WoWS: König Albert Available on EU

Ship (Tier III BB) and slot, 9.95


Ultimate package: Ship and slot +

  • Doubloons: 6500;
  • 50×Zulu Flags;
  • 50×Zulu Hotel Flags.




8 thoughts on “WoWS: König Albert Available on EU

        1. The good thing is that it will make you a nice training, as I’m very difficult to torp in lower Tier Battleships. ;)
          I looove so much to troll DDs with my Wyoming/Arkansas :D


  1. Anyone excited about this ship? Looked it up, and lo and behold, it was the only German BB not present at the Battle of Jutland, AFAIK it has no real claim to fame. Or it must be that she participated in actions against Tsarist Russia.. Terrible turret layout and probably non-existent AA. I don’t understand why this ship was selected as a premium. Even as a tier III and therefore cheap ship, I think I’ll pass.


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