Wargaming: VR Plans

Wargaming, the creator of the game World of Tanks, at the moment is not planning to move their products to VR. – Said the representative of WG – Ivan Zhivitsa.

“We have to wait until the market would form. It is too early to undertake the work, it could result in losses. “– He explained.

According to WG statistics, the number of players who possess any VR device is on the case within the limits of statistical error. Ivan Zhivitsa adds that as long as these devices have weight problems and shortcomings, the fundamental is that it will not been possible to use them for a long time.

Wargaming is currently engaged in the development of VR technology for educational purposes and entertainment:

“We believe that one of the most promising aspects of VR is education. We have long been working with Google, and together with them we have been developing projects of this type in the world market. We already have several projects completed – a virtual tour of tanks and other vehicles, giving the opportunity to watch the tank or vessel from the inside.”– says Ivan Zhivitsa.

In WoT, VR devices are used in testing and transmission of e-sports.

“For now, these are tests, but overall we are working on such a platform. It will not be a separate game mode, only the use of the game “– adds Zhivitsa.

Source: ms.online


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