WoT Console: Black Tanks will have their prices reduced

Nice job addressing the community’s complaints, WG.

Dear Paulie P,

When I left you in charge of the Ironclad lot so I could supervise the production of these once in a lifetime “Black Edition” tanks, I thought to myself “There’s no way he could screw this up!” Things were actually looking pretty good. Discounts were a bit stingy on the daily deals but they sold surprisingly well. Pretty good staff you got working for you there.

Then, I wake up this morning to an inbox full of complaints all about the “Black Edition” tanks that I’ve been working so hard on. You call those deals?! Did you fail out of kindergarten math? On top of it all, it’s Black Friday and supposed to be the biggest sales of the year!

I got thousands of these Black tanks on the way to the lot right now — THOUSANDS! You and the team need to get to fixing this, NOW. So, here’s what you’re going to do, increase the discounts!

  • Back in Black Mega Bundle: 35% Off
  • Back in Black Ultimate Bundle: 30% Off
  • Back in Black Duo (I, II, III) Bundles: 20% Off
  • Individual Black Edition Tank Bundles: 15% Off

You and the team need to get the word out. And before you ask, I don’t care if some of them are better deals than the normal tanks. Don’t forget to mention these Black Edition tanks earn 75% more Tank XP per battle.


The Big Boss,



11 thoughts on “WoT Console: Black Tanks will have their prices reduced

  1. Good to read this feedback and change from the (US based) Console team!

    If anyone wondering why dev of the PC version doesn’t do feedback like this. Remember the WoT Console version is run by a US based company. They have a different view of user feedback and value that feedback very differently than the Minsk/RU company.
    This doesn’t mean Console is perfect, as it does have a few weird balance things.

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  2. Looks like we will get the same on PC, micropatch had Mutz Black, IS-6 Black and T34 Black in the files…
    Hooray for originality I guess.

    Why can’t they keep this shit for consoles and mobiles?


    1. At least it looks better than those last two premiums the EU got with red/white/blue/stars clown camo’s.

      But I do agree, keep it on blitz/console only.


      1. Yeah it looks better, but these reskins are terrible ideas and a lazy moneygrab scheme. It it was a new premium like in the case of the Patriot and Liberté I’d say it’s alright, but reskinning already existing premiums…

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      1. vehicles_level_08_hd.pkg\vehicles\american\A13_T34_hvy_BF

        In the res\packages folder


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