Black Friday in WoT

With today’s micropatch, there were introduced three popular high-tier premium tanks repainted in black: T34 B, SchwarzPanzer 58 and IS-6 B. The idea is no different from what the developers presented the console version of World of Tanks on the occasion of the upcoming Black Friday. What do you think? 😉

shot_104 shot_105 shot_106 shot_107 shot_108 shot_109 shot_110 shot_111 shot_112 shot_113 shot_114 shot_115 shot_116 shot_117 shot_118


35 thoughts on “Black Friday in WoT

  1. while the idea is rather underwhelming, it’s nice to be able to buy 3 crew trainers, and they’re pretty good tanks to begin with ( the mutz certainly is a good tank, as is the IS-6.
    it’s a good way to grind crew Exp.

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  2. In my opinion it is bullshit, but on the bright side, the German Bulldog finally has a family AND we didn’t get those horrible inscriptions on the gun and turret sides.

    I suppose it’s worth it for those who seek to go with a shitty reskin.



      1. The heck will spend a bent penny on these, I already have an IS-6. I don’t need another.

        Though admittedly, it would be funny to spam the battles with both… hmm…


  3. They look super nice, however I still think WG should sell the regular tanks (on sale) including a black paintjob camouflage specifically for that tank only. Why should we have 2 identical tanks potentially taking up more space in the game files when we can have OPTIONS and happy players.
    This would also open up for players already having those tanks to buy the Black paintjob camouflage instead of just not buying the tank because they already have the same tank except without the camo option…

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    1. that could be an option if those tanks werent in the ingame shop…

      is too easy for big clans to buy those premium tanks with gold and then just pay a minimum for the paint.

      it is business and “free” premium tanks (for those lucky ones that earn tons of golds at CW/esl/etc) cant have the same advantages as paid versions of the same ones.


      1. You do realist that it’s a tiny minority of players that consistently get enough gold to buy T8 premium tanks right? Only like the top 20 clans on the server and then only 1/2 of their members or so…..

        Statistically completely negligible .


  4. Would be nice addition if WG would sell special event camo’s, as custom one time applicable camo.
    Instead of fixing it to one premium tank.


  5. They look much prettier than the peasants versions with stupid inscriptions.

    However I’ll never pay 40 bucks to get a reskin of a premium I already own.
    If I could buy black camo for my IS-6 in the Appearence menu, then “hell yeah”, but not paying again to get a black copy-clone.

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  6. Holy shit, I would say YES if they release a T26E5 B (as black edition) so I don’t waste my time with this Trum-wage, but I have to say NO because its just a T34 B. Fuck this.

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  7. And for owners of these tanks?
    Surely they won’t make us feel left out because we bought it already. That would be a massive middle finger.

    Camouflage option for owners of these machines would be expected from anyone else than WG..

    Suprice me in a positive way for once.

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  8. I’ve been after a Mutz for a long time now. Will got for the black one when it’s up in the store :D.
    Wonder if this tank get do anything due to the color.


  9. since i own the mutz but i never played it, wasn’t sure if i wanted to spend money on a game that has no future and , I am just going to get a refund and buy the black one ,


  10. I would buy the black Mutz but the question is whether or not is it going to be on heavy discount as one might expect due to the event.


  11. They need to stop selling tank with stupid camo or the game will look like stupid guys fighting in rainbow tank. This insn’t serious and break even more immertion of the game.


  12. Just sell paint jobs loll sell like skins of the tank as it swaps the models of the version of the tank… Hell let us make the paint jobs like in Warthunder even add armor tracks .


  13. This is kinda lame, what about the people who have already got the normal premium tanks? They have to buy them second time just so they can have the better side of them?


  14. Tbh I was hoping this would be a console thing only. Now they are showing AW copycat tendencies with black tanks of existing premiums. I really don’t like the direction with all the crazy skins of late.

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