody will miss you. Believe me. Just leave…just let it go man, and and let us finally enjoy this great game.

            3. I didnt understand why would ppl be this ignorant unless they…oh wait arty players,that explains

  11. If this is no joke and they really remove it, it will be a cloudy day for WoT.
    Removal of 1/5 of tank models, one unique tank class less.

    I’ve joined WoT early in open beta, tank diversity and grinding unique tanks and mechanics was what kept me playing this game. A whole game mechanic removed will lead to earlier boredom drive new players away to other games. Let the facts and numbers speak for themselves, WG.

    Baby “cancerous” arty whiners will declare another tank class or mechanic as “cancerous”, you’ll see.

      1. Yeah because fapping in base, and then aiming with one hand and just clicking tanks adds diversity and fun? Okay.

        Like STD said they should add armored cars etc. for variety. Would bring it more than stupid clickers.

      2. “Only a small percentage of players actually drive arty.”

        It’s like saying: “Small percentage of people actually drive motorcycles, let’s remove them from market.”

        “However, if we really want diversity, I would want wheeled vehicles, half tracks, and ARVs.”

        Like you, I want all of them added to the game and they will have to do so anyway IF they remove arty class.

        1. Is there any valid reason to remove motorcycles? Apart from a slightly higher chance of being an accident, however it isn’t under constant criticisms and advocacy for their removal.

          1. Of course, motorcyclists and bicyclists are met with massive criticism due to a few reckless idiots risking panic reactions of other (car) drivers and pedestrians.

            Does that mean we should ban them from public traffic?

            1. The difference is, is that it’s due to the individual driving the vehicle

              No one is necessarily angry at the individual driving the artillery. They dislike the core fundamental mechanics

              1. I’m not denying that arty in its current form is plain broken for every player.

                Nonetheless, a Suzuki Hayabusa is also broken in therms of traffic safety, when it can go 300 km/h.
                And yet it is street legal.

            2. If anything, we should remove all the dumb cage drivers from the market. I swear to God most of these idiots must think they’re driving an arty or something.

    1. SerB already said this already whiners will target another thing to whine about..

  12. “Only a small percentage of players actually drive arty.”

    It’s like saying: “Small percentage of people actually drive motorcycles, let’s remove them from market.”

    “However, if we really want diversity, I would want wheeled vehicles, half tracks, and ARVs.”

    Like you, I want all of them added to the game and they will have to do so anyway IF they remove arty class.

    1. What you are looking for is “Only small percentage of people drive supermarket trolleys on the motorways, so it’s let’s remove them for everyone’s safety.”

  13. If the % of arty players is so small why does that class have to be removed? I like playing the arty class as a change of pace from tanks. It’s a different style of play and I do think it adds an important dimension to the game. Tank commanders being worried about drops on there heads is a good thing.

    I’d like to see more vehicles from the 1960’s & 1970’s. Egyptian and Israeli tanks for example. The battle setup discourages long term play. Better care needs to be taken to keep tanks at their tier level in battle.
    I rather they take the time to improve connections to their servers. It seems that WOT goes down more for maintenance for these days.

    WOT still gets a lot of my game time though.

    1. “If the % of arty players is so small why does that class have to be removed?”

      Because it’s incredibly cancerous to healthy gameplay.

      1. Yeah sure buddy.

        I loaded a WoT game for the first time in 6 months.
        No arty in the battle. Not one.
        I saw Russiam mediums spamming HEAT hulldown from max range while all the heavies peekaboo’d at a single corner, lights all too afraid to move for fear of getting spotted and shot.

        “healthy, arty-free gameplay”

        1. You don’t need arty to have a retarded team and shitty battle. But with arty you don’t need to have a retarded team to still have a shitty battle.

          1. And yet, all the matches played the same way.

            I didn’t need arty to have a shitty match full of terribad behavior.

            All I see here are children trying to project all their problems on a scapegoat.

            1. And all I see here is one gigantic idiot unable to comprehend basic logic

              1. Hmm, how so.
                Explain it.

                Explain how matches that are already all terrible without any arty is all arty’s fault.
                Explain how a game can be absolute shit when there’s no arty around, but arty is the biggest cancer of the game.

                Hint: because it’s not.

