Armored Warfare: No More Arty

Early on in our evaluation of Artillery for Balance 2.0 we made the hard decision to remove the class in its current form. The ability to deal indirect damage to an opponent who can neither see or retaliate was a mechanic that just didn’t work well with the rest of Armored Warfare. Even with our successful efforts to reduce the impact Artillery had on the battlefield, it never completely took away the frustration players had with it. Not only was it difficult to balance around, but it had real impacts on our ability to create maps as well. Each map we made, whether in PvP or PvE, had to take into account Arty firing lines. We couldn’t have complex cover or tall mountains and buildings because Artillery wasn’t able to shoot over them. With only a very small percentage of our active playerbase playing Artillery, this made it even harder to justify keeping the class.


Because of these factors, we had a choice; remove Artillery altogether, restrict the class to just PvE or offer the vehicles in a reimagined class form. We decided to go with the third option and have condensed both artillery lines into a single Self Propelled Gun line which offers high damage at the cost of longer aim times and slightly higher reloads. SPG vehicles now have drastically increased mobility to match their real-world capabilities and their Artillery-view has been replaced with a standard zoom reticle. They do retain access to smoke shells, but the illumination support shells have been removed for now. Because of how different the class now plays, we aren’t committing 100% to it sticking around, but we’d like to get player opinions on the changes during the Update 0.19 PTS cycle before deciding whether to keep it or remove the class with the official release of Balance 2.0.

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64 thoughts on “Armored Warfare: No More Arty

    1. By the way, the class was not removed but changed to be something else.
      I guess this would not really work with WoT though, as the TDs WoT has are already fulfilling the class the AW arties became.

      Unless I misread it.
      If so, correct me.

      1. They will test it like a normal firing vehicle: use the ISU-152 in WOT as a example. In RL it can fire as a arty and also direct fire assault. That\’s how they will test it (only for the direct assault)in the PTR but if people don\’t like it, OE will remove it completely. Spotting rounds will be remove but smoke rounds will stay.

        1. Well, the thing I said stands.
          My point is that there is really no point making another TD line for WoT. Look at the Germans. They already have the Grille 15\’s line, why add another?

          But it CAN happen. I wonder how my trusty G.W. Panther would behave like that.

          A tier 7 Grille 15.
          HOLY CRAP

      2. How can they remove a class that has premium vehicles that people bought for real money? If WG did the same thing. It would be a madhouse for those that owned it.

        1. I have no idea what you read from the comments I wrote, so let me explain it to you.
          The proposition here is that they do not remove the arty class, but change it into another TD class.

          This way everyone can be happy and there won\’t be any sort of crap like the one you described.

          Besides, if the arties would be removed entirely, which is highly improbable, there are literally two premium arties (Sexton I and le fh..something, the frog one), so people could get the price of them in gold and a new tank for the respective nation, which I\’m sure WG can pull out of their arses at any given moment in time.

          So there you have it, a solution for both the real and the not so real situations.

          Any questions?

        2. because they can do what they want, and because FUCK ARTILLERY and FUCK ARTY PLAYERS
          sorry, i just hate having games ruined by douchebags in the corner of the map, shitposting on reddit with one hand and arty-scumming with the other

          1. Well we saw how well that went in WOT when they nerfed the SP. But then again I suspect not that many have actually bought that premium SPG. As I\’ve hardly seen it when playing. So I suspect it\’s not much to give back to the 5 players that did.

  1. apparently their IS sentience and rational thinking out there in internetz game land as WoT dies and the language of the NA servers goes from English to Spanish and Portuguese.. I\’m glad i have something to transition to

    1. Amen. WT was always a shitty ran game, but this is exactly what WOT needs and the reason so many Beta players who were the main top players left the game.

    1. You mean all the top players?

      I know its easy to imagine they are \”Cryers\” but many of us can deal with arty and in fact are better than 99% of layers in it, however we know its a game killer.

      The same players who saw this issue of imbalance warned so hard about it because it promotes garbage game play. And the same issues of camping, non dynamic gameplay that was covered up with bandaids for so long has simply been running out of things to change instead of the actual problem.

      So really sorry to say, but the Majority of excellent players who started the game at least on NA have left. And its sad, because they were the ones WG should have been catering to, because simply put they understand the game much better.

