WG Dev Stream Q&A (23rd March 2017)

Thanks to Vlad for translating and watching the stream.

– We’re thinking about allowing 3 arty platoons, currently it’s 50/50;
– After various considerations, we’ve decided not to touch premium LT stats, but they will get the reduced MM (as normal LT’s do after LT-10);
– If you have XP on for example the AMX 13 90, it will stay on tier 8. However, players will receive a tier 9 and 8 tank, and the crew will move to tier 9;
– Personal missions for LT will stay as they are;
– New premium tier 8 LTs are quite possible;
– Less players on the server means tough times for the new matchmaker;
– Skill-based MM will never come to random battles;
– We’ve been thinking about buffing IS-7 and T-44 for a long time now, we want to do this quite soon (not next patch though);
– When changing the ST-1, it will receive a new mechanic. Not telling anything about it for now;
– With the new graphics, people will still be able to play comfortably on low settings if they were using them before;
– Inter-team chat is not coming back;
– Perks will be redone quite late, it’s a very difficult process;
– Arty will splash much more tanks but kill less;
– There are thoughts to remove teamkilling or fight it somehow, there will be tests regarding this;
– There will be a second season of personal missions;
– XP for tanking will not come;
-To buff some tanks, they have to be redone completely. For example the KV-5 and the T54 mod. 1.

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    1. Well there’s no reason to reward someone for the stupidity of his enemies. (No PC can detect if you’re realy tanking (as in taking hits for your teammates) or just standing in the open with enemies bouncing on you). Also It could end in hightiers just ignoring lowtiers so they keep bouncing on em and generate unlimited amounts of xp that why.
      Just to point out two very obvious reasons why xp for tanking is an idea thats not well thought out.

      1. They could just add a small xp multiplier to anyone who bounced more than a certain amount of damage regardless if they just reached the threshold or exceeded it by a big margin. That way it would reward people for tanking, but would not make it prone to abuse.

    2. That’s so exploitable, especially with the new overbuffed maus. I regularly got 5-6k blocked without think about angling just after it got buffed, how much do you think I should be rewarded for that?

      Armor is a way to get damage and not lose HP from guys aiming at you, not dying as easily should be reward enough if you’re not a baddie.

  1. Lol, guys that already started gathering xp on RU, t49 and 13 90 are going to be pissed.
    Also, why is the ru… global chat gone? Toxicity appears mainly in team chat anyways.

      1. I think it’s on par with T37 that is tier lower. It has worse gun and worse gun depression, it get’s destroyed engine and tracks in a single shot from tier 5 tank and at the moment it’s completely useless compared to SPIC or WZ-131. It’s just as good for spotting, but I have like 60% of the damage. Even amx1375 is better and I hated it.

      2. what is there to nerf… it could seriously use that 200 dmg gun
        or the 100mm if wg trolls everyone 😛

      3. Just that the Type62 was shitty before and so will not be really strong. It will just be ok now.

    1. Should be fine if they change its mm. In tier 8-10 games, it’s not exactly stellar, but by the standards of the new tier 7 LTs, it should be alright. Would be nice if it would get a gun handling or mobility buff (or both), but having standard matchmaking is a welcome change.

  2. “-To buff some tanks, they have to be redone completely. For example the KV-5 and the T54 mod. 1.”

    Buffing gun handling and viewrange on T-54 Mod. 1 or adding limited mm -> complete redo of the tank according to WG.

    1. I’m very interested in what they will do to the KV-5, because whatever anyone says about “oh its good if you play it like this” it is directly inferior in almost every way to its competitors…

      1. KV-5 is actually strong “if you play it like that” like you mentioned 😛

        No seriously, it really is, i have probably highest winrate with it of any of my tanks that has reasonable amount of battles and higher DPG than Liberte and Löwe (which i have played only post-buff). And i bought KV-5 last decemeber so i have to had deal with Patriots, Libertes and Skorpions from since beginning.

        Directly buffing will very easily risk making it OP as balls. For example, buff its pen too much and you are left with monster that has almost 1,8k HP, good enough speed to carry games, has very high DPM (and now even better due to being able to abuse it more reliably) and still having fairly strong overall armor (say what you say, sure it has weakspots but on average i block more damage with it than on my o-ho). Whats the actual con of the tank if it would have okay penetration aswell?