                YOu can cry and scream like a child all you want, calling something cancer and saying it’s the root of all evil isn’t convincing anyone, you dimwitted, incapable of individual thought, narrow-minded ape.

  14. so if my class is taken how i wonder how they are gonna refund everything back to my paypal, i wont be forced to play another class, i started this game in arty and i will finish this game in arty

    1. They don’t have to refund it and you can quit the game any time you want. In fact quit before they even remove it. Be proactive.

  15. Happy Fuckin’ Hallelujah!

    This evening alone got one-shotted twice in a row by fucking sky cancer because I was obviously camping NEAR THE ENEMY SPAWN, while otherwise those demented, sick subhuman fucks are focusing me down like it’s no tomorrow!

    No joke, on Stalingrad an autoloading cancer DID NOT FIRE ON ANY OTHER TANK ON MY TEAM until I got out of cover and shat on me good.

    1. Really, you got to see his after action report and can confirm that he shot four shots at you, reloaded for 73 seconds and then unleashed another four, rinse and repeat until you were dead… I do NOT believe you sir.

      1. What if I told you that I was proxy spotted for at least 4 minutes behind a building wall by an enemy tank, while I was in a Obj. 268 so I couldn’t actually poke/peek-a-boom against it… and the moment I saw an opening and went around the wall – BAM!, barely 5-7 seconds later I start getting shat on.

        Of course, I can provide the replay, anytime

  16. So much fuss for nothing. They “consider” removing it, IF stun is not received well. First of all, there was supposed to be, not considered, SUPPOSED to be inscription system, Havok physics and lot of other stuff.
    2nd of all, they didn’t say what they mean by removal, maybe they’d make PvE mode and keep arty there, since bots (actual bots not bad players 😀 ) don’t complain. Maybe they’d try to make into TD’s like AW is doing/tried to do not sure.

    Anyway, I enjoy all the salt, keep it going!

  17. I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with removing of arty, if you’ve grinded it I’m sure you’d get all your exp and credits back and you could buy yourself any tank you’d like.
    When I play in any kind of tank without artillery in the matchup, it’s like this huge load has been lifted off of my back, and I can breathe freely and use all sorts of tactics and positions on the map which would usually mean instadeath. I can use all the undulations in terrain which WG map creators have modelled in which serve no purpose in your defense against arty but do wonders against other tanks. In short, I can actually have fun actually playing the game instead of hiding behind cover for half of the game (not that it works 100% of the time as some arties can actually hit you behind rocks and hills and stuff).
    If you take artillery of out the World of Tanks equation, you get amazing dynamic gameplay they so passionatly promote in all their trailers, and everybody profits.
    That’s all there is to it.

  18. It’s time WoT got rid of all these dumb arty drivers. If it weren’t for personal missions only idiots and scrubs would ever drive these monstrosities.

    You’re not adding anything to the game by nuking players much better than you from across the map.

    In short, good riddance.

  19. In the game with E5: full HP 1 arty 1001 damage and another one 900 damage. So much skill, get lost with a broken shit class.

  20. Man, so many comments…
    Ehm, anyway. I’m an arty player, I have almost 3k battles in my lovely G.W. Panther, yet I approve of this idea.
    I would rather have the class removed entirely than to see it getting turned into something even more cancerous.
    I remember the old times when it wasn’t like this, back before they fucked up the aiming the first time… I guess some things just cannot be fixed.

  21. Wasn’t the initial point of the game to have all of these vehicles in their original form?(granted many were prototypes or never left drawing board) I personally don’t feel anything should have ever been nerfed or buffed. Make them as they were built or intended to be built and play. If the tank you chose is garbage and constantly a burnt out hull…make a better choice. If an artillery shell drops on your head after you were spotted and continued to stay parked (or stopped to “aim” for the time it takes an arty to reload and aim), you shouldn’t be outraged or shocked. Adapt to the game or play something else. I do not understand why a game that was already established must adapt to the “I’m a sniper” style of play that is found in all war/combat games now.

    1. I do not think you would like to see that. That would pretty much make the game US vs Russia and all other countries would have a disadvantage. Single arty pieces would give the advantage to the Americans over the Russians whose doctrine is different and who do not have as much real time battlefield information as the US.

