T26E5 HD Renders (+Patriot)

Off-topic: Sorry guys for being away most of the day, I will also be occupied for the next few days – but articles will come faster.


27 thoughts on “T26E5 HD Renders (+Patriot)

                  1. The best USA has offer apparently;
                    -old pshycho that commited treason and wants to start WW3
                    -old perv millionare that likes to grab them by the pussy

                    “Honorable” mention
                    -old commie fart that sold out

                    The land of the slave and the home of the knave.
                    The sad thing is; the whole damn platet is deep in some kind of shit.

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  1. T26E5 without skin:
    “Yeah, yeah, that’s a pretty good tank!”

    T26E5 with Patriot skin:
    “What the actual fuck???”

    Though these reactions really are my reactions.
    I hope they will not fuck up more tanks like this.
    Best way to fix it would be with releasing it to us, without that horrible skin!


  2. can’t WG just release the tank in 2 different versions? 1 with the camo and one without? Or, better yet: release the tank with the camo, but make it so that the camo can be removed and swapped with other in-game camos already in the game for free!

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  3. Funny how people instantly associate “Patriot” skin with Trump while I, a non-American foreigner, associate this with CAPTAIN AMERICA when i first sees this.

    Pretty cool guy, that Rogers.

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