Supertest : Lorraine 40t complete stats

The only prototype has been built in 1952. The vehicle had tubeless wheels as well as an oscillating turret. It went through trials, but never made it to mass production.

Tier : 8, medium, premium, France
HP : 1300
Engine : 850 hp
Mass : 40 t
Power-to-weight ratio : 21,25 ch/t
Max speed : 60/-23 km h
Hull turning speed : 34 °/s
Turret turning speed : 37,5 °/s
Terrain resistance values : 0,863 / 0,959 / 1,726
View range : 380 m
Radio range : 570 m

Hull armor : 40 / 30 / ?
Turret armor : 45 / 30 / ?

Gun : 100 mm SA47 A

Alpha damage : 300 / 300 / 400
Penetration : 232 / 263 / 50
Rate of fire : 6,819
Damage per minute : 2045,6
Clip reload time : 39,161 s
Time between each shell : 2,727 s
Shells within the clip : 6
Accuracy : 0,364
Aiming time : 3,07 s
Depression / elevation angles : -8°/+15°

Armour schematics :

Ammunitions :

Gun :

More pictures :


30 thoughts on “Supertest : Lorraine 40t complete stats

  1. premium? check.
    superior to the 50 100 like the IS-5 is superior to the IS-3A; but still “balanced”? check.
    THAT much superior? check.

    Boom, CW reward!
    Or it will be nerfed to the ground and sold.

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    1. Mongoloid? check.
      Where the fuck is the IS-5 better than IS-3A? Way worse turret, worse hull, cant backsidescrape, same shitty gun (slighty better softstats) but still shit. I have lots of T8 premiums, such as Löwe, T34, IS-6… but IS-5 is definately the worst for me. Even worse than the useless Chieftain. It just hits nothing and is easy to penetrate.

      You are as stupid as RITArd.
      I bet u are a 500 WN8 bot which is in a noname clan and is always crying because of the trashy reward tanks.
      Fighting 2 weeks for “OP” tanks like Chieftain and IS-5, which are so shitty that I dont even play 50 games in them. Or the awesome T95E6 where u only play 4 weeks for.
      Git gud and stop crying


      1. Wow.. I think I found some ocean-deep a**hole, prompt to insult like no other for no reason.
        btw I’m 2000 recent wn8. but even if I had shitty stats, you could still at least TRY to be polite. You are the living evidence that being good enough to earn CW tanks doesn’t necessarily mean you are smart.

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        1. I’m just sick of so much bullshit. Always these bots who have to complain about everything WG does.

          CW Rewards are nowhere OP, they are not even good (maybe 907 is good, if u compare it to 430).
          I dont get it why people always want to have everything for free, they want a T10 reward tank for being shit. They want an “OP” IS-5 for doing nothing.


          1. “I want to get a tank that looks cool + seems to performs well and I am ready to PAY to get it, unlike CW guys who fought to get it free” also exists, you know…


  2. now this is definitely worth buying if it costs around 30€
    Well… nothing is worth buying in WoT … but you get my point, it’s nice to have a fun autoloader that makes lots of credits.
    From the stats it looks like a faster AMX 50 100 and that thing is amazing.


      1. dayum, if it stays almost as good as it is right now i will seriously consider buying it.
        I mean when it comes to tech tree… because this will definitely come to tech tree since it doesn’t have any fancy bears or scorpions drawn on it.


        1. Scorpion, Panzer 58, Blak Bulldog, 13 57, Liberte crap and the new T26E5 all had their models without those stupid skins when they were introduced. Almost all of them still have non-skinned siblings visible in the game files as a separate tank.


  3. 50 100 isn’t a bad medium tank (no, it’s not a heavy, not with that mobility and armor). This is better than 50 100 at everything? Except armor but comparing very bad to complete shit, it isn’t really that big of a deal. If this gets sold with those stats it’ll be the most op tier 8 easilly.


  4. I’m quite sure it’s gonna get a nerf, I’d accept it as it is, if it had worse dispersion than 50 100 but it’s actually better ( – fenks Fabunil), while being faster and having better depression and clip reload.
    Other possibility is this getting 90mm with 212mm pen that’s on AMX M4 and ARL 44, pen and clip potential will go down, everything else can stay.


  5. They have to buff it’s traverse speeds (hull and turret), nerf clip reload time, buff radio range and nerf that pen down to 225 or some shit.

    It shouldn’t be better than AMX 50 100 but it also shouldn’t be slower than 50 100 (traverse wise).
    I like the idea of prem tank being as good as standard… but if it’s better that’s not the best thing you can do for your already poorly balanced game.


  6. Jeez, this crap better not be a premium shop one, because if it will be, then the little shits will spam them everywhere, it will worse than the Skorpion flood, OH GOD WHY!


  7. Can’t imagine it to get into the game like this. If I recall correctly, these stats are almost the same as old Tier 9 Lorr 40t and in the right hands, this thing was a super deadly mofo. Put it one tier lower and it’s too OP.


  8. I also see simply no reason for it to have that 100mm gun. give it the 90mm DCA 45 and things look a lot more balanced to me.
    otherwise I can only conur: sure, a tier 8 MT as a prem-tank, that is superior to a tier 8 HT? Absolutly balanced, because the Lorraine also gets better gun depression as comparison, eh? *fp* plus most probably better MM because of better battleweight.

    and autoloaders as prem tanks were a no-go for a long time, that seems to have been skipped with the swedish tier 6.
    if this comes ti live server as a regular prem, brace yourself to a lot more autoloaders in battles. and with those stats, that tank can even hurt tier 10s, even the russian meds, with APCR even most HTs.

    but chances are good, that many new players buy that tank and fail miserably.


  9. In a 1v1 it stomps over all tier 8 meds, the pen and clip potential are just too much,
    Just checked is against other meds. also better p/w ratio so it can outrun as well, ground resistance also just the same as others.
    I would buy it, I had it and loved it(55%wr), sold it to buy the Bat Chat.


      1. Well, Skorpion, despite being stupidly strong for a premium is atleast somewhat different playstyle to borsig and has some stats that are worse (DPM, camo), this is just flat out better 50 100. Only has 100HP less and worse aimtime/accuracy (which is more than balanced by soft stats) and offers exactly the same playstyle really.

        People are not gonna be happy if they release it like this. I’m all for premiums that are not shit but they can’t be best on their tier either.


  10. someone in the forum noted, that the gun is exactly the one from the techtree-Lorraine, which was tier 9. so it is VERY possible, that the tank will come with a different gun in the end.

    if thex remove the 100mm and give it a nice 90mm like that “Canon de 90mm Vo 930 m/s” the BabyBat has with a little tweaking/nerf to the clip-reload and the drum reload, things would look totally different. 1440 burst damage are still very good, but with 200mm pen you are not guaranteed to get 6 pen-shots.

    but we will see …


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