AMX M4 mle. 49 Buffed

Profitability: + 10%
Hit Points: 1500 (+150)
View range: 370 m (+10 m)
Frontal hull armor: 190 mm (+10 mm)
Hull roof armor: 45 mm (+25 mm).


27 thoughts on “AMX M4 mle. 49 Buffed

    1. well the is3 still has its stupid hd hull armor so why not with this thing. also unlike the is3 this thing cannot expose any side armor to anything because its only 55mms thick thats only a tiny bit better than the caernarvon and everyone know how remarkably shit that things side armor is. seriously its gonna be one of those tanks were frontally its tough BUT as soon as something gets the side its gonna melt in an instant.


      1. IS-3 frontal armor is crap compared to this. It has 160-190mm effective UFP armor, if it is angled or not. M4 will have no less than 230mm even straight unangled.


      1. Well, my jagdtiger 8.8, T54 first proto, Fcm50T and Skorpion are also moneymakers. You can do next to nothing in premiums and still manage to get a minor credit profit.


        1. Premiums differ in shell cost, repair cost, some miss and/or bounce more shells, some are capable of higher DPG, some can do more spotting, some are just too slow to get any cleanup damage etc. So IIRC every tank has “profitability” statistic (used to be visible in tank inspector I think) that is sorta trying to even this.

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      2. Sorry but Lowe is the worst money maker you can buy.
        I have around 2150 WN8 on it (not saying that’s great) and i played 640 battles with it.
        Why am i saying this ?
        Lowe’s gun only has 320 alpha damage while it’s shells cost you 1000 credits. (T34 has 400 alpha and shell costs 30 credits more)

        Now profits it makes vs. how much you pay for repairs and ammo, at the end you are lucky if you make 35k profit in this thing (non premium account).

        When i play Lowe and i do 2500 dmg i will make around 35k profit.
        Now when i play STA-2, T-44-100, JgTig 88 and similar tanks i will make at least 50k profit with that damage.

        Not so long ago i did 4k dmg with Lowe and i remember the net income was only 40k because ammo cost me more than 24k (again,non prem account). I also did around 4k dmg with T-44-100 and my profit was 68k.

        Lowe used to be a good money maker but not anymore. This is just another forgotten tank that won’t give you consistent credits.
        Same goes for FV4202.


          1. yes it’s decent tank but it would be good see the old school money making Lowe instead of what we have now. You could make 100k profit without prem account in this thing, now it is what it is.
            They just need to lower the ammo prices of low caliber guns.
            Let’s compare
            KV-5: 320 dmg (AP) – 270 cr
            M4 Rev: 390 dmg (APCR standard) – 580 cr
            Lowe: 320 dmg (AP) – 1030 cr
            FV4202: 230 dmg (AP) – 680 cr

            And if you play them you see that Lowe and FV4020 are the worst credit makers while M4 Rev, KV-5, JgTig 8.8 and similar tanks are some of the best you can pick up.

            And i can afford to fire a few prem shells with 8.8, KV-5, T-44-100 etc…. but if i do that with Lowe i will get close to no profit or i will even lose credits.


    1. The armor schematics for a lot of post-war French tanks can be vague as hell. There’s dispute over whether the AC MLE 1948 should have the same armor as the Foch, and the foch’s side armor itself is arguable


    1. To be fair, it could still be on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of profitability. Since it looks pretty good as is, profitability is probably going to be lower than the likes of say the Lowe, Jagdtiger 8.8cm, T34, or Type 59.

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      1. What I am saying is that these profitability bonuses only pay off if you are either a ‘good’ player who can get enough damage done in each and every battle, OR a premium time user.
        Since i do not consider myself that good, neither do I use premium time, I see this as a pointless buff that will only make the tank better for a specific percent, and that is quite upsetting.

        I understand your point of view, but still, think of the little shits who will drive around with one of these!…


      2. Prems with higher pen and better armor (as in mle. 49 or IS-3A) in average will earn more, as they perform better in the hands of bad players, they survive longer and they will not have problems with so many bounces, thus lost credits.


  1. I played the first version at a WG event, that was before the nerf. Wonder how the new one compares to the old one now. Only played 2 battles but it was pretty good then.


  2. FFS…when will the PC version fork into two separate games:
    1) the Russian market version, run by the current development/management mafia
    2) the rest of the world version, run by a fully western development team which is enthusiastic and has knowledge about tanks. Without being biased.

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  3. Seen 2 of them today on EU that have the old stats still “based on the HP”. He bounced several shots from an elited T-10 and T30 with the 120mm gun. So I don’t see why he needed an armor buff.


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