T26E5 Patriot Complete HD Renders


16 thoughts on “T26E5 Patriot Complete HD Renders

  1. jeezass Christ. They realy went above and beyond this time. Especially with writing “We the people” on the barel. I can’t decide between being offended , pissed just LMFAO. Well, it will surely stick out on the battlefield like a nail on a flat board.

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  2. Well the camo is bad, but it could be worse, at least it’s just covering the front part of the tank, and the stats obliterate most of the tier 8 american tanks.


  3. I really want this tank.

    Sure, it looks gaudy as fuck, but then again, so does the Ripper Patton, which I also own.

    The stats on the gun are muy excelente. Basically what the Super Pershing should have been to begin with.

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      1. It’ll likely be Veteran’s Day then. That’s November 11 this year, which is also a Friday (perfect timing for a weekend event and bundle).

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  4. Why the heck must they put this horrible skin on the T26E5 Prostate?
    I mean, the T26E5 Potato would look so nice without those… ugh colors and shit!
    Imagine a T26E5 Prolapse without all this crap, with the orange-brown-yellow desert camo!
    But no, they just had to make the T26E5 Parasite into this vomit inducing crap.

    I wish we could get a normal version of the T26E5 Phallus, if it ever comes out in the EU server. :I

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    1. you can

      its called go to res folder. drag and drop T26e5 folder contents into T26e5 Patriot.

      and you get the camoless skin.

      its EASY. and since u did it in res folder. you don’t have to redo it every patch


      1. Or, if you’re feeling particularly lazy, just download a skin from the forums. I’m guessing Milkym4n will have his own out pretty quick, and, considering how his Skorpion skin turned out, it’ll definitely be better than WG’s. I’ll also be putting one out as a part of an American skin pack, which changes the base color of all American vehicles to a dark-olive color. (See my forum thread on NA if you’re interested: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/505250-0916-classics-skin-workshop-new-download-hub-skin-packs-updated-mt-25-fv304-skins-released-oct-5th/ – sorry, don’t mean to advertise :P)


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