        If they would change it at best they should increase pen to like 175/230 so it can actually pen Defender LFP with apcr

        1. *gets penned through turret front, gets penned through frontal weak spots, gets penned through turret roof weak spot, fails to pen anything even with premium* “OH I SURE DO LOVE THIS OP TANK!!!”

        2. “some weak spots” Entire turret front is a weak spot to most of the tanks you face, 40 km/h is hardly game breaking especially as the HP/T and terrain resistance values mean you very rarely reach it. You are less mobile than all of the other tier VIII premium heavy tanks except the Lowe, you have worse armour than all of them except the Lowe (and even that has better turret armour) and you are hands down worse armed than all of them. I have been playing this tank for a long time now, I read guides, I watch videos and you know what? none of it works. Everything still goes clean through whatever part of my tank is visible whilst my shells miss and shatter against them. Its a completely unfun tank to play.

  3. hm… so sad that it’s uselles collect XP now on tier VIII scouts.. I hoped they will be transfered with tank to tear IX 🙁

  4. – If you have XP on for example the AMX 13 90, it will stay on tier 8. However, players will receive a tier 9 and 8 tank, and the crew will move to tier 9;

    Pretty dick move from greedy WG. They might change their mind after community learns of this though, outcry will be massive.

    1. Greedy? Anyone who has a tier 8 light currently (or multiple, in many cases) will be getting a tier 9 tank for free (or a tier 8, depending on how you might look at it). Though I do agree that it’d definitely be better for them to move all the XP to the tier 9 so you wouldn’t have to start the grind for the tier 10 all over again, at least they’re giving it to us in the first place.

      Additionally, many of the light tanks currently lead to other vehicles as well – the tier 8 light tanks of all nations besides Russia lead to their respective nations’ medium tank line(s), so this XP could theoretically still be put to use without needing to convert it with gold (unless you already have the medium tanks, obviously).

      1. A free tank they already ground out that is being moved up a tier. It’s not even like WG wins out if the XP doesn’t get moved. The people have to grind out that XP one way or another, what’s the point of making it arbitrarily limited to after the change? Screwing over everyone who already has the tier 8s just to get some people freexping?

        Theoretically that XP could be used. Unless you have elited the tank and ground out a bunch of useless xp.

      2. You are NOT GETTING A TIER IX TANK FOR FREE! The light line ended at tier VIII but the MM was +3 – so you were in effect playing a IX anyway!! Now what is happening is you are being penalised for putting XP on your effective tier IX in preparation for a X. Wargaming is giving the biggest “fuck you” to tier VIII light tank players they could possibly think of. Why? Because they want them to use their free XP or gold to convert free XP to get the tanks. That, my friend, IS greed.

        1. It’s really not; whether you see it as a free tier 9 or not, you’re still coming out of it with one more tank you didn’t have before – for example, if you had 13 90, you’d be keeping it at tier 9, but also unlocking the Bat.Chat. 12t for free. They didn’t have to do this, per-se – they could’ve just as easily replaced your current tank with the tier 8 and not give you the tier 9, so at least they haven’t done that. And nobody strictly HAS to use the XP on the tier 8 light tank to convert – either you can put it towards the medium tanks or just not use it at all.

          Again, I do agree that they should be moving the XP over to the tier 9, since a lot of people started grinding for the tier 10 light tank preemptively, expecting the XP to carry over to the tier 9. However, it’s still not the worst thing that they could’ve done – especially considering this is WG we’re talking about here. So, hopefully they change their decision and move the XP over to the tier 9, but it isn’t the worst thing they could’ve done, so I’m not going to complain too much.

          1. When the tier VIII artillery moved to tier X, you unlocked the lower tiers and received the tier X if you had the VIII. When the Maus moved from top of the VK line you unlocked the VIII and IX leading to it. When the T30 moved from being tier X Heavy and became the tier IX TD, you got the T110E5 AND kept the T30. When the T34 moved from Tier IX heavy to Tier VIII premium, you got the premium. Same again with the FV4202 on NA.

            Due to the matchmaking for light tanks, when you grind to the tier VIII you have already effectively completed the grind to tier IX. High tier lights are NEVER top tier. By leaving the accumulated XP on the tier VIII when it moves to IX, WG is making you do the grind again. At what point and by what precedent is this fair? It IS the worst thing they have ever done to PLAYERS. There are 5 tier VIII lights. Expected XP requirements are about 200k + for Tier X. That is over a million XP – or 40k gold or $160. Tell me that isn’t a “fuck you” from WG.

