WoWS: Tested Ships

EDIT: these ships have been previously covered on TAP, click on their names for stats and/or pictures

Thanks to Babykim, EU

This is a forum signature of an alpha tester from a Russian forum.

Several things are of note:


Tier 9 destroyer USS Black

Tier X cruisers USS Worcester and USS Buffalo(Buffalo would be a cruiser. Battleships are named after states and that’s a city. USS Buffalo was a Fargo class light cruiser. Construction was cancelled before she was finished.)


Tier 3 premium cruiser Oleg and an undefined tier X ship


IJN Tone at tier 7(Japanese Cruiser) and S. Dragon and E. Dragon(reskinned LJN ships intended for Chinese server) and an undefined tier X ship

Shinonome, Japanese tier 6 premium destroyer.


15 thoughts on “WoWS: Tested Ships

  1. S. Dragon and E. Dragon are some sort of ARP equivalent on Kongzong server (China).

    Worchester, Buffalo and Black have been in the game file for ages, and Buffalo is a cruiser, not a battleship (4×3 8inch)

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        1. if the Buffalo is going to be a cruiser then we will get 2 new tier 10 cruisers? the Worcester is supposed to be a light cruiser and that’s been a long time since the light/heavy cruiser split has been rumored so I guess that was to be expected, then what about the Buffalo? a tier 10 reward?


  2. S. Dragon and E. Dragon are Myoko class (Chinese versions of the ARP ships) and Worcester is a Tier 10? Suppose its a similar ship to Minotaur and they’ve made Buffalo a Battleship? That was originally a tier 10 cruiser


  3. All mentioned ships have been around for some time. The unidentified Test Ship has the form of the Bathyscrap from this year’s April Fool’s event, has very high speed, but guns that deal very little damage. It even has a properly written description that states its purpose to test maps, and that its armament was best used on shore targets.

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  4. If Seb had even the slightest idea of WoWs, or in fact would bother reading the stuff he’s posting, he’d had noticed quite a few of those ships. In fact, he should’ve recognized all of them except for the test ship.
    But hey, why would the guy who runs a blog know what his blog is about, huh?

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      1. Then we’re back to lack of quality. How hard can it be to check your own blog when you see a list like that? If Roflcopter hadn’t pointed it out that most of the stuff has been on this blog already, Seb wouldn’t even have done that. Seeing a list like that should’ve make him look it up in the first place.


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