First bans on EU for illegal mods?

A short note – It seems that Wargaming started banning players using illegal modifications on the EU server. How they can verify that someone is cheating or not? – we do not know yet and probably it will stay like this for a long time (the discovery of the anti-cheat mechanism might require reading and analysis of the network traffic between your computer and the server). However, I strongly advise against playing with the modifications referred to in the official WG announcement. (here)

Below, one of the alleged 7 day bans (without informing the player), interestingly even before the announcement of the blacklist:



9 thoughts on “First bans on EU for illegal mods?

      1. I checked reply, didn’t saw mission rigg. At the begining of the battles I was thinking to see Maus gonna bounce a lot of damage, but… it wasn’t.


  1. I am pretty sure some of the illegal mods can be detected with server data only. For example the aimbot. On the server you can get a list of players with very high hitrate. This list will consist of very good players and players with aimbots. If you then look at data for example if the direction of shooting changes with exactly the same speed of the enemy tank the player is shooting at, it must be using a bot. A human will always have a slightly different lead because it is not a robot. Big data analysis can detect unusual patterns. WG seems to conclude to ban players based on it. That’s why they state that WG doesn’t need to supply proof, because they will likely not have proof of the mod being on your computer, but conclude it from the unusual pattern in the way you are playing.

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  2. somehow, i can only rejoice at the sight of players getting banned. wargaming is on one side incorperating the mods neccesary to make the game more fun. better sounds, better telescopic aiming, HD tanks, better UI. on the other hand, they ban people who abuse mods to give them an edge that shouldnt be there.

    the purpose of mods hasnt changed throughout the years. to give everyone an equal chance for having game enhanched fun. the bethesda games are the greatest example of this. gun mods, texture mods. even nude mods, shared on a common ground for everyone to enjoy. i can remember medal of honor allied assault, or even the very first call of duty, having mods on their servers, so everyone can enjoy them without someone having an edge over the others.

    i loath the current days where mods are seen as nothing but cheattools for people to abuse, and it are these people who get punished for this crime.


    1. even if its the internet. a gigantic medium where people can share stuff, they are not above the law. even unwritten laws that tell you that cheatmods arnt allowed. they must receive punishment for their crimes.


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