            1. Ok, fair enough. I still don’t see this as particularly “greedy” of them; however, I do definitely agree with you that this is most certainly NOT a fair (or kind) move on their part, especially since I really doubt they wouldn’t have expected people to pre-grind XP for the new tier 10s, with all the hype they themselves have built up around them in the past few months. While it could’ve been worse, it certainly could be much better as well, so I hope they reconsider this decision before the changes are made.

  5. “– When changing the ST-1, it will receive a new mechanic. Not telling anything about it for now;”


    Jokes aside, so WG didnt want multi-turret mechanism for tons of tanks in this game until now but are ready to make a dual gun mechanism for one fucking tank. Because let’s be honest the only new thing they could do with ST-I is giving it the ST-II turret and adding a multi-gun mechanism. I don’t see anything else they could add, and I don’t see anything that can go right with such a mechanism… ST-I is meant to tank damages like a boss, not to deal damages like an arty. The useful thing that could be done is deploying additionnal armor plates and explosive-reactive armor (battle-hardened), which could also be used on other tanks. Anything that allows it to bounce more shots is good, anything that makes it do more damages than the current Maus is bad. And knowing WG, it will be bad.

    1. A dual gun system has been in the game for a couple of years. Look for videos of the MTLS thingy, unreleased premium low tier tank. It has 2x 37mm auto-loaders if I remember correctly.

      1. And it’s not a dual gun. It’s just one gun shooting faster, with two gun barrels skin on it.

        1. Thats what they are likely gonna do with ST-II. I expect that it has effectively just one gun with two shots autoloader with extremely short reload between shells.

          Doesnt the halloween event tier 7 TD thingy on Blitz have similar mechanism too?

  6. Also, premium light tanks are going to be quite insane. Amx 13 57 as a regular tier 7? Just wow

    1. I don’t think the premium lights will be too OP. There are only 4 above tier V. The type 64 will be quite good at tier, although it still only has a Sherman’s 76mm. The type 62 either needed a buff or better MM anyway, so I think it’s fine. The 13 57’s still only got 720 burst and average mobility and pen so I don’t see it becoming thise complete beast.

      The only tank I’m worried about is the m41 90. I can see that doing very well at tier VIII, as I think it is currently one of the best LTs in the game.

  7. The blackdog is going to be an unstoppable monster if it isn’t nerfed at all.

    1. They can only ninja nerf it, like ground stats. EU laws prevent WG from doing too much damage on pixelated tanks bought with real money. At least, me thinks this the reason. I might be wrong.

    2. If they cant nerf it because of law they should at least not buff it and not give it the new MM.
      While it wont change its worse MM, at least it wont see tier 6.

      And they will have to nerf premiums at some point in the near future otherwise global rebalance is impossible.

  8. T54 was great when it was released, I am close to my 2nd gun mark. Buffs would be welcome though, the gunhandling can be frustrating as is the mobility. Great armor though!

  9. Lack of skill based matchmking is killing the game. This guy is a fucking idiot.

    I have 210K experience on my Ru251. What is the point of keeping that in my new tier 8 tank? To research the Tier9 Ru251 which I already have??

    Doesnt make sense.

    The East Europeans are great at making things, but they remain poor because they have no sense

    1. “Lack of skill based matchmking is killing the game. This guy is a fucking idiot.”

      Yeap because rewarding bad players and punishing good ones is an awesome idea *sarcasm*

  10. Take the following with a pinch of salt:

    – After various considerations, we’ve decided not to touch premium LT stats, but they will get the reduced MM (as normal LT’s do after LT-10);

    Well…here is a train wreck waiting to happen and it’s coming head on in plain sight….but no cannot touches zhe premium content. Flabbergasted.

    – We’ve been thinking about buffing IS-7 and T-44 for a long time now, we want to do this quite soon (not next patch though);

    I can understand a buff for the T-44, but the IS-7?
    Not having any t10’s nor any interest in getting one, can anyone explain to me what’s weak about the IS-7 for it to be buffed?

    1. I don’t have IS7, I don’t think there’s something wrong with it, but since they buffed Maus and Type5 to the level that they can’t be penned by APCRs from tier 9 mediums at almost any angle, it feels quite weak compared to other heavy tanks, unless it’s hull down. According to some friends it has horrible gun compared to other heavies and just about average armor.

