[0.5.15 PT] German DDs – Screencaps + In-Game Stats

Compiled by jacquesbsj

Tier 2 – V-25

Tier 3 – G-101

Tier 4 – V-170

Tier 5 – T-22

Tier 6 – Ernest Gaede

Tier 7 – Leberecht Maass

Tier 8 – Z-23

Tier 9 – Z-46

Tier 10 – Z-52


5 thoughts on “[0.5.15 PT] German DDs – Screencaps + In-Game Stats

  1. The exact definition of Powercreep in action, they can do everything better than other DDs with very few if not any downsides


  2. If anyone is curious about the ballistics of the guns, here:

    It’s graphics showing penetration and dispersion according to range, and compared to other ships.

    The 128mm is about halfway between the USN 127mm and VMF 130mm in terms of arc, and identical arc for the 150mm

    However, the 128mm has the worst base penetration of any DD guns, except maybe for the very light 102mm and 120mm guns of early tiers.
    It does however keep its penetration rather steady, making it better at penetration at ranges of over 8km then the USN and IJN 127mm.

    The 150mm has the highest base penetration of any DD in the game, but the VMF 130s have better energy retention and penetrate more at ranges of over 7km

    *note: the 130mm gun used is the one on the Udaloi and Khaba, the one of the Gveny all the way to the Tashkent have less base penetration, and might just be (slighty) inferior to the 150mm at all ranges.


    1. I’m very much worried about the turret rotation. This is almost IJN-levels of bad. Range is rather limited as well.


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