VK 45.03 Available on EU

Tank and slot, 29.15 : https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wot/specials/3253/


50 €

-VK 45.03 (Tier VII Heavy)

-1 Garage Slot

-6500 Gold

-10x Personal Reserves of +100% xp for 1 hour

-Bonus: 15x Missions for x5 xp/victory.



6 thoughts on “VK 45.03 Available on EU

  1. So, Is the tank worth buying? Some say it’s very good, others say the butter turret is very bad.Personally I don’t see the difference with Tiger 1 as it has also pretty much non-existent armor.


    1. In QB’s video, you can see this thing becomes much tougher when you sidescrap. Until the pleb in front of you hits the turret front, that you have to wiggle.

      (KV-220-2 syndrome, anyone?)


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