7 thoughts on “M46 Patton KR 9.17 Armor Changes

  1. Cupola is still as shootable as ever.
    I guess this buff is only working against those who can\’t aim, therefore use gold.

  2. Well, at least the mantlet will bounce fucking tier 5/6 shells now. *rolls eyes* I don\’t see why they had to make the mantlet so shitty to begin with. It\’s not like there\’s any significant advantage in DPM or mobility over the standard Pershing that they have to balance out. It\’s like driving a CDC, only with worse DPM and mobility.

  3. WG needs to keep lines similar. Im sick of US tanks that had amazing mantlets INRL on various models get shitty in game stats, while they select a single T54 Proto turret that was drawn on a knapkin that is amazing.

    How many rare parts does the T-54 have? It has a super fake massively OP engine with 200+ HP more than RL. It has a fake hull that is 20% thicker than even later models because it was way to heavy. It also gets a fake gun that has T10 HEAT. All in all it makes a gold slinging T54 better in many ways to a T10 medium.

    So why can`t WG use the Mantlets that were part of the T32`s test project? They had so many experimental gun shields that were simply amazing. Instead they pick a bog standard super thin turret on a line that already has paper hull, meh DPM, Ok gun handling and ok speed.

    The US lines need to follow the T29, T32, Spershing, T26e5, T110e5 and the list goes on. The fact that the Pershing-Prems and T23`s in game have weak ass turrets negates much f the hulldown scaryness of the tanks listed above, and they arent given anythign to compensate for it, like amazing DPM, gun handling or speed.

    Mid Tier US and even many German normal Panzers that were actually amazing tanks INRL or at least amazing concepts are simply non existent, while WG standard favorites get frankentank`d awesomeness.

  4. Good buff. The Ripper Patton wasn\’t bad for an old-fashioned premium. It was worse then the regular Pershing (like it should be), but it didn\’t really had anything to go for or to rely on. With a better mantlet you can at least bully lower tiers and bounce poorly aimed shots, which happens a lot if you play peek-a-boo with the regular Pershing. Damn, I love that tank, I should play it more often. The only downside of the Pershing is that you have to switch to goldrounds to much. The standard AP pen is a bit low and the APCR is just out of proportion. Press 2 for WoT in easy-mode, or bounce half your shots. That emphasizes what\’s wrong with WoT. Again.

    Gold ammo should have a maximum of +15% in penetration, just like the specs of the German long 88 (203-237 mm of pen with AP-Gold), and the total load of goldshells should be a maximum of 15% of the total amount of ammo that you can carry in a tank.

    WG, it is really that easy and I don\’t think anyone will complain about this kind of rebalance. Make AP good enough to pen with skill and knowledge of weakpoints and give the goldrounds 15% extra for tricky situations.

  5. The Armor behind the Gunmantled (turret armor) was until now 0mm, will it be changed too?

  6. say what it has the best on the move acc in game , well maybe not ingame but top 5 for sureos it has that going for it

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