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Remember the last time I told you that Missouri could now print money, here are 6 battles from a group of Russian supertesters that had been testing in it with and w/o premium, note that you can earn nearly 50.000 silvers by not proving yourself in the battle. They concluded that Missouri has a profitability rate higher than tier 8 premium Tirpitz, Atago, Prinz Eugen…by 35%. Combining with Zulu, permanent camoflague will significantly boost your earning rate up to 60%. In the end, 750.000 free experience for a tier 9 premium ship which can print money 2 times more than a tier 8 premium is not really a bad choice. 

+First battle w/o premium he did 49.200 damage, then processed to let the enemy burn him to death. Earnt 151.800 (post-service cost already excluded).
+Second battle w/o premium he did 89.400 damage, trying to tank as many punishment as best as he could. Earnt 493.300.
+Third battle w/ premium, he did only 11.200 damage, then let the enemy sink him. Earnt 127.600.
+Fourth battle w/ premium, he did 92.800 damage, mostly hugging mountain and snipping, contributing nothing to his teammates. Earnt roughly 743.300.
+Sixth battle w/ premium, “up close and personal” with a fully health Yamato who commited tunnel vision showing his broadside, secondary detonated a half-hitpoint Shimakaze. Total damage 115.300 after the battle. Earnt 1.022.400.
+Shooting nothing, secondary turned off, decided to rush B cyka blyat, got rekt. Earnt 70.000.
This is my quick summary after testing Graf Spee:

The strength:

+ Guns are very accurate, better than Scharnhorst, shells fly fast, good reload time, can overmatch almost all any cruisers it faces and do decent damage to battleships at range.

+ Good turning radius.

+ Secondaries have very good fire chance.

+ Hard hitting torpedoes, very good torpedo launch sector, with just a slight angle you can almost drop both tubes without exposing your belly.

+ Good armor for a cruiser, citadel slightly above waterline.

+ Has Repair Party, increasing its survivability.

The weakness:

– The slowest tier 6 cruiser, only 28.5 knots.
– No turtleback, hence your citadel is weakly protected.
– The AA is ok but not enough. If a carrier wants you dead, you’re dead unless you have DF.

– Slow rudder shift time.

– Torpedo tubes are placed on the stern, and they are big, you can not miss them. Any smart captains will try to destroy or incapacitate them before they come into the range of “torpedo dance time”.

– Shells lose speed and penetration faster than Scharnhorst, lacking penetration power to fight high tier battleships.

– Only 6 guns, 3 for aft and 3 for fw. You will have a hard time fighting agaisnt “kamikaze” destroyers, outgunned by other nations, and if s**t really happens to your main guns, you’re an oversized “destroyer”.

– Because its armor is good, it will manage to “take” heavy damage more often than over-penetration.

7 thoughts on “WoWS: TAP Insider News

      1. Nah, they would just slap a premium Haifuri camo into the Graf and be done with it though. XD

  1. So… that confirms 750k xp for Missouri… which is roughly £85. This is not \”twice as much as a tier VIII premium\” if we take £30-35 as tier VIII prem standards this is quite a bit more. Oh well… there goes that then.

    1. its just a bit more than a Tirpitz, the only t8 premium battleship in the game. remember that all premium BB\’s cost more than other premium ships of the same tier.

  2. Gosh, even if free xp was unified I still can\’t afford it. Too bad for Seagal he\’s staying on Erie.

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