LIVE > 0.5.15 PT/LIVE data changes

Thanks to Vaexa


Data changes


  • Graf Spee + relevant modules added
  • Campaigns and missions added
  • Oleg + relevant modules added
  • German destroyers + relevant modules and consumables added



  • Iowa: rangefinders changed, AA changed (cosmetic changes only)
  • Scharnhorst: armour model changed slightly (this shouldn’t have any gameplay consequences; it’s neither a buff nor a nerf, just a small reshuffle of some armour meshes)
  • IJN destroyer changes (these are documented; Kamikaze and Fujin are exempt from these, although this should go without saying)
  • Shinonome: torpedo range buffed (6km > 8km)


Costs per shell fired.

  • 105mm AP Ps. Gr.: cost decreased (5 > 3)

Localisation changes

  • Things were rephrased (god fuck this happens every update)
  • Strings for new ships, modules, etc added
  • Strings for campaigns and campaign missions added

0.5.15 PT > 0.5.15 LIVE changes

Data changes


  • Pearl Harbor flag added
  • ”Coinsup” flag added
  • Squared Circle flag added (again???)
  • Oleg flag added
  • Project Oil flag added

Localisation changes

  • rephrasening
  • Strings for new flags added (see above)
  • Strings for ”volunteer flags” added

3 thoughts on “ LIVE > 0.5.15 PT/LIVE data changes

  1. Also – from http://wows-numbers.com/ :
    \”Recent changes in IJN DDs generated huge mess. WG decided to remove all battles played with old DDs (Mutsuki, Hatsuharu, Fubuki, Kagero) from API. That decision broke data integrity – total battles count for account is no longer equal to sum of battles count per ships. To maintain the accuracy of our statistics (win rate, PR etc) we decided to display all of our data without those missing ships.

    The problem has been reported to WG Support, we are waiting for a response.\”

  2. \”Kamikaze and Fujin are exempt from these, although this should go without saying\”

    I\’m glad to hear this. In the past Wargaming has said that premium ships can be rebalanced with nerfs, they\’re not the sacred cows that premium tanks are.

    I\’d hate to try using a Kami or Fujin as a gunboat. The Minekaze is going to get ripped up by US and Russian DDs.

  3. Dafuq you going on about with the \”Squared Circle flag added (again???)\”
    by prosses of elimination, yer talking about the premium flag for the Graf Spee. This flag is brand new, are you certain you are not talking about an old flag? \’cause i have all the older versions of the flag file on my computer.

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