WoT Console: Krampus’s Last Stand & Toy Tank Mode!

You thought you heard the last of the Krampus but it turns out he’s more resilient than expected. You’ll find “Krampus’s Last Stand” in the Proving Grounds PvE and now’s the time to finish him once and for all!


Battle against the Krampus who has found his very own tank. Defeat him in “The Present Stealer” and “The Coal Bringer” PvE campaigns to get a commemorative “Don’t Fear the Krampus” medal!

“Naughty or Nice” Random Loot Drops

Between December 23 and January 2, when you earn your first victory in a Multiplayer battle, you’ll receive a “Naughty” or “Nice” random loot drop. “Nice” loot drops will be… nice, however, “Naughty” drops, not so much. Your first “Naughty” drop will be a “Lump of Coal” medal.

Toy Tank Mode Returns! (December 22-25)

Join “Toy Tank” mode where you can battle among presents under the Garage Christmas tree in action-packed, pint-sized battles!

This time around, whenever you destroy an enemy toy, you’ll get random pick-ups in the forms of gifts featuring anything from an increase in horsepower and firing rate to HP replenishment!

Toy Tank Mode Details

As always with these special event tanks, don’t bother selling it, it gives no Silver in return, and once gone, you cannot join the mode.

  • Once Toy Tank mode ends, the Toy tank and Garage slot will be removed, and the Crew will be sent to the Barracks
  • Consumables equipped will be sent to the Depot

Krampus’s Last Stand


22 dec.
10 : 01 (EET)


4 ian.
9 : 59 (EET)

Krampus’s Last Stand (December 22 – January 03) Bonus

Log into your account

  • Krampus – The Coal Bringer completed
  • Krampus – The Present Stealer completed
  • 1x per Account
  •  Don’t Fear the Krampus

Krampus – The Coal Bringer (December 22 – January 03)

Win a battle

  • The Coal Bringer Map only
  • 1x per Account
  • Proving Grounds only
  •  10,000 credits

Krampus – The Present Stealer (December 22 – January 03)

Win a battle

  • The Present Stealer map only
  • 1x per Account
  • Proving Grounds only
  •  10,000 credits