    2. Is7 is just horribly outdated. Gun has trash DPM, awful soft stats and the worst aiming time of all tier X hts. Yeah, correct, e100 has 0.5 sec better aimtime.
      You have such a tiny HP pool only autoloading heavies can afford to carry, and armor is butter for ANY tier 9+ prem ammo, with AP simply aim for a second. Mobility is a lie, again thanks to hidden stats. Pike nose make sidescraping work only against tier 8s/bad players. Also, when your upper plate gets penned ammorack is 90% of times damaged and sometimes your turret gets airborne. You didn’t hear anything wrong about is7 because you got no tier X experience and the fact it’s Russian makes 90% of this brain damaged community think it’s overpowered lol.
      Hope I helped.

    3. You know what is good about IS-7 ?
      The only thing that is actually good about this tank is turret and that’s it.

      It has a horible gun (compared to other tier 10 tanks), nobody at tier 10 struggles to pen you and you can’t even angle your armor so… and on top of that this tank is very sluggish (but with fast top speed).

      So if you think about it and compare IS-7 and IS-4 to other tier 10 tanks you realize they are very old meta outdated tanks.

      1. Also, while is7 is still better than is4, it has no bullshit spaced side armor covering whole side like is4 does. You got nice, giant ass strip of bare steel ready to get shot between spaced blackhole and tracks. Few days ago went into pocket on mines and farmed 1.8k dmg on enemy is7 just shooting his side, penning every time. Pretty sure with Is4 I would have to go fuck myself.
        Also, driver dies every second shot in lower plate and trust me, this tank is slower with damaged interior than e100. Due to sturdy turret your gun dies a lot as well, so armorer and Jack of all trades are highly recommended. Also, this thing turns like a boat and you have to constantly turn to avoid upper plate pen + ammorack.

    4. Is only has a strong turret and fast downhill top speed. Low dpm, horrible gun handling,low hp, and the armor isn’t very reliable.

  11. ” – There are thoughts to remove teamkilling or fight it somehow, there will be tests regarding this;” …….. so just TURN OFF FRIENDLY FIRE…that’s it! problem solved!
    its the easiest fix in the world, and its unbelieveable they havent introduced it yet

  12. My only question here is why do they want to buff the IS-7 and T-44?
    And don’t tell me that because they are underperforming, you know that’s bullshit!

    1. Ye, medium with 6* of GD and 182 pen doesn’t seem underpowered at all when majority of competition has 10*/212

      1. It has -8 and pretty small turret, although it’s paper I’ll give you that.

        Not saying it’s a great tank, but I’d take it over P2 or Cent I. Which doesn’t say much and it needs buffs, preferably DPM and penetration because of all the armor buffs.

        1. Does it? Sorry then, 8 is quite good, still falls behind competition tho. Panther II you mean? Are you aware it has 225 pen now? And Cent goes 50?

          1. I just checked, it’s -7, my bad thought is’s 8. It has -5 if you use the 122mm that’s why you probably had it mixed up.

            And yeah, I’m aware of the buffs. Still, the T-44 is faster than Centurion, has slightly better gun I’d argue (apart from penetration ofcourse), better armor (it can bully T6 and T7 mediums pretty well actually) and takes less ammorack damage (though still takes quite a lot).

            Panther II…. I can’t really stand the mobility, the armor is worse than T-44 or Centurion IMO. It’s really just a support, sniper, but doesn’t have enough mobility to keep relocation when support is needed. Charioteer fills the role of P2 much much better.

            1. Thing with these 3 tanks is – you got 43mm difference in basic penetration. Panther and centurion have practically the same penetration on standard rounds as t44 has on gold (225 ap is about 235 apcr because of worse normalization), and I just can’t stand being useless in tier 9-10 matches, and let’s be real, with 182 mm of pen you usually are. Also, both of them have more HP (1300/1450/1500) which is actually quite a difference. While I agree centurion is a cardboard, I’d actually compare Panter II armor to t44.
              I understand if you prefer brawling, lower profile and better agility, but I judge tanks by their potential to do maximum in the worst circumstances, which better guns + more hp allow cent and p2 to do.

              1. Yep, it’s purely a preference, although I think lot of people can’t make T-44 work and slightly underrate it because of that.

    2. They aren’t exactly stellar vehicles as they currently stand – IS-7 is no longer unique in having an incredibly-tough turret, and yet it sacrifices essentially all of its gun performance for it – meanwhile, vehicles like the Kranvagn have similar strengths without losing much, if any, of their potential firepower. And T-44 has been powercreeped to hell and back, especially with all the new premium competition and the recent buffs to many tier 8 mediums across the board. I think it sits pretty high on the “tanks that deserve buffs” list as far as tier 8 mediums go, along with the TVP VTU and T-54 mod 1.

