The Second Anniversary of TAP

We are happy to announce that “The Armored Patrol” is 2 years old now. How quick time passes! We’ve managed to come a long way, from humble beginnings (who remembers, for example, that I, Seb, used to write the historical articles?) to being the most active World of Tanks/World of Warships blog. We continued writing every day, I, for example, because I always wanted to read a news source not shy of posting actual leaks, a dream worth achieving. The quality of the site slowly improved, up to being a trusty news source for many. TAP is also my hobby – when I get serious about it, I happen to post 20 articles per day without realizing. Maybe that’s why we have built such a nice community! 

I’d also like to excuse my absence in the past few days. I had an exam to do. However, SovietTenkDestroyer and Erwin0859 replaced me well, so I’d like to thank them in this post for that.

Thanks to everyone who read this site (and the guys who endured me!). The followers, our Discord members, people who disabled AdBlock or donators, the ones who emailed us stuff worth posting and to all the authors! And especially our haters! And thank you for breaking the recent milestone of 800 Facebook likes!

If you have any suggestions for TAP, please let us know by leaving a comment. We don’t plan to stop blogging anytime soon :mrgreen:


18 thoughts on “The Second Anniversary of TAP

      1. 20 Years? This time, when u announce Sandbox #28 – for Arty Rebalance-Tests , Batchat 25t is still not in HD and one map with the “new” graphics is released… oh dear future..

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  1. I know you reasons for not posting warthunder, but I switched to playing that and wows for the most part. Any chance you can get back into posting about them?


      1. Yeah I understand that, I basically switched playing after the black reskin non discounted premiums on black Friday. Maybe only played 10 matches in WOT since our Thanksgiving. I am really have gotten into the realistic and sim battles, the excitement of actually having to spot enemies with your eyes, multiturret works, prototypes are making it into the tech tree not just premiums, Japanese TDs exist, and the brumbar is how arty should be in WOT. The premium spam and the no skill gold ammo really turned me away from WOT .


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