      Why is it you dont see arty almost at all in competitive gaming? IT ISNT DYNAMIC AND CONDUCIVE TO KILLED PLAY. It relies heavily on RNG more so than any other mechanic in game by far. And while some RNG is ok, that amount isnt.

      ALL GAMES now days that thrive are modeled towards gaming leagues, this is what tons of players watch and want to look up to. WG admitted it has grown stagnant and fallen behind completely and thats because the real game ISNT AT ALL like the competition.

      And a major reason is newbs hugging rocks and never pushing forward because they get blapped.
      As well as the great players moving from medium tanks with great vision control to super heavy brawlers where you only have to worry about opponents on the ground.

      Im sorry but being a great player and fighting and hold a position on your own vs 3 others and making them all shoot you multiple times as you slowly kill them one by one is not the same as some clicker who just bought his tank pressing a button once and insta poping you.

      And that isnt some aberration like in WOWS where you get a detonation that has a 1-100 game chance, that can happen even to great players 1 in 10 games and to a baddie 1 in 2 games.

      Im sorry but that is simply bad mechanics.

      And its not that we cannot take advantage of them, its that we see it as terrible for the games health in the long run. All of WOTs competition has luckily been retarded but as soon as anyone decides to copy WOT and just take out some of its really unhealthy aspects…Its done.

      In fact WOWs has stolen a ton of WOTs talent and is 100x more balanced as a whole.

      1. World of Warships balanced? LUL what is this that I\’m reading? 😀 😀 😀
        – Campers in smoke clouds wank there for 3 minutes.
        – BBQs with 4 fires, because cruisers should counter battleships, no problem.
        – Cyclones that forces everyone into a brawl, paper cruisers can go AFK meanwhile.
        – Radars and the amount of gunboats making it a living hell for torpedo boats.
        – Perfectly aimed shots that do 1000 damage in 1 salvo, and the next it does 3 citadels.
        Yeah PERFECTLY balanced 😀

      2. Now bad idea, wg care only for players ho put money in the game not for good, and 99 % are ok players ho put money in game and do not care about being a good or great player. So if you do not like it come to armored worfare the most hateful game after wot.

    1. Faster gameplay, game mode that is epicly good, little to no arty in that game mode – does WoT ever had that? Nope. And never will.

      So catatonic – brain melts from lack of movement there xD

    1. AW is not dead….PVE is still alive an kickin strong aswell as GO. NA yeah PVP is mostly dead i wont argue there but PVE is still alive on NA aswell which is the main reason people moved to AW PVE is more relaxing an chill an is fun in its own way

      1. I did try to play PVP here a few days ago in my premium I got for $1 in an E3 bundle. Tier 6, took 4 min to find a game. Tier 3 it took 10 seconds. And it was 5PM. PVE on the other hand was instant each time.

    2. Lol, complains about NA servers….
      NA is full of CoD, Overanimatch, WoW, LoL and Meinkampf-KRAFT players 😀
      Its their culture – cant really blame \’em.
      *looks at new president*
      Yeah… I need to tell more evidences? 😀

  2. I would really like to hear how exactly does arty prevent a hidden TD from camping ?
    Arty will wait and scare those who are camping and the only one who can actually do something about that sticky situation is scout.

    How we could actually prevent camping is we give scouts some cool functions like calling a scout plane that would fly over selected area and spot everything in it\’s view range (and spotting would work the same as it does with normal tanks… so it wouldn\’t interfere with tanks like Rhm and such).
    This function would fill and refill with spotting done by the player… like getting 500 or 1k spotting dmg assist to unlock the plane.
    Plane wouldn\’t count towards refill, so no insta planes.

    That would actually prevent camping and force people to move.
    Combine that with wot balance 2.0 where armor actually means something and you have active games.

    Arty does nothing more than prey on those who had enough of sitting behind sturdy cover or in a bush… and then arty will 1 shot them/ detrack and frighten them back to cover.

    Imagine this: you are on malinovka, you get the hill and now you think about pushing down but there are enemy players camping down. If you try to spot them and take a few shots you maybe spot 2 but they also spot you and arty will fuck you up while they are sitting behind some rock where arty can\’t hit them.

