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According to a Russian source, when the second line of IJN DD comes out, the current line will be balanced as well. Well, you know the 4 Mutsuki, Hatsuharu, Fubuki & Kagero will be downed 1 tier, right? If you haven’t sold them, it’s your lucky day because the new Japanese ships which will replace their position will be given for free. ( Ex: I have Fubuki in my port, I will receive Kagero for free, each of them will come with a captain as well (we do not know if they have any skill points to spend or just a freshly recuited captain). Let’s hope Lesta will do be generous to us WoWs players.

-TAP’s Insider


12 thoughts on “WoWS News

  1. Wait… For example: I have both Fubuki and Kagero. Do you mean that I will keep Fubuki at tier 6 and Kagero at 8, and given Yuugumo at tier 9 for free? That’s better than expected :D


    1. WOWS – how WOT should be :)

      I hope it is true – now i also have Fubuki and Kagero – it would be great to have one DD extra with captain and slot.


    2. The new ships “which replace their position”. He even gives an example stating you receive 1 ship. As much as i’d like it, it is pretty clear to me we only to swap the ships for the new ones, not getting to keep the old ones on their new tier.

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    3. No, I don’t think that’s what they meant. They’re saying your Fubuki turns into a Kagerou, and your Kagerou turns into a Yuugumo. To have the new T6 Fubuki, you need to first own the current Mutsuki.

      Basically your ships are getting replaced with the tier equivalents.


  2. It’s the least they can do, considering they’re completely butchering the line, making “torpedo ships” inferior at using torpedoes than “multipurpose ships” like USN DDs.

    And doing things for the lulz, like making a “gunboat line” that’s not only slower than a lot of cruisers, but have utterly trash range, DPM and turret rotation.

    Enjoy your free ships, by which I mean enjoy the free credits.


  3. “According to a Russian source, when the second line of IJN DD comes out, the current line will be balanced as well. ”

    That balance menans more nerf. 127mm gun HE damage get a nerf from 2100 to 1800 because everyone knows hop OP are these guns, also all IJN DD from t6 to t10 the worst win rate and damage wise compared to others, clearly needs more nerf, hit them hard that they can’t stand up anymore.


  4. OK sorry to be late to the party but i just started to care.

    So it seems if you own a Tier 6 now, youll get the new Tier 6. and etc. So that means

    If you own you get

    Fubuki (T8) new Kagero (T8) when Fubuki drops to T6
    Mutsuki (T6) new Fubuki (T6) when Mutsuki drops to T5
    Kagero (T9) new Yugumo (brand new T9) when Kagero drops to T8
    Hatsu (T7) new ?? (T7) when Hatsu drops to T6

    Is it the Akatsuki or Shiratsuyo?

    I assume Akatsuki so as to keep that tree full???

    I think i answered my own question but id love some wows feedback pls


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