WoWS 0.6.3: Various changes

Thanks to Urakaze for translating.

-Catapult fighter changed from tier 6 to 7
-HP increased to 1350, DPS increased from 45 to 51

-Basic main battery range increased from 9.8km to 10.6km

Umikaze/ Tachibana:
-Basic main battery range increased from 6.7km to 8.0km

-Basic main battery range increased from 8.3km to 9.73km

-Basic main battery range increased from 7.6km to 8.7km

-Basic main battery range increased from 6.9km to 8.1km

-Basic main battery range increased from 8.4km to 9.9km

-Basic main battery range increased from 9.1km to 10.5km

-Basic main battery range increased from 9.2km to 11.3km

-Main battery range increased from 9.81km to 11.4km

-Main battery range increased from 9.51 km to 11.82 km. (CORRECTED)

-Basic main battery range increased from 8.9km to 9.9km

-Basic main battery range for Hull A increased from 13.9km to 17.0km, Hull B range also increased, but difference is negligible
-Surface Detectability decreased from 17.1km to 16.6km

-Main battery range increased from 12.9km to 15.3km
-Surface Detectability decreased from 16.6km to 15.2km

-Main battery range decreased from 20.5km to 18.6km

-Main battery range increased from 9.98km to 11.2km

-Main battery range increased from 11.23km to 11.67km

-Main battery range increased from 11.79km to 12.62km

-Main battery range increased from 8.47km to 9.17km

St Louis:
-Main battery range increased from 9.5km to 11.32km

Phoenix/ Marblehead:
-Main battery range increased from 12.46/12.65km to 13.88km

-Main battery range increased from 13.46km to 14.5km in fully upgraded status (C Hull + Main gun)
-For other configurations, main battery range increased from 11.5km to 13.83km

South Carolina
-Main battery range increased from 10.21km to 14.24km

-Main battery range increased from 10.96km/12.79km(Wyoming Stock/Upgraded)/12.06km(Arkansas) to 14.38km

New York/Texas
-Main battery range increased from 14.16km/15.58km to 16.4km

New Mexico
-Basic main battery range increased from 13.58km to 14.62km

-Basic main battery range increased from 15.18km to 17.12km

-Basic main battery range increased from 7.79km to 8.96km

-Basic main battery range increased from 8.11km to 9.92km

-Basic main battery range increased from 8.27km to 10.08km

Nassau/ Koenig Albert
-Basic main battery range increased from 9.2km/10.84km to 11.8km

-Basic main battery range increased from 13.3km to 14.54km

-Basic main battery range increased from 14.54km to 14.99km


24 thoughts on “WoWS 0.6.3: Various changes

  1. Phew, some MUCH NEEDED range buffs to BBs.
    The poor things almost had to get within cruiser and DD with AFT range.

    On a totally unrelated note, why does the 40% BB population keep growing?


    1. Well, people like big stronk ships, they go “Muh Iowa/ Muh Yamato”, new/tomato players tend to be bad at cruisers, same kind of people yolo charge or camp in the back in DDs, generally makes life harder for DDs (some DDs are still OP like Kharb/Akizuki/Kamikaze/Grem, but generally speaking), and BBs as a class are the easiest to play, especially since there’s a lack of carriers (and even then, the German and American BBs have pretty darn good AA). People hate on Cruiser HE spam and it is annoying especially with IFHE, but they can still be nuked in one volley by a BB.


    2. that’s mainly tier 3 and 4 BB, any competitive player with cruiser/destroyer can take one down as even with extended range they accuracy is complete garbage, still for that BB its its massive buff against other BB especially when uptirered.

      still they could leave German battleships alone, they didn’t required any changes…, with New York, New Mexico and Colorado its questionable as they guns don’t preform to well at long ranges, but at last they can swap range mod for something else and still have reasonable range. (khe hem New Mexico 14.62km… (just 16km with upgraded range… it still need range mod..), New York base 16.4km something wrong here…)


      1. Mid tier USN BBs have questionable range/accuracy as of now, and perform pretty damn well.

        Giving them what is basically a free buff to either accuracy or damage will just make them even better.

        So that’s my question, why are BBs being buffed YET AGAIN when WG have been saying since before German BBs were released that the entire class is too survivable, deals too much damage and has an overpopulation?

        And not an overpopulation of 1-2 %, no.
        It’s 8-10% over the logical average and rising!

        Can we just stop and just all acknowledge that WG is just pushing for more and more BBs in game?


        1. and due to questionable accuracy any buffs to firing ranges don’t help them much and they didn’t buffed anything other than just range.

          over last few patches (except for captain perks, but in mean time many 152mm cruiser scored quite nice buff via IFHE) WG primary buffed BB that were lacking compared to other BB or suffered when uptiered, while i mean time entire US high tier cruiser line received buff and now many Jap DD also received main battery range buff.



    Buff to Kamikaze, Umikaze, St Louis, Arlkansas, Konig Alberts.. Yeah.. Why no buff to OPrator???? LOL

    On a side note, what is this BS about the Mikasa? Current max range is 9.5km


      1. Okay. This buff to the Mikasa is practically worthless. Except if engaging Tier 3 battleships. Anything else is too small to be


      1. Even without range buff, it can still bow tank anything it meets and take 0 dmgs hits from 130mm HE. So it will still be OP as fuck.


  3. Typical WG crap. Now cruisers will become completely obsolete, and Nagato will be absolutely useless. Oh well….back to German BBs then.

    Where’s Victor…..i want to ask him something about his recent self criticism….

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  4. In my opinion, many of these changes are not necessary. They should really try to fix other issues of the game. Maybe fix the inbalance between some cruisers or some tiers in general.


  5. Destroyers Range Buff : I dont care
    Cruisers Range Buff : I don’t care
    Others BBs Range Buff I still don’t care
    Nagato Range Nerf: Why?? Why on earth?? WHYYYY

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