      France? Sweden? Japan? LOL

  22. This means we can have the T88 as a TD and not a SPG? (M18 Hellcat with a 105mm Howitzer)

  23. Serb for this I feel you should link to the source and context. Just so everyone knows where you got the info. As it was an official stream it’s not like you’re’ giving up a secret contact. Something as important as this message should be linked back to who where and when it was said.

    Already been enough “According to a WG dev” type posts in the pasts from other blogs where the information turned out to be completely false and no source for the info was ever given other than the starting like of “According to…”

  24. LOL this is just BS.

    WG will never remove arty, because they would have to compensate the players.

    It’s just a crap PR stunt, basically they are going to say this:
    “Listen boys, we wanted to remove arty but the great work in sandbox allowed us to refine stunt mechanics and now its so fucking good that we don’t have to remove arty”.

    At the same time, stun mechanics and the “reworked” arty will be as cancerous as it is now, but with a different flavour.

    Stay real boys, cancer is staying in the game.

  25. Ok so if they remove. I know they will lose quite a few players. Also are we going to get credits and xp we spent to get our series back?

  26. The argument about staying still does not fly when talking about arty; nor, the argument about preventing camping. I am constantly getting killed while on the move; and, no, I am not moving predictably. Try avoiding arty when moving 20 kph. Arty is broken and that is the bottom line.

  27. Would make gameplay much more boring and would rebalance gameplay in favour for heavies. Would be a stupid move. Only challenging gameplay will keep it interesting.

  28. It will just allow all you “pro” players to hide in the back and farm damage and kills from tanks others have shot up. Oh and the argument that arty was not used against tanks read a bit of history. They are not going to remove them so deal with it.

  29. I am so tired of these General Pattons and Erwin Rommels bitching and moaning like this is some sort of life or death mission. IT’S A GAME!!! I am an Arty most of the time because I suck driving in the field. But I’m a damn good artillery player. I also play mostly lower tier games because it’s FUN for me!! Sure, I end up toast most of the time but the sun is still going to come up tomorrow. I don’t have the giant EGO to be filled like most of the people wanting this done….their only mission is to run out in their tier 9 or 10 monster tanks and try to show who has the biggest male organ in the group!! Then when they lose, they whine and complain about how bad their team sucked and even go so far as to tell some people they’re so bad they need to uninstall the game….you people need to GET A GRIP!!!

    1. Don’t remove arty because it is the only thing that I am “damn good” at in a tank game!?!?

  30. All WG has to do is remove the Stun Mechanic from the re-balance since it seems to be the thing holding it back and receiving the most hate…

  31. The only way I could see arty being salvageable is by making them vulnerable. The main issue I have is that they have always been able to reach out and hit with no ill effects to themselves. If they were automatically “revealed” every time they fired, this would FORCE them to move around, take care of their positioning and worry about REAL counter battery. It would force some element of “risk” on their part instead of the festering skycancer that they currently are. Failing that scrap the whole damn thing and good riddance.

    1. While I agree with you, and actually had similar idea in the past:
      -you’d need to rely on your arty to counter-battery, which is not ideal. My idea is be to have some kind of consumable, like artillery strikes in competitive modes, that would only damage artillery and could be used to counter it.

      However, if you gave this to everybody, arty would die immidiately, best thing I came up with is that once you take DMG from arty, you get this consumable for one use. You take 3 hits, each hit will give you this consumable for one use. The more DMG/hits you take, the more powerful the strike is – this would naturally counter focusing only specific tanks, the more arty’d focus certain tank, the more risk it’d take.

      Another issue is that airstrikes are pure RNG, so this mechanic would have to be balanced really properly – deal DMG similar to arty splash, most DMG in centre and less towards edges, and have some sort of delay between laying it and it actually coming into affect. It should also have certain arc, so arty has a chance to hide – again, give arty choice, do they stay more in the open and risk taking DMG, or do they stay closer to cover but have worse shots? DMG this strike deals and arty HP would have to be precisely balanced aswell – you don’t want oneshots to happen (I am really nice to those arty cunts that love to oneshot tanks aren’t I?), but you don’t want them to sit still and survive 10 hits either.

      As you can see, there are many issues around this, it’s something I think might work but would require a lot of thought and work, and I would not trust WG to balance it properly.

