How To Make New Premiums

29 thoughts on “How To Make New Premiums


                    you gotta use all caps for clickbait titles🙂

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        1. I don’t think you can actually determine the direction in which electrons are oriented since all we can see is measured waves put in picture.

          They came up with angular momentum but i think that whole thing is just a bunch of theory and nothing more.

          So until they invent something even more amazing than quantum microscope or whatever is the best now…

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    1. ………………well…….you see…….uh…..

      prior to m46 kr coming out, there was a tiger skin for pershing and super p made by modders.
      3 months before 46kr came out, a friend asked me to make one of these skins work again. but the files i had to work with were for m46. so i copied model files over to make it easier and faster on myself.

      and rereleased a m46 tiger skin, and pershing skin (didn’t make them, just fixed them so they worked in HD)

      and the file on nexus downloaded 10k+ times on its first week.

      3 weeks later, m46kr is announced. and it looked copy pasted off the skin i had fixed, which i got from the original creator who made it 3 years prior. who made it based off a picture of a historical tank with the color scheme.

      so in summary…..modders might be a bit to blame. we gave WG the idea of remodeled, reskinned tanks(and have asked in the past for some to be used as camo)

      also to blame, Armored warfare who has been selling fully upgraded tanks with new camo over and over.

      and lastly to blame, WG was lazy and their interns found out photoshop can be used for more than memes.


      1. i would actually be interested in an ultraviolet is-6. give every other tanker cancer. no ammo required!


      2. The so-called “black” kind of is already out of the visible spectrum when you think about it… It could be infrared, ultraviolet or even gamma; it wouldn’t matter.


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