WoWS: Belfast Mission Available on RU

Why cannot the other servers get something like this too? It would really boost premium ship sales.


5 thoughts on “WoWS: Belfast Mission Available on RU

  1. “Why cannot the other servers get something like this too?”
    “this is a Russian server..this is Russia. (…) to feel proud about the country, the motherland.”

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  2. Because EU is the cashcow that’s milked for money.
    Having great deals would hamper cash flow, which is already guaranteed.

    NA is a specialized and very fickle market that jumps from one product to the next rapidply, and WG is trying to keep alive, the good deals are helping with that (apparently).

    SEA is a lower income market, and WG has to keep that in mind in order to stay competitive over there, hence the sweet deals.

    RU is a fickle market with a crashing currency. No deals = no more customers.

    China is just too specific, no conclusions.

    In short, EU is the perfect market for WG, and for the same reason you won’t see deals for 1 month of premium (the most lucrative for WG), you won’t see the best deals in EU.


  3. Some Dev. told me that WG is considering to have a similar event with either the Shinonome or Graf Spee on the EU cluster.
    I suppose it’s gonna be the T6 DD. Graf Spee will even make more money than the Scharnhorst.


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