WoWS: Seagal Captain will get buffed

Quoting the source which contacted TAP directly:

“If you have not started grind for Steven, it is high time to do it: In 0514 update he will receive the following buff: • Expert Loader (75% to reload time when the shell type is switched, while ordinary skill give 50%) • Expert Marksman (+3 deg/s to the traverse speed of guns with a caliber of up to 139 mm. +1 deg/s to the traverse speed of guns with a caliber above 139 mm, while ordinary skill gives +2.5 and +0.7 )”


17 thoughts on “WoWS: Seagal Captain will get buffed

    1. So Steven Seagal got Russian citizenship from Putin. Today. Now – that’s what you may call a BUFF. I expect that every ship under his command will now fire nukes every 10 seconds :)

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  1. wait how long is that mission there for? also i dont even think i would want to grind out a new captain at this point because ive put a lot of work in to the captains i do have and they are pretty well skilled so doing all that work again just for some minor buffs seem meh to me. the only line i dont have a decent captain in is the carrier and putting him there seems pointless.


    1. You have time until December 15, and you need to get 70k base xp, so you’ll probably get Mr. Sameface along the way.
      Of course you need to have missions unlocked xD


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