T26E5 – Final Parameters

Off-topic: I finally finished the exam I had for driving school (with the max score, of course). More time for posting!

HD Renders

Tier: 8 (HT)
HP: 1500
Engine: 704 hp
Mass: 46,402 t
Power-to-weight: 15,17 hp / t
Max speed: 40,2 / -15 km / h
Hull turning speed: 30 °/s
Turret turning speed: 26,1 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,151 / 1,342 / 2,589
View range: 390 m
Radio range: 776,9 m

Hull armor: 152,4 / 76,2 / 50,8 mm
Turret armor: 190,5 / 101,6 / 127 mm

Gun: 90mm Gun T7E1

Alpha Damage: 240 / 240 / 320
Penetration: 230 / 259 / 45 mm
Rate Of Fire: 8,69
Damage Per Minute: 2085,7
Reload time: 6,904 s
Accuracy: 0,364
Aiming time: 2,21 s
Depression/Elevation: -10 / +20


41 thoughts on “T26E5 – Final Parameters

  1. well, they had to compensate for the god awfull looks of that chicken tank. Don’t worry mates, it took me 2 years ferom start to finish to get my license, but after that it was easy. Just pay attention to the signs and lighten your foot. This weekend a stupid speed junkie killed his girlfriend after skidding off the wet road with his BMW into a 3 m deep ditch.

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  2. seems like a decent tank after all the main killer twith the earliest stats was the lack of enmgien power which just spoiled it combined with whats essentially a caernarvon gun. this thing though has a decent hp/ton ratio an ok top speed but also has armor so this thing just destroys the caernarvon. just looking at the caernarvons stats on tanks.gg you wouldnt think these 2 tanks were on the same tier because this premium tank just obliterates the caernarvon. better pen i think bnetter rof along with being faster holy crap. the caernarvon sucks but out this thing is so much better than it that i think this thing may actually be borderline op.


      1. Comet and Conqueror beg to differ. But I do agree that the Caernarvon is completely outclassed by this tank. The only thing the Caernarvon has going for it against the t26e5 is the gun handling on the B-barrel.

        But then again, I knew this tank was going to be balanced the moment I heard the name ended with E5.


        1. Shh, don’t tell anyone, but the Challenger begs to differ somewhat as well…

          In seriousness, though, the Caernarvon needed a buff to begin with, but this justifies it even further. Hopefully they give it back the Centurion turret, but with a mantlet that doesn’t suck like all the other ones which got ruined in HD. (Plus, while they’re at it, they should fix the Centurion 1 & 7/1’s frontal turret armor with much thicker armor, like the pre-HD models)


          1. Challenger begging to differ? I think you mean the charioteer ;). I agree with you on the buffs though, britbongs need some love.


            1. Well, Charioteer for sure, but I personally loved my Challenger, even more than the Comet, or even the Charioteer. Still, it certainly isn’t for everyone.


  3. Are those the max penetration values or the average because they seem a little hi for average on a US 90mm gun…. heck the 105mm on the T32 Heavy only has 198pen with standard rounds


  4. The real Super Pershing, the tank that’s gonna change America at t8, AND it is better than both Hillary and Trump. #VOTE4T26E5 #MURICA #WHYTHEFUCKIHASHTAGTHIS
    Seriously this tank has impressive stats. STA-2 and 59-Fatton are crying now.

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    1. My Fatton is still singing though… 😂 It’s still way more fun than it should be to bounce Lowes’ & T34s’ shots off the edges of the turret, not to mention out-spotting light tanks & screwing over other medium tanks who can’t pen anything but the cupola, which isn’t as easy of a target as most would think – just wiggle the turret/hull a bunch and it becomes 110% harder to hit. Troll tank for sure (but it can be like the ISU at times – it trolls the enemy as well as the driver).

      Though, yeah, I do agree that it pales in comparison to this thing’s stats. Truly a good Jumbo counterpart to the Pershing (hell, with better DPM, too, and without the tradeoff of a thin turret like the Sherman Jumbo’s elite one). Seems like WG’s had a thing for putting out well-performing premiums lately, which I hope spreads to some of the older, more tired vehicles, i.e. Lowe/P88/STA-2. Just… don’t make them TOO good, obviously. We don’t need any more pay2win than we already have.

