VK 28.01 9.17 Changes (Gun Depression & Model)

Thanks to Edward for sharing:

As you can see in the attached images, the gun depression was dramatically buffed (it still looks weird, the angles are pointed in random directions) and it allows -10 to the front and some more to the back, when it only allowed -5 to the front before. I have tested this in-game on the test server and it matches.

Also, the gun model for the 105mm gun is much longer now.

Old model:

New model:


19 thoughts on “VK 28.01 9.17 Changes (Gun Depression & Model)

          1. Well actually i got in love with the VK when we met half year ago so dont be fast to say that none cares about the “little” Cougar :)


  1. 28.01: Hey 12t, look at me, the SerB viagra is working (fap

    12t: (looking at itself) **sigh** (fapfap

    T21: (Finding viagra on Amazon)

    Meanwhile, 59-16 is overdosing chinese viagra, turns into 121, never depressed again.


    1. I’m just happy I won’t have to go to extreme measures to blap a M41 Bulldog sh*tloader in the face before he clips me anymore.

      You can see it coming a mile away and there’s nothing you can do.

      At least you can take solace in the fact you took most of his health, killed his gunner and fuc*ed his ammo rack proper (in ONE shot) before you die like usual.


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