Update 9.17 Common Test Review [Video]

PS: The 9.17 Test should be playable in the next 30 minutes – 1 hour, if it isn’t online already.


21 thoughts on “Update 9.17 Common Test Review [Video]

    1. lol we both wrote similar stuff :D

      btw, is your xp and gold also “unknown” ?
      I have “- – -” where the gold and free xp numbers should be… so i can’t test any tank.


  1. yet another comment of mine – this new tanks are extremely hard to pen (TD tier9 and 10).
    You just turn on the shooting mode and look a little down and they can’t do shit.
    But it’s balanced with this shooting mode which is slow as fuck.

    So far they are fun to play but don’t seem to be completely op.

    The easiest way to kill them is detracking


  2. WG deserves a very slow clap – they managed to make tank more broken than TVP and Grille – STRV 103B.

    5,1s reload in siege with vents/bia/food (that’s around 4,5k DPM….), 40km/h reverse speed (45km/h forward), frontally only pennable into the hatch with new overmatch mechanics (they are stupid aswell, I was torn on them but yeah they are stupid), obviously good depression, good gun handling. Yes, siege mode is kinda awkward but you’ll learn to work with it eventually, other bad thing is side armor, that can be managed too.

    So, tank with good mobility, very good armor, very good gun, best DPM in the game, good depression… But WG obviously can’t see any issue with it.


      1. Well, difference between this and waffle is that the waffle had one good feature – the gun (accurate high pen gun with insane burst), rest was shit – no armor, slow, huge, shit camo.
        This is completely inversed – it’s good in almost everything and only siege mode brings it down. Ultimately my issue is that in some situations it’s completely broken because of the DPM + armor and in others it can’t do shit because of siege mode mobility.
        I also forgot to add – very good camo, 27% stationary camo without camo crew IIRC.

        Oh and Kranvagn. Let’s take 50b, give it amazing gun depression and amazing turret. It’s slightly slower than 50b, gun handling is similar and it has longer delay between shots but all of that is so marginal when you realize it’s an autoloader that has actual armor and it can trade whole clips without taking any damage.
        The turret will actually bounce premium STRV APCR with 350mm of pen, without using gun depression. How are you supposed to kill it if you can’t do much DMG to it when it’s shooting, is mobile enough to run away when it clips and the clip reload is short so you are not vulnerable for 40s+?

        Both tanks are just flatout stupid and need serious rebalance. Which is not gonna happen because people have their $$$ ready to convert free XP to get OP tanks.


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