    Here scout would call the plane (if it was available) and spot at least a few camping TD\’s, shooting and then pushing down would happen. Nobody falling back because \”fuck arty will 1 shot me now, i better go behind the windmill\”

    Sorry for this essay.

    1. You make a good point and we know that consumables like this plane idea of yours are not only possible, but are already sorta implemented.
      I would say this could take up on a higher level: add AA vehicles, which is entirely possible, and further the plane types!

      Though this idea may be a longshot, it sounds good on paper.
      Well, at least for me.

      I would really like to see some good AA tanks shooting down planes in WoT.
      Oh well.

        1. Well I\’m not saying I don\’t, however, you have to consider that the Nimród can be placed in tier 3 as a TD and would be basically a better Marder II!

          You know I am right. 😛

  3. I wouldn\’t really mind if WG copy it and make all art into SPG.
    Remember in Philippine campaign, US army also use some SPG for direct fire too.

    And with new siege mode, it offers new idea; all SPG need to enter siege mode to using indirect fire, but even that they need to make do without satellite view. Maybe normal 1st view but with shell trajectory indicator. So if you want a more reliable hit.

    At any rate, nope, i will stay for WoT, even if AW has no arty. Last time i checked their forum players there also still waiting for Balance 2.0… which mean it won\’t come soon.

    1. TBH I think they should keep arty the way it is, except you can only shoot from a normal camera. Meaning just like real arty crews or mortar crews, you need to worry now about aiming with windage but with distance. Similar to how you see in WOWS. Why the hell do they get a birds eye view anyways?

      No make them aim like normal, and give them a small adjustment for say + 50 or -50 meters and hmake them range in shots over rocks and buildings just liek real life where you adjust fire. Bump up fire rate for them as well.

      This would make campers basically a death sentence as the arty will eventually shoot over and murder you but moving is almost 100% safe to you vs the arty.

      Also this would make arties prerange buildings etc and you would have to chose where to hide.

      1. What about this add on to what you both said:
        Zoomed in map view, where enemy tanks spotted by friendlies are marked.
        Then the spg can \”pingmark\” a circle and start shooting at it.
        While where the shots lands are reported back to the spg\’s via friendly players.
        And the spg can adjust the aim based on these reports?
        Circle becomes smaller and smaller based on shot reports from friendlies.
        Or something similar.

        Altho… this would work better for AW with faster firing SPG\’s, than WoT, with mostly slow firing SPG\’s.
        \”until the swedish tier 9 and 10 spg\’s enter the battlefields, if ever \”WoT\”.

        in AW, Archer Artillery System, would only need a big circle if using Bofors 155 Bonus.

  4. So what about those that was stupid enough to buy their \”premium spg\” bundle? I suspect those people are mad now. But then again the 2.0 balance changes are things that should have been there from day one. Especially the damage based on caliber instead of tier.

  5. AW\’s decision is somewhat right. Since modern SPG are really powerful, and since there\’s no love from the playerbase, might as well get rid off it.

    btw whoever thinks about move to AW at NA region, think twice. There\’s barely anyone on NA that plays PvP or Global OPS, just PvE turkey shootout is boring after a while.

    1. some of us have shitty ISP cause its the only ISP in town XD i have 3MB enough to play on NA but i get 300+ ping on EU so meh i enjoy PVE anyway even if it is a turkey shoot still more enjoyable an 10000x more fun then WoT ever was since i started in Aug 2011 on WoT

  6. The arty fix thats best is simply making them aim like normal. The Gidmode birds eye view is the problem,

    Make arty have to range in and adjust shots and \”walk them in\”. Bump up fire rate so they can miss often and adjust. Also bump there firing angles.

    They would aim in a semi zommed mode at a linear object and then get a + 50 -50 meter adjust wheel. They then would have to start lobbing shells and adjusting all while moving etc.

    This would mean campers essentially would be murdered 100% and the longer they stayed the odds get worse. Movement would be the only answer. So if you get penned down you either risk running and getting shot or staying and getting blapped.

