Q&A by Anton “Evilly” Pankov

Major thanks to Vlad for translating. Source: livejournal

– Flat TD’s make the enemy lose HP continuously while clinching. – Yes, we reproduced that and are working on it now.
– Minimaps are good overall, but can be improved still. 1. More contrast to see the height difference better; 2. Remove entries to “black” zones of the minimap or highlight the ways into them; 3. Some minimaps have bad highlighting of destructible objects, they should be white; 4. Since the minimap is supposed to be informative, positions of bushes would be nice, but only if they don’t overlap with the height differences; P.S. this is my subjective opinion, the first things that came to mind regarding maps; – Now this is a normal description of a problem/suggestion, thank you;
– What about returning the public chat as an option? For those who really need it? People are used to it and want to communicate – why do you prevent this? I don’t believe that a checkbox is a huge problem; – The checkbox isn’t, the question is: what is it needed for, for those who “want to communicate”?
– Will there be an article with detailed information on the 2-3 caliber rule? What will change, for example on the FV4202? – There is a detailed article and a video on this topic;
– Is this change unavoidable? If yes, please fix the penetration of tanks, change economy, bonus for tanking. Or do you hope that people will be happy that there will be less penetrations and thus more ammo costs? A great example is the 9.16 spotting system, I completed the LT-15 mission and didn’t drive LT anymore, what fun is it to get spotted, taken out, and then get sixth sense popping up? – The test is there to test the new functionality. We’ll decide based on the test results;
– Will you remove the limits on low-tier maps in the patch? – Why? Are you bored of sealclubbing on the same maps over and over?
– Do I understand correctly that the huge whine regarding public chat removal wasn’t heard by the devs and the OPTIONAL re-implementation is not to come? – Not for now;
– The stats still have ranges in the values for penetration and damage. People probably are bleeding from the head already trying to knock on your door telling that we need mean values. Too hard to implement? – Being worked on;
– You should’ve given the option to purchase this as a camouflage (talking about Black tanks) – Camos are being worked on separately, but far from release;
– How many years have to pass by to implement the “defaultZoom” mod into the game? – Added to the “wanted” list for the next patch;
– Any hope for the Centurion 7/1 to get buffed? I’m done with playing a tank getting wrecked by tier 8 LT; – No immediate plans regarding the Centurion;

Comments without questions:
– Currently, there is a stabilization and precision bug, the fix will come soon. Also, fixes of Swedish HT’s and the 2-3 caliber rule;
– Improvements of the damage counter, tank comparison, tank stats 2.0 – planned for next version;
– No plans to return public chat;