Q&A by Anton “Evilly” Pankov

Major thanks to Vlad for translating. Source: livejournal

– Flat TD’s make the enemy lose HP continuously while clinching. – Yes, we reproduced that and are working on it now.
– Minimaps are good overall, but can be improved still. 1. More contrast to see the height difference better; 2. Remove entries to “black” zones of the minimap or highlight the ways into them; 3. Some minimaps have bad highlighting of destructible objects, they should be white; 4. Since the minimap is supposed to be informative, positions of bushes would be nice, but only if they don’t overlap with the height differences; P.S. this is my subjective opinion, the first things that came to mind regarding maps; – Now this is a normal description of a problem/suggestion, thank you;
– What about returning the public chat as an option? For those who really need it? People are used to it and want to communicate – why do you prevent this? I don’t believe that a checkbox is a huge problem; – The checkbox isn’t, the question is: what is it needed for, for those who “want to communicate”?
– Will there be an article with detailed information on the 2-3 caliber rule? What will change, for example on the FV4202? – There is a detailed article and a video on this topic;
– Is this change unavoidable? If yes, please fix the penetration of tanks, change economy, bonus for tanking. Or do you hope that people will be happy that there will be less penetrations and thus more ammo costs? A great example is the 9.16 spotting system, I completed the LT-15 mission and didn’t drive LT anymore, what fun is it to get spotted, taken out, and then get sixth sense popping up? – The test is there to test the new functionality. We’ll decide based on the test results;
– Will you remove the limits on low-tier maps in the patch? – Why? Are you bored of sealclubbing on the same maps over and over?
– Do I understand correctly that the huge whine regarding public chat removal wasn’t heard by the devs and the OPTIONAL re-implementation is not to come? – Not for now;
– The stats still have ranges in the values for penetration and damage. People probably are bleeding from the head already trying to knock on your door telling that we need mean values. Too hard to implement? – Being worked on;
– You should’ve given the option to purchase this as a camouflage (talking about Black tanks) – Camos are being worked on separately, but far from release;
– How many years have to pass by to implement the “defaultZoom” mod into the game? – Added to the “wanted” list for the next patch;
– Any hope for the Centurion 7/1 to get buffed? I’m done with playing a tank getting wrecked by tier 8 LT; – No immediate plans regarding the Centurion;

Comments without questions:
– Currently, there is a stabilization and precision bug, the fix will come soon. Also, fixes of Swedish HT’s and the 2-3 caliber rule;
– Improvements of the damage counter, tank comparison, tank stats 2.0 – planned for next version;
– No plans to return public chat;


29 thoughts on “Q&A by Anton “Evilly” Pankov

    1. Imagine if you had to interact with all the wot pubtards that rarely have more to say than “TANK IS OP!!” “TANK IS UP!!” “GAME IS BROKEN!!” “MODS R HAX”

      I doubt anyone would resist the salt for long


      1. I’m not saying the salt is unjustified. It’s just intruiging to see the salt develop everytime someone does a Q&A.

        If I had studied psychology this would be thesis worthy. Studying how someone slowly breaks under the weight of telepubbies. :)

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  1. So someone asked about the shitty reskins and was shot down by a ‘not my problem’ answer.

    I wonder why they didn’t ask about the annihilation of the Swedish high tier med/heavies.
    Because that shit is outrageous.

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  2. – Will you remove the limits on low-tier maps in the patch? – Why? Are you bored of sealclubbing on the same maps over and over?

    Yes ! Low tier is now sad before the change i loved playing my low tier premium like the T-127 and now it’s just as boring and stupid as mintengrad so i don’t play them anymore.

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    1. Actually tier 2 premiums for crew training is silly as they only see Mines and Mittengard. But premiums like the T-127 at tier III? Well at least they fixed the map rotation for those. As before you only did see Ruinberg more so then not. Now they have added 4-5 more maps into the mix for tier III. So it’s not that bad to train crew on a tier III premium with +1 MM.

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  3. Why do people always ask about the new spotting mechanic like it increased the 6th sense delay to? I mean it’s still 3 seconds. You get spotted faster, but the delay is still the same.


  4. This Q&A highlights that WG don’t actually give a fuck about the common opinion of the wider player base.

    Typical WG will be ignorant and dismissive of the player base and as such will see the number of active players to dwindle further.

    Even there community contributors who are probably more influential than WG themselves are panning the direction the game is going down.


  5. Why is it so hard for them to grasp that lower tiers are for learning. Nobody learns mechanics on Mittengard, Fiery Salient, and Malenkova are good maps for learning the game. Even Provence taught the value of spotting.