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      1. Lowe and P88 need a buff indeed. P88 needs a gunhandling/depression buff and Lowe needs better mobility. The STA-2 however, performs fine. Higher topspeed would be fine, but it’s not bad actually. It’s easy to do well in it, because of the gunhandling/depression/penetration/dpm. I can easily do my share of damage and WN8 per game. However, my winrate is quite poor in it (bad luck I guess).


        1. The issue with the STA-2 right now is that it’s almost an exact copy of the STA-1, when it used to at least be somewhat unique (higher DPM & better gun handling, but worse pen).


  5. Congratz on getting your driving exam done ^_^. But I just want to ask are these the complete final stats? Cus it has changed at least 4 times since we 1st heard of it and that was at the start of October lol.


    1. unlikely he will . Here we do the exams with a police officer on the right front seat, in the instructor’s car, ( which has a set of pedals on the right too), and if he sees any atempt to crush or ding another car, he simply slams the brakes for you and fails you. 30 minutes drive in the city in morning rush hour, prety tough one, so I still wonder how on earth so many douchebags who just cut you off and overtake a whole collumn on the oposite lane get they’re licenses. Oh well, I can only cross my fingers and wish Seb the best. I mean, even on the road, I trust myself, I just don’t trust the other drivers to obey the rules.

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    1. T32 & Caernarvon are already performing rather poorly as they are, so I suppose this is one way to justify a buff for them both. Compared to the rest of the tier 8 heavy tanks, it’s a pretty “average” performer, besides the frontal turret armor & base pen, since it “only” has a 240-alpha gun (pretty bad in comparison to the rest of the tier 8 heavies, with ~300-400 alpha on average, albeit with much better RoF/DPM than these guns).

      …at least, I’d imagine it is in their eyes.

      In my eyes, this thing is pretty far up there as far as tier 8 heavies go. It’s pretty much what the Caernarvon should be, if not a bit slower. Besides the weak-ish side/rear armor (which is to be expected from an American heavy), it’s looking to be a very competitive tank, even against most of the non-premium tier 8s. Despite this, however, I still think it works as a premium tank, since it doesn’t particularly outperform any vehicles besides the T32 & Caernarvon, which are almost begging for buffs at this point anyways. I’m just hoping that that this signals a buff for more underperforming/lackluster vehicles like the T32 and Caernarvon, but I’m definitely glad that they’re starting to make premiums that aren’t complete trash. Now, they just need to ditch the annoying paint schemes and they’ll be golden (no pun intended).


      1. I don’t think T32 needs massive buff. Maybe give the 105 slightly better pen and gun handling.

        Caern could use DPM buff (to 2,2-ish) and perhaps traverse speed buff, that way it’ll be closer to Conqueror and 215b in terms of playstyle, plus it can bully mediums with better DPM, more HP and better armor than T8 meds have.


        1. Yeah, of the two, the T32 only really needs a buff to its gun (better pen, slightly more DPM, perhaps better accuracy/handling, etc) to bring it up to speed with the other tier 8 HTs. Caern needs a much larger buff comparatively. To me, I think they should buff the reload above that of the T26E5 (since it has 10 less alpha damage, after all) and give it the proper turret back (with mantlet armor that isn’t trash). For that matter, I think it could use the Conqueror’s top engine. TBH, I feel like the Conqueror with the stock turret & 20pdr B but the top engine/tracks is what the Caernarvon should be.


  6. Glad to see not much has changed about the tank; looks quite special at the moment. Just wish the paint was optional, but that’s nothing skin mods can’t fix – had a dark-olive skin pack planned for America anyways, so that’ll be applied to this thing right away for sure.

    Congrats on the driving test, btw! Still need to get started on mine, ugh… I’m one of the only people I know who can’t drive, and yet I’m SUPER into cars. :\

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    1. Thanks, but that was only the theory exam ^^ The hard part comes in a few months. I thought the same way, until I saw dumb people be able to get a license. So it looks hard on the outside, but if you focus you’ll easily get used to it.

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  7. I’ve been waiting for the release of a good American premium heavy tank. I don’t want to buy the T34, with that poor mobility, dpm and aimtime. I was stupid enough to buy the Löwe, but I don’t want to make the same mistake again. Tanks with poor aimtime and mobility prove to be frustrating to play, in my case.

    This tank is basically a heavy variant of the Pershing, which I really love (although you have to fire the occasional gold round). Patriot camo or not, I’m gonna buy the shit out of that tank :P

    However, it should be really awesome if we could change the camo of the premium tanks with special camo. I like the Ripper Patton (because it exists in real life), but the Skorpion, Mutz, etc. are simply lame.


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