[Featured] FAME preparing for 5th Campaign (EU)

FAME has made a video regarding the preparation for the new campaign. Shows off the real rivalry with the other clans. I encourage other communities to try and do more nice things like this.

WG needs to bring back cross-team chat, at least for Clan Wars.

(Thanks to Xaneleon for sharing!)


14 thoughts on “[Featured] FAME preparing for 5th Campaign (EU)

  1. Man I knew the guy with the flute had to be shishx xD
    Anyway good luck for the CW
    Oh yeah and keep up with the mountain goating

    ❤️ From Omni ❤️


    1. Why? ^^
      We won from the best of the best, the RU superstars.
      We have nothing to fear from in our own server, this has been known widespread.

      FAME might think much of themselves, but that’s largely because it’s proven that FAME is thé #1 clan in the world right now.

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      1. Alright, granted I haven’t played tanks in a long while but I’ve always had less than savoury encounters with some fame members, whether it be randoms/teambattles/clanwars. Now I know those vocal twits don’t speak for the clan as a whole but it’s those types I want to see fall. ‘Course they might not be in the clan now but hey, it’s wot. It’s a toxic environment and there are always cuntwhistles in any clan at any given time. ;3


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