T95/Chieftain Spotted on EU

Remember this tank? No, not the tier 8 one. The tier 10 noone heard about in a long time.

Turns out a guy from the EU clan EFE-X was playing it yesterday.


Thanks to Hyan for sharing.


10 thoughts on “T95/Chieftain Spotted on EU

    1. It’s 10, unless u wanna say they played a t8 game with 11 players.
      And what’s funny? I’m pretty sure he didn’t get the tank by rigging (read “hacking”) wg’s server and give himself the tank…


  1. I’m really wondering how he got his hands on one, I thought that EU server had no supertesters anymore?

    If it does I want my status as a supertester reinstated as well.

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    1. Maybe he got it as a reward for some kind of unique service?

      There have been a number of games gifting special in-game rewards to players that e.g. reported things like gamebreaking exploits in the code.


  2. i heard wg fucked up when they gave out the rewards for the tier 8 chieftain/t95 campaign, some tier 10’s got given

    not sure if its true


  3. Anonymous: “Funny to see that it is the same clan that got 11 of its players banned for rigging a battle.”
    shadyrush: “Maybe he got it as a reward for some kind of unique service?”

    So that put together he might be the one telling WG about the riggers and so they rewarded him with premium tank ?
    I’m just guessing

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      1. i have no idea. I just put the two opinions together and proposed the possible reasons for this guy having this tank.

        How do you think how he got it ?


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