      Issue with them being “just” spotted after every shot is, that mostly only arties can counter each other. Almost every map has a nice hiding spot for arties, where they are in cover from almost every tank. On the other hand, there are some maps where they’d get killed at the start of battles. This would require a lot of map redisigns to work.

      tl;dr just remove it 😀

  32. This is the best news I’ve heard from WG 😀 finally they are thinking about making good decisions

  33. “I am so tired of these General Pattons and Erwin Rommels bitching and moaning like this is some sort of life or death mission. IT’S A GAME!!!”

    Exactly, it’s a game and it should be fun. Getting hit by arty is so much fun, right? 😉

    “It will just allow all you “pro” players to hide in the back and farm damage and kills from tanks others have shot up.”

    Didn’t know arty shoots people that hide in the back = are unspotted 😉

    “Would make gameplay much more boring and would rebalance gameplay in favour for heavies. Would be a stupid move. Only challenging gameplay will keep it interesting.”

    Oh yeah, it’s definitely a challenge, keeping tabs on 4-5 tanks, covering all angles just to get hit by arty. I know, you should forgot about all the 4-5 tanks, get shot by them just so you can get safe from arty 😉

  34. Good way to upset a lot of people. Tons of compensation required for arty owners and who will play lights with no arty to support/ kill?

    1. Great point ahh hell they can get rid of light tanks also as they work with artillery.might as well get rid of mediums keep one heavy all the same tank call it world of tank make all the haters happy.oh yeah the compensation part they might need to take out a loan for that.not happy with even the thought of taking arty out.

  35. we can only hope this happens. I’m not too keen on the stun mechanics, it doesn’t seem to be as much a remedy to the problem. It seems more like replacing one problem with another, potentially the stun mechanic could be as annoying as one shots/super high damage rolls from current arty. If arty does get removed, it might fix one problem but there are still so many with WoT that need to be addressed(overly high RNG, a proper matchmaking system, Gold round removal, invisi tanks(fixed with larger maps), etc.). Generally I think if arty is just flat removed would be a benefit to the game.

  36. Make them assault guns like in warthunder, adjust there specs as so they can be playable in this shit gold spamming game .
    Brumbar, sturmpanzerii, su5 and a Japanese one have already been introduced. They are a blast to play and not OP at all.

  37. And it’s not going to happen because (almost) everyone on Sandbox have somehow managed to get their minds twisted and in the blink of a second suddenly praise how good the new stun mechanics are and how artillery gameplay now is “interesting” and good for the game. You have no idea how many negreps I’ve got just because I proposed that we should try to remove it…

  38. finally, even tho i just came back from a 7K assist battle (and 4K dmg) on TVP that let me get the 2nd mark on it (and still raising more) ALL thanks to arty since they did 3 1 shots on the first spot that i did XD so idk what to think now.

  39. Hopefully this is early April fools BS. The Devs don’t need to cave in to the cancerous nerfers because if they do they set a precedent that will encourage the nerfer trash to keep going after any class that interferes with their game play until the game is ruined and rotting on the dung heap. The SPG’s need to stay and and the nerfers are the ones that need to be removed.

    1. Because any class in the game can make me go like “this isnt arty safe i should play safe” and then camp instead of taking positions that clearly make sense,you certainly have your point there.

    2. Yeah, “they need to stay” and “they are so important” because it’s so fun to hug a damn rock the entire game, right? Do you realise that the problem here isn’t alpha, but the whole damn mechanic? And that hasn’t changed a bit, and it can’t change, because then they can’t call it arty no more.

  40. arty is fine now
    they will have a shit time if they remove it because of 15-0 defeats

    1. No it is not fine, Pretty much most of the devs and community say it isn’t fine now. Also I’d like to know what school of analytics you went to that helped you come up with that second comment.

  41. It was about damn time!Waited 4 years for this!

    All jokes aside,this is a weird strategy,they are basically saying:if the new arty changes fail,we will just remove arty,so bye bye arty problem.

    I don’t think this is going to happen.They said that the new stun mechanic and changes to arty were positively received.

  42. I have two Arty lines to tier10 and the others to 7 …You’d think with so much progress in them I’d be upset that they’d be removed, but I hate artillery. Please remove them entirely and give me the experience I used to get the spg’s as free experience, even give me half or 30% of it as free exp, or credits, or gold, and I’d be super happy. I’m a long time player, since Beta test. I have no problem with them removing tanks, even ones I Love as long as I get some compensation.