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    1. Those view range abusable sealclubbing paradises didn’t teach shit to new players. To learn such mechanics you must first be aware of them. New players don’t know anything about the game and bashing their faces into a wall repeatedly only accomplishes frustration and disinterest in the game.

      It’s only ever people with 10s of thousands of games played that complain about lack of tier1-2-3 map variety. Stop pretending you want anything other than ez clubbing vs 50%crews


      1. We all started with a large variety of maps, we all faced a certain number of clubbers and there was a great deal of satisfaction in learning the game and occasionally beating them. They are still in the lower levels except you can’t learn anything in Mittengard except how to die quickly. The only people who think the lack of low tier maps is a good thing are those who like seeing inexperienced players rushing up the ladder too quickly. It helps you boost your Win8 while complaining about the low skill levels of the masses.


        1. yes, we did all start out with a larger amount of maps and far heavier seal clubbing than exists currently, so you know full well how frustrating and not fun the game was when you started. WG tried to remove some of that frustration in order to retain new players.

          Oh give it a rest with the wn8 fap fest. Only shit players care about wn8. Players rush up the lines no matter what, half the fun is unlocking a new tank. It has no correlation to number of low tier maps. Please, shitter, be honest with yourself, you just want to sit in a bush on province with binocs and 4skill crew and spot the enemy team in their spawn and automatically win the game. Otherwise you wouldn’t even bring up the subject of low tier maps


          1. I object to the lack of low tier maps because I learned how to play on a large variety of low tier maps which provided more opportunities to try new things. . Fiery Salient with the shorter view ranges of lower tiers provides a huge variety of ways to fight. When I see tier 5 players wandering out into the field on Malenkova I know they are bots,, trolls or they didn’t get a chance to learn how to play properly in the lower tiers

            Some of us don’t rush up the tiers. As an occasional player, I usually play tier 5 or 6. I have a Mutz which I break out every now and then to remind myself that I really have no business in high tier battles although I do have some success in it when I use it like a scout.

            Schnitzeltruck, you are a very good player, better than I ever will be, but you’re also a power munchkin and can’t speak for the casual players that WG admits are the actual, if not desired, bulk of the player base.

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  6. “Will you remove the limits on low-tier maps in the patch? – Why? Are you bored of sealclubbing on the same maps over and over?”

    No, because I also enjoy playing some of my low tier tanks. That does not make me a seal clubber. Maybe you only enjoy playing top tier tanks – does that make you an elitist? How about instead of talking like a jerk, you come up with a way to just let new players with minimal games get in with each other and quit insulting your player base.


    1. Well said good sir, I don’t play low tiers so I wouldn’t really care if they changed it, however if I had a friend join this game I wouldn’t want it to be very cancerous when they start out. Cause all of that will happen when they grind higher tiers, people go full retard regardless of the tier, lot easier to play low tiers because you can virtually pen and/or damage anything down there reliably.


  7. I like the removal of 3 caliber rule because it was unrealistic… but they have to come up with another rule that takes into account no armor tanks like skorpion and such.

    I mean i don’t know what happens in real life but 183mm shell would probably ignore 1mm of armor because it would simply melt it.
    But 3 caliber rule was also pure bullshit… 122mm shell will pen 40mm plate at 89° angle while 120mm shell will bounce off 40mm plate at 71° angle.

    There has to be some way to make this work.

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    1. 3 caliber rule was perfectly fine up to this day. It might not be the best representation of reality, but heck… this game is arcade! And 3 caliber rule was nothing but balancing mechanism for it, so tanks like IS-3/4, T29/30/34 and many others can be outsmarted with comparably “weak” tanks like WZ-111 or IS-6.

      I would love to see how those 3 new tanks (tier 8-10 Swedish TDs) would behave WITHOUT overmatch changes, because I don’t think it would hurt their intended gameplay even a tiny bit…


    2. You can probably bend 1mm of armor easily. Any shell with the possible exception of 5-7mm shells (though this is being very generous) will easily tear into the tank with no issue at all.

      Being able to theoretically bounce with that kind of armor from a 183mm is the biggest hair grabbing shit I could think of.

      What I propose is a more realistic version of the 3 caliber rule. Perhaps an 6 caliber rule or something that tanks into account shell weight, velocity, impact angle, etc.

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      1. I really wish to know more about penetration, hypervelocity, deflection, shell shattering and such.

        WG said there was a real life rule made that was similar to 3x caliber rule… i wonder how much of that is true.


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