WoWS Official Q&A

Source: Portal

“Will you ever bring back the outer space map?” Surprises like that have more value if they’re special. We have no plans on bringing that map back, but we’ll definitely do other fun stuff with future events.
“Why do you make carrier (CV) players suffer? Have we failed you in some way?”  CVs do need some love (which we’re already planning for 2017), but the issues with UI and balance have nothing to do with our desire to harm CV folks. CVs are unique in terms of gameplay and interface, and accommodating this while maintaining balance and fun factor is a challenge. We’re determined to take on this challenge, so keep an eye on the game for new changes. We don’t want to see anyone suffer.
“Why are citadels so high on the Montana and Iowa while their real-world designs placed their citadels below the water line?” Real-world ship design is much more complex than what you get in our game. We have to consider balance when bringing a new ship into the game, and this includes factors such as citadel placement and armor. In fact, most of the battleships in our game have a damage layout similar to Montana or Iowa, but North Carolina got a more “protected” layout for balance purposes. Montana and Iowa perform great and don’t need any further buffs.
“Will you introduce Italian warships into the game?” We have some Italian ships in the production process, among others. No, I can’t give you an ETA, since we usually don’t disclose those outside of official announcements.
 “Will you have replays, and right-click commands in the UI?” We’re currently working on a new replay system with lots of useful features and full client support. Right-click commands are on our UI “to-do” list, but other optimizations and quick commands are higher up.
 “What’s the latest on the Commander skill reworking?”  It has an early 2017 ETA. Besides rebalancing and new skills, the new system will allow you to use Commander XP gained from maxed-out Commanders in new ways. I don’t want to go into any more detail and spoil the surprise!
“What’s the formula for calculating hidden stats on your ship’s guns in port, namely shells? What’s the formula for factors like Air Drag? Where can we find stuff like shell weight/mass?  Sorry, but that’s NDA stuff. However, I can say that ballistics and penetration closely adhere to history, so historical sources like can tell you what you need to know. Keep in mind that time passes differently in-game in order to make the gameplay more fast-paced.
“What’s the reasoning behind the 750,000 Free XP for the Missouri? How’d that number come up and what’s the justification?” To get a regular tier X, you need around 900,000 XP. Missouri is a tier IX Premium ship. We adjusted our calculations a bit to have an even number and wanted to experiment with a new way to make a Premium ship accessible without direct payment.
“Will you split existing lines into secondary lines like what happened to Japanese destroyers? Maybe you could introduce subclasses like light cruisers, heavy cruisers, unarmored carriers, and so on?” This is possible with existing lines. The splits would be purely tech tree based. We don’t plan on creating “subclasses” of ships.
“Where’s the Tone? I want my Tone and I want her to be able to have more than one float plane active and have control over those float planes!” The gameplay you’re describing is exactly why Tone hasn’t been released. We’re experimenting with this unique gameplay for her and similar ships. Once we’ve developed a solid solution, we’ll introduce her and other “scout cruisers” into the game. We want Tone to be more than just a single, quirky Premium ship.