      1. Like everyone, you forgot to mention the T-34-2 in there. If there’s one medium that needs a buff, it’s that one for sure. I agree with the rest though, would be great if they buffed them a bit.

        1. Right, haha! I almost forgot the T-34-2 even existed with how terrible it currently is, so yeah, that’s also definitely very high on the list.

      2. I will honorably disagree.
        Also, just to be clear, I despise the red scum tanks. They can go and die in a hole and rot there for an eternity. Biased bullshit.

        1. With all due respect, if I may ask – why shouldn’t they? (Just curious as to your reasoning – meaning, more specific than “Russian Bias” 😛 )

          1. My reasoning is that whatever tank I play, whichever tier, regardless of class and repair, if I meet with a russian shit, they will always fuck up my battle. Bullshit armor, SerB Shield of Divinity, Stalinium impossible bounces, do I have to say more?
            The major culprit here is the IS-3, may it be removed forever, but the rest is just as logic defying and maddening to fight against.

      3. I think that all the regular tier 8 mediums are useless crap and deserve buffs. Nearly every tier 9 tank got better gun handling over two years, new and arguably OP tier 8 premiums were added, some premiums were buffed, even tier 7 light tanks were buffed, but I can’t recall any single tier8 medium I liked. Except perhaps CentI before turret nerf, it was good defensive hulldown medium, with exceptional gun.
        Same goes to tier 7 mediums and actually most of tier 7 tanks.
        I don’t know why, but tier 9 mediums are like tier and half higher and they have better economy cause gold ammo can at least do more than 240dmg and they have chance to deal almost 50% more damage. Just compare E50 vs PantherII, Patton vs Pershing, T54 vs T44, TVP50 vs TVP,

        1. While I wouldn’t say they’re entirely useless – I remember the T69 and Object 416 being quite fun to play, for example – they do seem to be falling behind, especially by comparison to their tier 9 counterparts, as you’ve mentioned. They do appear to be taking steps to fix this issue; however, I suppose it’s still a bit too early to tell. Anyway, I hope they at least attempt to make the tier 8 medium tanks more unique or differentiated from one another – i.e. giving the Centurion (actually, both the Cent I and 7/1) its notoriously-tougher, pre-HD turret armor back (if not stronger than that; see Strv 81 for a possible example), making the T-34-2 match the other Chinese MTs by having a more punchy gun that actually works (unlike either gun it currently has), even increasing the speed of and possibly giving an autoloading cannon to the TVP VTU for it to better fit into its line (or at the very least, swapping its turrets unlocks around to give it better gun depression and improving its DPM with either gun), etc.

          Again, while I don’t strictly think they’re really BAD at the moment, most of the non-premiums aren’t exactly stellar, let alone interesting, to play at the moment.

  13. This is one of the worst developer stream ever.
    Contains so much bad news & silly decisions it’s not even worth discussing it anymore.
    This developer team really needs to be exchanged or they kill WoT
    Let Blitz and or WoWs teams take the lead on WoT

    1. Like the WoWs team is anything better? In alpha WoWs was an awsome game, and what has happend now? “Super awsome” features like 3-4 fires that eats 1000 hp per second, typhoons that force paper cruisers into BB brawling distance or radars/hydro that completely defeats the aspect of stealth/surprise in DD gameplay. That game is shit now aswell.

  14. Well…so much for grinding XP for the new Tier X scouts…and screw WG if they think I’m going to free-xp my way to a Tier X scout.

  15. Still…the main reason I keep playing this game is to see what crazy thing happens next!

  16. If T-44 is considering a buff, can they do the same to T-34-2, the King of trash t8. That tank is sooo bad that WZ-132 beats everything except armor; worse camo, worse gun choice, worse mobility, worse gun handling……..e.t.c

    1. While you have your basic concept wrong – it’s completely normal that wz is better in every way, because it’s a light tank. For matchmaker, it’s a tier 9.
      Although, t44 gets buffed and t34-2 no, because it’s Chinese. And fuck chinese tanks, right, wg? :p

  17. F*** you WG if you move IS-4 to tier 8 or 9. People have spent countless days and weeks to grind a certain line because they were interested in that particular tier 10, and then your hired kretin Murazor jumps in with the awsome idea of just swapping tanks around for no real reason. If IS-4 is fine, keep it as it is, if it underperforms, buff its turret roof and/or gun. It’s really that simple, no need to swap anything.

