New Ban Wave On All Servers!!

Russian sources tell that today, a 3rd ban wave happened for the use of prohibited modifications (on all servers). Official news should come soon. We don’t know the number of the banned players yet.


8 thoughts on “New Ban Wave On All Servers!!

  1. This is strange, I know I couldn’t have been banned, since I basically play with a vanilla client, but I still feel concerned.
    I wonder why…

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  2. Close to 900 people have been repeated offenders, this is quite a lot of people that have been banned 1 week and have cheated again.

    I noticed quite a few new accounts when playing over the weekend, white players that xvm does not yet know how to rate them. But they were doing a lot of damage and killing in the game.


  3. great…so i can expect to log in later today and find a bunch of people have pm’d me bragging about how they got me banned.

    only to have me reply to all of them that
    1. if i was banned i’d never see their message
    and 2. i’m still here

    its like clockwork i swear. every time

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