    1. I’d like to add also, that any games I am fortunate to play with no artillery tend to be fun. Knowing that the hand of god isn’t going to descend on me with little or no warning and delete half or all of my hp, lets me play the class of tank I’m in the way it’s supposed to be played. This is not much different than loathing snipers in sneaky spots in a game like battlefield one shotting you when there is little reason for you to have expected it. Ambush mechanics like arty without a counter mechanic (like armored warfare’s genius arty mechanic) do nothing but TAKE AWAY from gameplay. I’ve played them a lot, mostly out of necessity for missions and I’d love to see them go.

  43. They could try to just implement the red ball illegal mod… Force them to move like the old days.

  44. I use arty alot in game figured it would get here some day.if gets removed then pay me back all the gold on permanent camo the ones that was purchased all the exp and and credits spent last couple of years all the crew traing everything spent and wasted on them then.next will be guys whinning over td because they arent front line action and usually snipe go after the lights because they usually get taken out fairly quick then hit the medium line because some are decently fast with good gun and might flank ya causing you to get dead and just leave all the heavies better yet make them all exactly the same dpm accuracy armour everything same color all one tier and now everyone is on same page.arty is just as much of the game as anything want realistic these was used in times of war.guys complain of auto loaders anything to whine about.change it up that much loose alot of players and the ones who have spent money on the game will be the biggest problem yet.now everyone can start bashing the comment.that seems like what most of the players like to do anyways.

  45. How can someone say its broke and it ruins the game?im using td you dont see me so i gey lucky and ammo rack you.1st off gonna get a pm of how in the hell did you pen me with that caliber of gun ive got this much armour no way noob cheater your stats suck unistall all the bs and ya look and player has like 2000 battles.point being arty has been with the game since it came out their is always going to be parts of the game or tank people dont like and will wine and complain about everything that wargaming does and find a reason to blame someone else for what happend in a match.arty is just the start of bad things to come.wargaing needs to grow some balls on this issue they are trying to make everyone happy with the changes but wont work because you cant please everyone.if artillery causes you this much anxiety maybe some meds may help with the issue or maybe learn where they can nail ya and learn to avoid them a little better i know its hard to when your a target but i wish they would drop nukes on the playing field and shut everyone the hell up.

  46. I’m an artillery player, but I can see the points that some are making and why it’s a controversial concept. Personally, reasons for me to play it are its nature as a support role and that it’s quite unique. If they removed it (and, of course, refunded the invested resources), I’d probably switch to something else akin to these aspects, such as scouting.

  47. I love how most here say arty takes no skill. Heavies hide behind rock peak out shoot and then hide again.How is that skilled??? You know where to hit the opponent? Yeah takes some skill. but no more than Arty usually less.
    Try going after a light doing 60 lose sight of him and take a blind shot that takes 5 seconds in the air killing him. Yeah thats easy.
    At the same time watching the minimap because if spotted will be dead quickly unless I run.
    My Fv304 doesnt stun anyone and has a range of 500 yards so I am constantly moving and my best hits are like 100 to 200 damage(unless its a T67).
    I hit 65-70% of the time and that takes skill.
    When I shoot there is a long travel time in the shot so I have to shoot where you will be based on your distance from me and the way you are moving or not, that must take no skill either.

    The other argument is that I am never exposed to danger. I am dead upon spotting. I am one shotted almost every time I am spotted. Yeah no risk there.
    Quite often my team wont defend me so I am pretty much on my own there as they let lights through to kill arty, watching out for that doesnt take skill though.
    My training has been nerfed my damage has been nerfed Most of my stats nerfed. But I can still make a difference in a game. By watching where the battles are and hitting the right people at the right time.

    Funny thing I play other lines as well. I almost never get hit by Arty. Because I know where they can hit me. Granted I dont play Heavies that much they are slow easy targets and in my opinion are the least skilled tanks in game to play. I like to kill heavies I have to take them apart 100-150 points at a time. I am occasionally running into players that move so unpredictably that I cant hit them even in the wide open. these people must be arty players they can make me miss over and over.
    If they can do it why cant the 90% Heck I almost never get hit by arty. are you saying your not as skilled as an arty guy?

    1. Thank you for commenting, I read the whole post an laughed my ass off at all the people being duped by an April fool’s joke.

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