    Not only is this far more realistic, but it actually promotes the anti camping as well as promoting teamwork. Obviously the best players would take only 1 or 2 misses while the baddies would miss all day. This is the most elegant solution and ACTUALLY WOULD HELP THE GAME ALL ROUND.

    1. This is a good suggestion when it comes to making arty gameplay more interesting. But the problem is that getting hit by a 240 mm shell on your head will still cripple most tanks severly :/

    2. All of this was said 7 years ago – it never worked, it never will.
      Eliminating cover is dead-killing the game.

      And while you getting shot from arty – you go forward into the enemy or fall back?
      Falling back. And thats where arty is directly responsible for camping.
      It happened in WoT few years ago – dont you remember?

      1. I was here since the beginning and this was not tried at all. There has always been the gods perspective satellite of doom camera that ruins the game. They should have to fire in 1st person mode like the rest of us and range in the mortar from there.

        It punishes campers, because the more shots the arty gets the more he dials in your exact location. And it makes movement the only safety from arty.

        1. For the fastest class it is.
          What about meds? Heavies? TDs?

          Campers are those who camp BEHIND the front or second lines – the only thing arty punishes are the ones who brawl or are in frontlines.
          Arty causes those brawlers to go back – and that is camping already.

          Movement makes safe from arty yes – but you cant go forward. There are enemy tanks who will kill you on sight – so you go backwards.
          And that is camping already.

          Arty has place only in hybrid games – not vehicular ones.

  7. Arty mechanic is bad only if it\’s in PvP. If WoT had PvE missions and arty was restricted to these missions only then no one would give a damn about their massive alpha, indirect fire unfair-ness or RNG nature. All is fair in PvE and love. If WG designs PvE missions well, where it may actually be very desirable to have an arty on your side in order to achieve all mission goals, to maximise the final reward, arty enthusiasts would not feel bad they got kicked out from regular battles.

  8. So is this the last desperate effort that Armored Failfare has taken to try to steal the last few players from WoT? 😀 😀 😀

    1. They always thought they can steal WoT player easily, but without realising they need numbers on-par and beyond WoT\’s level to make it work.

    2. Nah. It was just useless. But they are in the process of stripping down the game to the very basics. They got rid of the Base feature recently.

      1. Base will come back. ASAP.

        \”But they are in the process of stripping down the game to the very basics.\”
        You might want to read about Balance 2.0 – even WoT never had such complex mechanics.

        1. Couldn\’t care less about \”complex mechanics\” when i can\’t find a battle to join because nobody is playing….again because the game is lame as fuck. Go back to kissing asses wHoras, you\’re as lame as the game you so fanatically defend.

          1. These mechanics were suggested for WoT years ago.
            Now they are for real in AW.

            What does that mean? That AW devs are actually give a damn about the game while WG just cashmilks all of you?

            Open your eyes – see the truth. Or be a blind sheep and keep paying for prem time and OP prems – the choice is yours.
            Dont talk about what you dont know OR lick WG ass like Aliosha…
            Easy mode.

  9. That is the end of Armored Warfare for me.

    Waiting for the same in WOT when the cryboys reached their target….
    Will have many spare time then….

      1. I have to be really bad when I do not think that spg\’s are a big problem? \”atleast in WoT\”
        Yeah, sometimes I might be damaged, other times they miss.

        Cancer? I might very well have preferred to have that.

        1. \”Unretaliateable damage is good\”
          – Shiva, 2016

          Just think about for a second, will you.

          Why WT doesnt have arty then? Maybe because it breaks the gameplay? (strike call is not arty – it has a big delay with a warning)

            1. Im not Zefy, I wont get mad at my missed steaks 😀
              Strangely, even google didnt find suitable word for that.

              Anyways – I win.
              You ran out of arguments, so you started nitpicking, HEY OOOOOH, bitch…

              1. Wait what, was this a competition?

                Too many arties that got the last few hp\’s off you tank and they registered as the killers?

  10. Does it take 3 games to actually realise that arty isnt part of the fun and fair gameplay?

    Its like you go into CS GO and then bam – mortar killed you. Same here.

  11. My guess if artillery gets removed the prem artillery will stay in the game and in wot I can see alto of lefhs and sexton artillery just trolling everyone lol as they buff them for the Lulz and the lefh becomes tier 4

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