Supertest: Lorraine 40t Initial Stats

Tier: 8, medium, premium, France
HP: 1300
Max speed: 60 / -23 km / h
Turret turning speed: 36 °/s
View range: 380 m

Alpha Damage: 300 / 300 / 400
Penetration: 232 / 263 / 50 mm
Reload time (magazine): 40 s
Reload between magazine rounds: 2,75 s
Rounds in magazine: 6
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,38
Aiming time: 3,2 s


29 thoughts on “Supertest: Lorraine 40t Initial Stats

  1. That fucking aiming time and accuracy. Still worth buying imo. with that sick penetration and alpha.
    1800 in one clip isn’t bad and with perks of a medium tank that’s a great deal if you ask me.
    I hope it comes to the in game tech tree so i can buy it for gold asap.

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  2. i bet they just put on sale with no mission for people who owned it before it was removed… i miss this tank i was better in this than the new bat tap because at least with this you could fire a couple clips blind with no worries in the bat tap its not worth risking 1 clip.


  3. will need to know its hp/t and terrain resist before i say good or bad

    but i will say…..232 pen….300 alpha…6 round….that was good tier 9. at tier 8 its overkill

    remember WG saying they didn’t want autoloaders clipping heavies (WT auf E 100 vs maus)

    well….math says….how many tier 8s have 1.8k hp…heck there are some tier 9s who don’t.

    problematic there. so i’d guess it will lose 1-2 shells before it releases.


    1. Ever heard of 50 100? From these stats it looks like it trades HP and gun handling for mobility, clip reload and depression. Oh and armor……


    1. The Somua SM could easily be buffed to be great. Then again, other than the 13 75, and the 50B which was buffed and nerfed multiple times, I don’t recall WG ever buffing a French vehicle…hmmm, I wonder why?


      1. They did buff revalorise on supertest. It used to have -5 depression.

        AMX M4 has got buffed. Twice.

        ARL V39 got aimtime buff and reload buff IIRC.

        B1 got gun buffs and then HP buffs.

        BC AP used to have only 90mm on supertest.

        There is probably more, but these come to my mind.


        1. I forgot about those, but it’s important to note that the AMX M4, ARL V39, and B1 were, afaik among the worst performers in their respective tiers. I didn’t mind any of them, but the buffs simply brought them a tad bit closer to adequate performance. The Revalorise and BC buffs were done strictly on Supertest, which meant that nobody except supertesters got to experience them in that condition.


  4. I seriously don’t get it, it was good when tier 8 (OP in fact) but became underpowered when changed to tier9, now that they have found a better option for tier 9 (amongst other reasons there’s also the easier progression/adaptation from tier 9 to 10) I thought they would return the 40t to tier 8
    it would be the most logical option not only for crew training but also for researching, afterall researching a tier9 with a scout is not easy since you are heavily dependent of your teammates actions, if they don’t shoot at the enemies you spoted you won’t get scouting xp


    1. It was removed as it did not follow the light/med line to way. The change of play from tier 8 to 10 vs it was just to big. It’s close to the style of the 50 100 vs the 13 90 and the new bat. So I’m glad they did not do it as a bridge research tbh.


    1. The Lorraine 40t was previously in the game, and it hasn’t been considered op for a very long time. Understand that French autoloaders are well balanced for the most part, if not slightly underperforming.


  5. There are not enough tanks to make a complete line they said. Yes, that’s true when we see: AMX CDC, M4 Revalorisé, FCM 50t, AMX M4 mle. 49, Lorraine 40t, Somua SM …
    Thanks WG for screwing the French tree …


    1. The AMX 30B line was supposed to be a full line, but apparently Richard Cutland, aka the Challenger of EU apparently spoiled WG’s relations with Saumur. Also, WG isn’t particularly fond of the French in general :^)


  6. Well. I don’t even know where to begin with. If it wasn’t over one in the morning, I would write a novel about how this is shit.
    But now I rest.

    Man, this bullshittery…


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