    1. I really can’t tell what are you complaining about. Is4 is one of the worst tier Xs, and tier IX has a lot better matchmaking than tier X, so if you’re in love with is4 model (because right now it doesn’t offer anything more than looks), you should be happy!

      1. No, because I want it as a tier 10. I have no idea how you can get better matchmaking than tier 10? Always top tier, how can it be better than that? IS-4 can get buffed and remain at tier 10, no need to swap it…

      2. “Is4 is one of the worst tier Xs”

        Half (or even more) of tier 10 TDs says hi, also imo IS-4 is better than IS-7. IS-4 is honestly not even bad, its just not as strong as (along with IS7) Germans or Type 5 (rest are autoloaders or heaviums), but those (especially Maus) are on very strong position right now so its not that bad if they are not equal to them, some of the tanks mentioned needs nerfs anyways.

        Im afraid with ST-I/ST-II. Super strong turret but paper LFP (assuming its like ST-I), potential autoloader (though just two-shot) with meh mobility reminds me from slow Kranvagn which i cant imagine possibly being fun to play or bringing anything that much interesting to the game.

        Just keep the IS-4 as tier 10 and buff its depression to 8 aswell as buff roof armor, so its like natural evolution to ST-I.

          1. Then buff the IS-4s gun handling in addition to what leggasiini suggested… The point is that IS-4 is tier 10 material, both in the looks and in performance. There’s no need to swap it, they can just buff it.

            1. The problem is ST-1 kinda power creeped with new HTs and E-75 buffs, but if they buff ST-1 it will make it better than IS-4. So might as well do the swap around.

              IMO IS-4 is a tier 9.5, and ST-1 is a papertank hence it is somewhat flexible to balance around.

              1. Then nerf the ST-I so it suits into the tier 9 spot. And really historical data should not be of any concern, especially considering how WG has decided to balance other stuff. If you have Sandbox, look at the circus they’re doing there, Kranvagn (although I like its turret armor) isn’t historical either, Tiger and Königstiger, the 2 most powerful heavytanks during WW2 are useless 50% of the time because they fight against Cold War tanks. Really, historical accuracy was thrown out the window long time ago. It’s just typical WG to use that as an argument whenever it suits them.

                1. You haven’t read my words right? ST-1 got power creeped by all the new HTs and buffed/HD ones. Having good gun depression and strong turret can’t makes up to all the down side it has.

                  Current state is fine if being t9 is what you want.

                  Getting more off topic, Tiger I IMO is ok now in t7, I like it more than IS because it can still be able to dmg t8 t9. KT on the other hand is just typical t8 HT that got power creeped by new bloody t8 prem, just like T32 110 KV-4.

  18. – There are thoughts to remove teamkilling or fight it somehow, there will be tests regarding this;
    how about people that park in front of you and won’t let you play then?

    -To buff some tanks, they have to be redone completely. For example the KV-5 and the T54 mod. 1.
    I think the thing that needs to be redone are the OP prems at tier 8 which are completely pay to win. They set the 112 back in the tech tree because they are fishing for idiots. WZ111 and 112 can’t pen a Defender it he is facehugging them. Should they be in the same place? Yes, they are heavy tanks, they go to heavy tank lane. Can the WZ111 or 112 dodge the facehug? 20km/h going backwards says “NO!”. Assuming a 1v1 tournament, will the Defender win every time, regardless of skill? Yes! Is WoT a pay to win game now? Yes!

    – If you have XP on for example the AMX 13 90, it will stay on tier 8. However, players will receive a tier 9 and 8 tank, and the crew will move to tier 9;
    I would like to know what happens with the camo that I payed for. I must say I am not so happy about the LT changes, and most likely I won’t want to keep some tanks with the new stats. I would like the gold I payed for the camo back in these cases

  19. “-To buff some tanks, they have to be redone completely. For example the KV-5 and the T54 mod. 1.”

    Better get started then. Looking forward!

  20. to buff these tanks they must be reworked completely? NO THEY DONT! JUST BUFF A CERTAIN STAT! They cant be anymore OP than the country camo trio after all.

  21. Hmm weird, on the wot-news.com Russian site they don’t seem to mention anything about the XP for tanking feature, coming or not.

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