7 thoughts on “Pilsen Map Video

  1. Definitely the first new version looks best imo!

    One comment, is the road in the middle seems \’a bit off\’ in height. As in too protruding (see 1:04min) from the surrounding terrain. Might be just visual deception though.

    1. it\’s probably like that so tanks can sneak closer and do some hulldown work… so it\’s now just flat where you would get sniped right away.
      It\’s not just the perception, it\’s definitely higher than the surrounding terrain and i prefer it that way

      1. Meant more in the sense of it maybe being \”too high\”, so only tall tanks or with good depression can use it.
        Without a tank shown, as a reference point, it\’s a bit hard to judge how high it actually is.

        I definitely would like to see this version in game.

  2. 2nd one is way too open in the middle of the field with hills at the ends, so even if you win the middle you can\’t push because there are gonna be tanks waiting for you to push.

    1st one looks good actually, although it seems really hard to judge without playing it, but a bit more hard cover on the 0 line would be nice, something where you can hide from arties and possible TD\’s. The houses that are there are just placed in very random and useless positions IMO.

  3. That rock on the bridge at the 2:14 mark, 10/10 representation of how bridges work in WoT….

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