Pilot Mission for 13.03.2017

It looks like we’ll need to destroy 10 enemy tanks.


Reward: 50k credits and 1 large repair kit.


39 thoughts on “Pilot Mission for 13.03.2017

  1. I have a funny feeling that WG is going to stab us all right in the dick (or boob) near the late missions with kill 3 enemy arty in a single game and have 3k dmg and live. Something on those lines knowing WG that will happen.

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    1. My thoughts, exactly. For now, it is WAY TOO EASY and if it stays as it is (or even a little bit more difficult), we’ll see T25s EVERYWHERE.
      Bets are open about how does WG will screw us on the last days. My propositions:
      -get a scout medal in an arty
      -get Steel Wall in a T5+ Light
      -get a Commando ribbon in a Maus
      -get a double kill with one AP
      -get a Heroes of Raseniai Medal with less than 1,5k dmgs inflicted
      -make bounce a shot at the exact moment you ammorack an ennemy because of fire

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      1. Thats why per token is only $1.25 cents the tank is crap and WG knows it. so its a tank made for casuals so missions are casual its to lure new players look at the missions Thats proof right there.

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      2. -get a scout medal in an arty

        1. take fv304
        2. slap vents + optics + food + view range skills
        3. hope for widepark or himmelsdorf standard
        4. yolo to their base
        5. hope you win

        -get Steel Wall in a T5+ Light (i assume this means tier 5 or higher)

        t-54 ltwt hulldown against tier 7s, ez pz

        -get a Commando ribbon in a Maus

        wat, do you mean raider medal? i actually have one with O-Ho xD

        -get a double kill with one AP

        Hopefully its bugged so shooting one tank while ramming other at exact same moment counts!

        -get a Heroes of Raseniai Medal with less than 1,5k dmgs inflicted

        1. take kv-220-2
        2. platoon with 2 tier 3s
        3. hope for battle with shitload of tier 3s
        4. let those tier 3s interrupt your team so bigger chance that none of enemies dies
        5. if possible, those tier 3s should damage opposing tanks but never kill one, if they are about to kill one they should change target
        6. kill all enemies, since they are mostly damaged tier 3s you might be able to get rasenai with less than 1,5k dmg

        -make bounce a shot at the exact moment you ammorack an ennemy because of fire

        possible if you ricochet at enemy but the shell bounces into its ammorack while ur set on fire. Borderline impossible to have such chance but still doable 😛


        1. Even if its possible, good luck getting the perfect matchups needed. 😛 Only 0.0000001% might complete one or two of these missions (except maybe for the T-54 ltw. But even scouting with FV would be hard due to map requirement+victory+none to steal your spot)


  2. Reading the comments I can’t help but laugh. I mean yes WG have screwed us many times 1 way or another, then comes a new marathon and we expect it to be hard as f*** but so far it isn’t (still VERY early days though) If something like this looks as easy we expect to be screwed somehow.

    Could it be the easiest mission/marathon ever and surprise everyone who are waiting for WG to mess up?

    Is WG really trying to salvage their mixed/negative reputation with this, trying to make amends?


    1. They need to get as much money as possible from this tank but they know it’s shit and nobody would buy it except the diehard tank collectors so they thought they will make a marathon to improve the reputation of the company and try to grab some extra cash from people who can’t complete all missions but really want this tank.

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      1. If that’s the case they could easily buff the pilot and go further with the recent powercreep, they would make more cash so players don’t want to lose out on getting it. If it’s really really shit, players would not always pay for it, let alone wasting (too much) time to get for free.

        When I was in a game yesterday I actaully saw someone who BOUGHT the pilot and that on the 1st day of the marathon..


        1. They got enough shit for releasing the Defender so they went the tank “giveaway” route to improve the reputations but they did it with a twist so they can still earn some cash for selling the tokens.


          1. I think they will get some stick anyway, releasing MR powercreep 252U for €40 and then give away a decent/shit tank also on tier 8.
            They will earn enough cash on the side with this marathon, that’s for sure. Compensation marathon :p


  3. Would have liked to try to see how far I could get, seeing I’m short on a WoT sabbatical atm.
    Too bad, but not knowing what missions to expect (short on time the coming two weeks) furbars it for me.
    If it starts with sweet cakes now and ends in battery acid, it’s not worth my time and effort. Knowing this beforehand would be appreciable in that respect.


    1. The tier 8 tank costs 30$ its crap wargaming knows it guys… So think of it as they are just trying to give newplayers a free crap tier 8.. If Thats the case we could be seeing free tier 5 for this years free tank give always like you know t1e6 or t7cc etc so instead of tier 2 or 3 its better xD but still crap tank is crap tank.


      1. I’m such a noob, I had to play 3 games with my pz-b2 to complete the mission…
        1st one 4 kills, 2nd one 5 kills, last one 2 kills…
        p.s: fck those HEAT derper… nearly waste my life in one shot


    1. T-44-100 is just ridicuously overpriced due to total price of tokens. Same for WZ-111.

      They learned the mistake with Pilot i think.

      The price of premium doesnt tell how good it is. Before it got megabuffed Löwe was pretty bad despite it costed 43 euros. Meanwhile Revalorise and STA-2 are pretty good after buffs despite they cost only 27 euros.


      1. Lowe was incredible at its debut. The armor was awesome and the gun epic. That’s why it was so expensive. They they nerfed it to hell, keeping only the awesome gun. The armor and mobility got fucked hard. But it kept the price. Now, it’s buffed but still not on par with the original Lowe.

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  4. Don’t worry. There will be a “mission of truth” quite soon. In fact a very simple one – win by capping. 95% of WoT population won’t be able to do it in one day.

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    1. Recently EU pubbie meta is actually to cap…at very beginning of match in encounter mode or when we have +7 tanks left while enemies have 1-3 lowtiers to farm, with 0 hope at winning.


      1. Yeah, pubbie meta seems really retarded recently. C’mon, not even mentioning valley on Lake which suddenly went from ” no no” to “go to” strategy. Useless medium flank on Westfield? Check! Useless castle side on derpenberg? Check! 13 tanks on prok hill? Check.


  5. I’m wary that WG is suckering us in with easy missions at first, before whacking us with some ridiculously hard ones later.

    Either that, or, as some have said, the tank is mediocre and WG knows that making people pay for it is a ripoff.

    I mean, stats wise, it does have good DPM for a US medium, and the turret mantlet is bouncy, but the rest of the armor is crap and it’s not that much more mobile than the other US mediums. Oh and the pen on the gold rounds sucks.

    If I can get it for free, great. If not, I’m not paying for it, since I already have the M46 KR.


  6. C’mon people the tank is not that bad. It’s got T9 levels of gun handling (actually even at T9 it’d be one of the best), decent DPM, ok-ish penetration, decent mobility, and mantlet is actually 203mm. It’s just a standard T8 med, no worse than Mutz or T-44-100.


  7. well since its a tier 8 Us med that doesn’t cost a lot most will compete 7 to 10 missions so 10$ at the most isn’t a bad deal , its on Par with Ripper Patton


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