9.17: New Armor Values (Löwe)


39 thoughts on “9.17: New Armor Values (Löwe)

  1. For Lowe’s mobility, unless it gets armor at least as good as Tiger II, these buffs are not justified.

    Since it has a different gun than Tiger II, why not giving it 350/360 alpha instead, plus some RoF buffs. Oh WG….

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  2. 170*cos(45) = 120mm … so 185*cos(45) = 130 (forget the float difference).
    So that big frontal upper plate buff is +10mm ?
    I thought they said they were going to buff the frontal armor so it will be able to tank.

    130 mm when perfectly angled (50 deg) gives you 200mm of effective armor.
    I rather not tank with that.
    btw on Tiger II perfect angle gives you 225mm effective and we all know how good that works.

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        1. Lol i did the same mistake when i saw the picture.
          I used the formula for calculating the effective thickness… which is triangle anyway.
          Le = L/ cos(alpha) and therefore can be used for calculating the actual armor thickness if you turn it like this: L = Le*cos(alpha)
          L == actual armor thickness
          Le== effective
          alpha == angle at which the shell hits and penetrates the armor (post normalisation)

          To get alpha you say:
          cos(alpha) = L/ Le = 0,7058
          alpha = arc cos(0.7058) = 45.1059°

          Now you take that and calculate L = Le * cos(45.1059) = 130.6 °

          So they buffed it either for 10 or 11mm


  3. Wow. All I was hoping for was a buff to 150mm on the flat of the nose. This will make thing a bit more interisting. Is this super test or planned for the next update?


  4. Quit the game if you don’t like it. Who the fuck cares – or play IS-3. Are you so dumb that you don’t know if this is competitive now? Or are you so disappointed that they didn’t buff it to Mouse level?


  5. Just FUCK OFF. You can do good in any tank in game. Löwe *”will” receive -10 depression and some “turret” buff you fucking fat ignorant. Now it has good accuracy with decent gun stats. Just fucking quit game and go play your *fag AW with other fags which cant realize some basic thing. No offence to homosexuals.

    *fag – are peoples comparing two different games, and complaining.

    *testing in supertest now i belive.


    1. I’m sure all of us know that Löwe has good acuracy, excellent penetration, good shell velocity and decent stability stats, combined with very good VR.

      All of us also know that Löwe has pretty weak armour for a heavy and is about as quick as a snail suffering from sever hangover. It also has the joint-worst DPM of T8 tanks, and doesn’t have premium MM.

      People were wishing that it would be buffed enough to be useful at tanking damage and pushing in T8 matches, but as you can see from the armour profile, that didn’t happen. The armour got better, but not that much better. Oh well, at least it gained 1 strong point that will bounce a shell or two when someone aims badly.

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  6. This thing needs a rate of fire buff, armor is fine
    It would be interesting to compare the Lowe with the T26E5
    T26E5 – impenetrable from the front, Lowe – totally penetrable from the front
    T26E5 – shoots 240 damage at every 6 seconds, Lowe – shoots 320 damage at every 10+ seconds
    T26E5 – decent mobility, Lowe – trash mobility
    T26E5 – included camo, Lowe – no camo
    T26E5 – credit card tank, Lowe – available in the tech tree

    Overall it’s not even a choice!


  7. I read that war gaming states these are only starting values and if they are found to be ineffective they will be buffed further. Remember these are super test numbers not final numbers or buffs.

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  8. Devs:
    – What about the T-34? No advantages except for alpha and penetration. Horrible stabilization, low maneuverability, low DPM. -– It will be buffed if necessary
    – T34 is losing in comparison with T26E5, though they cost the same. It’s hard to make the T34 work – fully aimed in, missed, 13 sec reload, getting damaged. Almost always like this; – T34 is more expensive than T26E5 and has a way more powerful gun;

    TL;DR, Buy the T-26e5…it is way better all around and won be disappointed


  9. thats no where near a big enough buff the tank is half the speed of the is3 with half the armor. it needs to have an ufp capable 210 effective at least. that way when angled it will actually be able to tank vs some higher tier tanks where as this current “buff” will make it better vs tier 6s thats about it.


  10. It is so funny that löwe performs better according to wr and dmg, compard to vk45 and tiger II which are fucken regular tier 8 cars. WG just fu u


  11. T34 is hurting even worse than Lowe. Its entire gimmick was amazing turret armor worst gun handling and worst DPM for 240is pen, but guess what all tanks at T8 are going 230ish pen now and they have better everything. Its 400 alpha used to be big, now its meh and really bad when considering it has T7 armor, no speed and shit gun stats.

    Things like T26 and new Frenchy make it look pathetic, at least Lowe has laser cannon.


    1. 248, its more then Maus, E75.

      Gun stats sucks, but still best tier 8 pen and for now dmg.

      Turret after 9.17 will be better, cuz of lack of 3 times gun calibre rule. We will have to see, but for now T34 is just better then Lowe.


  12. So… It’s still useless? UFP should be 220+ effective to be useful. Now it’s stille pennatrable for almost every tier 7 and every tier 8. The lack of armor should be compensated with mobility to make it work, but the Löwe also doesn’t have that.

    And all the people saying “learn to play, Löwe is fine” are just cunts. I played my last ~1000 games in purple stats (2350+ WN8), so I know how to play. It’s not just hard to play, it is a bad tank. The Skorpion is hard to play, but if you get the hang of it, it’s a monster. The Löwe will never be a good tank without armor.


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