WoWS: Tested Ships

EDIT: these ships have been previously covered on TAP, click on their names for stats and/or pictures

Thanks to Babykim, EU

This is a forum signature of an alpha tester from a Russian forum.

Several things are of note:


Tier 9 destroyer USS Black

Tier X cruisers USS Worcester and USS Buffalo(Buffalo would be a cruiser. Battleships are named after states and that’s a city. USS Buffalo was a Fargo class light cruiser. Construction was cancelled before she was finished.)


Tier 3 premium cruiser Oleg and an undefined tier X ship


IJN Tone at tier 7(Japanese Cruiser) and S. Dragon and E. Dragon(reskinned LJN ships intended for Chinese server) and an undefined tier X ship

Shinonome, Japanese tier 6 premium destroyer.