Classic’s Workshop – New WoT Mod Resource

There is a new skin modder in the area – (not Milkym4n) which many people don’t know about yet, and his name is FastestClassic. He has some nice skin packs for example, changing the colors of German (to Dunkelgelb!), Hungarian and Japanese tanks to the historical ones:

There are also cool reskins for specific tanks, like the Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager and the 59-Patton:

If you want to download some of his WoT skins, or just leave feedback for his work, check FastestClassic’s website here:


14 thoughts on “Classic’s Workshop – New WoT Mod Resource

  1. They look nice but you can’t really download them without Mega account or something. I tried and first I needed to install addon to firefox and even then it blocked me because of exceeding quota and need to create account. Would try them but too much hassle.

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    1. Just click the right Bottom on the Mega downloadsite that says “Download with Browser” and you dont need the addon…


    2. You don’t need to create an account to download, as grundugu said – just click the button that says “download with browser”, and boom, it should work. However, I am currently in the process of blundering my way through Github, in hopes of making a better repository system. Hopefully that’ll happen Soon™. :P

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      1. Haha, thank you :) Also, btw, I think I finally figured out how to use Github, and I’m currently in the process of uploading/formatting everything. Thanks for the suggestion!

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  2. Does someone know where to find a proper skin for the Japanese Tiger I (Heavy Tank VI)? I don’t prefer the Japanese camo and their flag on the premium (German) heavy… :-(


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