WoT Console – Back in Black for Friday


9 thoughts on “WoT Console – Back in Black for Friday

    1. Oh come on, no need for cancer references. Grow up for crying out loud…

      Not great these may be but they are not close to the ridiculousness of the Liberte and Patriot things.


      1. I’m not crying. Well, maybe I’m using this word a bit easily.. But the amount of tanks with ugly or weird camo is increasing a bit too much for my taste.

        I absolutely love the Berlin paintjob. (HISTORACAAAAAAL! and classy)

        I’m fine with the Mutz and Skorp.

        Trumwagen and French Clown are UGLY AF. Especially the French with its cock.

        About this one, just like the Black dog, the color is classy. But those stupid 100 years/WGL logos really ruin it. Their place is in the garage or as !removeable! emblems, not really as mandatory Pepsi/Coca-Cola ads painted on war vehicles. :/

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    Somewhere, someone is having a hissy fit, demanding it to be called African-American Edition!
    And that someone is most likely part of said ethnical group.

    Aaaaanyway, I’ll stop right here, before making it too racist.
    Can’t have all the fun at once, eh?


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